Clan Abdul-Hakim

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  1. You were sent away to live under your Master's roof at a fairly young age, twelve to be exact. You were allowed to visit them as you pleased but you only did so rarely, primarily to spend time with them on holidays.
  3. You have three brothers, one of which is older than you. As the eldest male your older brother has been groomed for the life of a Pidjatan noble; primarily taught letters, sums, and how to command the respect of others. You were close with your older Brother, he is only two years your senior and you spent a lot of time together before you became an apprentice. He was even sad to see you banished, despite the damage you'd caused the family reputation. You can't say the same of your younger brothers.
  5. The older of the two is three years your junior and was happy to see you named a Vatis because it meant he got to marry your betrothed. He was even happier to see you banished because it meant you were disqualified from any sort of inheritance. He was always kind of a conniving asshole, and from what you'd heard he had entered the Merchant's trade shortly before you were banished.
  7. You barely even know your youngest brother. He is fifteen years your junior and when you were banished he hadn't even entered puberty. From what you understand he's being groomed for an ecclesiastical career, and was due to be shipped off to the local shrine dedicated to Pani.
  9. You had five sisters, two older than you and three younger. Your oldest sister was eight years your senior and and played a large part in raising you, your other older sister, and your older brother. Unfortunately, she was married to a nobleman in the city of Marqash and left your household when you were still a child. She wrote home regularly, but after you began to live under your Master's roof you couldn't be bothered to keep up with the goings on of her life.
  11. The younger of your two elder sisters is only four years your senior, and she often attempted to tag along with you and your older brother whenever the two of you set out to cause trouble; much to your lament. She was something of a tomboy, and to your understanding remains such to this day. Last you heard she'd attained the rank of Captain in the El-Amin City Guard.
  13. Of your three younger sisters, you only know one well. The other two are six and ten years your junior, when you were apprenticed to your Master one was an annoying, somewhat dimwitted child and the other was still elated that she'd recently mastered talking.
  14. The eldest of the three is only three years your junior and had always looked up to you and your brother as hero figures, to be admired and emulated. This tendency only grew stronger after you were shipped off to be an apprentice. She proclaimed shortly after that she wanted to be an all-powerful, all-conquering Vatis just like you when she grew up. Unfortunately, your relationship spoiled after you were banished as it meant the end of her betrothal to one of the Shah's sons.
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