a dream theory

Mar 9th, 2012
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  1. dreams are hyper shapes that move throughout our world.
  3. when you are sleeping you a susceptible to these shapes and they enter your consciousness.
  5. our minds cannot fully comprehend the extra dimensional aspects of the shapes, so it applies layers over the strange structure... layers composed of our memory, feelings, and fears. the layers do not perfectly cover the dream's shape and create incredible unrealities.
  7. bad dreams or nightmares are the most unknown and uncomprehendable shapes. as you get older your mind gets more used to experiencing these shapes.
  9. if you are in a mentally comfortable state the shapes will be layered less with bad feelings and less with fears. creating mild easily forgotten dreams. nightmares are still possible when more complex, more uncomprehensible shapes are experienced.
  11. if you are in a more traumatic or stressful state it is more likely that the shapes will be layered with fears and bad feelings, creating unpleasant or nightmarish dreams. pleasant dreams are still possible with the less complex more familiar shapes.
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