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May 7th, 2015
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  1. {
  2. //If true, BiomeTweaker will generate separate files for each biome when creating the status report.
  3. "separate files":true,
  4. //If true, BiomeTweaker will only perform ASM changes necessary for it to function.
  5. //Tweaks such as color overrides and block replacement may not work in certain biomes.
  6. //You can enable this if you are having issues with compatibility.
  7. "enable light asm”:false,
  8. //Enable this if you want BiomeTweaker to force topBlock and fillerBlock overrides in most biomes.
  9. //This is done by using ASM to strip some assignments that happen in the "genTerrainBlocks" blocks. This will not work for all biomes.
  10. //This WILL cause issues where some biomes will have incorrect top and filler blocks if you do not override them (Extreme Hills (M), Mutated Savannah, Taiga).
  11. //light ASM must be disabled for this to have any effect.
  12. "remove late block assignments":false,
  13. //This can be used to specify biome classes BiomeTweaker should not touch with ASM. You can find the class for a biome in the output files.
  14. //You should only be using this if you understand what ASM is, and you know the issue it is causing.
  15. "asm blacklist":[],
  16. //An array of tweak files to include. An example tweak file is created along with this configuration file.
  17. "include”:["ExampleTweaks.cfg"]
  18. }
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