Allergic Reaction

Dec 29th, 2020
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  1. I only knew three things. I don't know where I am, I can't see where I'm going, and I just ran headlong into a tree. I could hear movement through the bushes. "There's something in the forest," I stopped, I heard a distant scream, "At least now it's preoccupied." I was floating through the darkness, my head swam through the trees. Did I get a concussion or something? Branches clawed at my skin, and snot dribbled from my every orifice. What a night to forget to take my medication.
  3. In the distance, I could see a light. It flickered like a candle, or a star. I started sprinting towards it. I couldn't even feel my legs I was so tired. My clothes were dirty, my socks were soaked, and there was something annoying in my pocket.
  5. The light came into focus and it looked like it was coming from the inside of some sorta cabin.
  6. I slammed my aching body into the door, and clawed at the handle, until it gave. I ran my hand across the wall until I hit the switch, and the room floods with light. "Augh," I had to back away. It hurt just to keep my eyes open. I somehow managed to get the door closed and locked while blind, and tumbled to the floor in exhaustion. I wiped the snot off my face with a crusty sleeve and zoned out staring at the wall for about a minute.
  8. "Get up, you have to check something." The drowsiness was relentless, but through the mental haze I remembered that I was in a national park, and that I was currently lying on the floor of one of its bathrooms. What was I checking? I grabbed the sink and pulled myself up to the mirror. I pried my right eye open. It saw its reflection and my hand began to shake.
  10. “What the hell is going on," I whispered in vain. hoping someone could help me. "My eyes are fucking purple," I coughed, stifling a wail, "what the hell is happening to me."
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