Channel Rules for HertzDevil (Apr 30th 2015)

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  2. It is not to be expected that these types of content be uploaded to this channel:
  3. 1) Music containing both genuine chiptune components and non-chiptune components;
  4. 2) Footage of video games which do not feature hacked music and which HertzDevil is not involved in development;
  5. 3) Reuploads of videos or music that existed elsewhere on the Internet or were removed on YouTube (these belong also to 0771362919);
  6. 4) Real-life video recordings.
  7. These content may nonetheless appear in live events, intentionally or incidentally.
  9. //REQUESTS//
  10. Music requests to HertzDevil are accepted through any of the following means:
  11. 1) e-mail to the address as given on HertzDevil's Bandcamp page;
  12. 2) chats over Skype;
  13. 3) personal messages through Twitter.
  14. The requests must be specific. Generic requests and requests asking for channel non-content as stated above will be immediately rejected without further notice.
  17. Comments on this channel's Discussion tab and all videos uploaded to this channel will be removed immediately if any of the following criteria is met:
  18. 1) The comment consists wholly of illegible text;
  19. 2) The comment pertains solely to ordinal numbers;
  20. 3) The comment inquires information available in the video description;
  21. 4) The comment asks for download links of material that are illegal to distribute;
  22. 5) The comment makes music requests, as the request is beyond every means as mentioned above;
  23. 6) The comment encourages the use of low video resolutions;
  24. 7) The comment advocates the use of VST instruments;
  25. 8) The comment advertises or promotes any content not bound to the video.
  26. These actions are effective from the time this video ( was uploaded. Continued negligence to observe these rules may result in permanently being blocked from posting comments.
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