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Sep 22nd, 2020
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  1. Hello, dear editor!
  3. We are a group of professors, doctors, scientists interested in publishing our articles in well-reputed Journals indexed in Scopus and in Web of Science. Our major interest is publishing of our 10-20 articles regularly, issue by issue. We are specialists from different scientific fields and areas.
  4. We would like to discuss possible ways of partnership to be published in your Journal, such as individual articles, manuscript blocks for guest editors, both in regular issues and special issues.
  5. We are ready to pay publication fee (APC Fee) for articles. Every paper is ready-to-be-published, translated into academic English, edited and has the IMRAD structure.
  6. We can provide papers from different regions and scientific fields regularly.
  7. We are open to discuss any proposals from your side.
  8. Your soonest reply would be highly appreciated.
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