Aug 14th, 2011
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  1. Oystermeister: bro i think i already told you but the mafia game has started. The thread is going to get big fast, so it's important to stay up to date. Please contribute to the discussion, as well.
  2. [zEn] slam500: oh yeah so im just wondering do we pick our own traits?
  3. Oystermeister: no
  4. Oystermeister: we don't
  5. [zEn] slam500: ok
  6. Oystermeister: they are preassigned like your role
  7. [zEn] slam500: one other question
  8. [zEn] slam500: on the thread noones really talking about nething yet
  9. [zEn] slam500: and i dont wana talk first cause i mite draw attention 2 myself
  10. [zEn] slam500: :P
  11. [zEn] slam500: thats generally bad
  12. Oystermeister: what do you think about DropBear's plan?
  13. [zEn] slam500: umm i think its good i dont really wana multilynch on the first night
  14. [zEn] slam500: its too early
  15. Oystermeister: why don't you wan't to gain attention? townies have no reason not to want to be in the spotlight
  16. [zEn] slam500: cause a townie with attention is more likely to be lynched :P
  17. [zEn] slam500: and the more ne1 talks the more they slip
  18. [zEn] slam500: no1 is slip proof
  19. Oystermeister: not so. townies acting like townies won't get lynched. townies acting like scum are going to be lynched
  20. [zEn] slam500: ok
  21. Oystermeister: what could a townie slip?
  22. Oystermeister: that they're town?
  23. Oystermeister: durr
  24. [zEn] slam500: say smthing suspisious?
  25. [zEn] slam500: idk lol
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