Adventure Time grayble fanfic

Sep 10th, 2018
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  1. We open up with Cuber and his sister Tuber on their wrecked spaceship (after he crashed that pup wedding and they retaliated) trying to fix stuff. Like wooden boards and hammers that shoot lasers out of the blunt part instead of pounding with them.
  2. "Oh, time for more graybles already? Well you're in luck, we just fixed my Holo-Pyramid Viewer."
  5. Finn is playing video games with TV, it's Compy's Castle and they're playing co-op and Finn's telling him "We have to lower the draw bridges or Compy's bloodlust meter will go down."
  6. TV's asking him "How did you get good at this game? It's so retro."
  7. and Finn tells him "Jake is third best in the Candy Kingdom at it."
  8. Finn checks the time "Oh snap, I'm gonna be late, catch you later TV!"
  9. "OK, bye." and TV just starts using both controllers to play co-op by himself.
  12. Finn's on the grassy fields and he spots a monster, a big monster with two heads chasing someone, that someone is Jake Jr.
  13. Finn upper cuts the monster right in the boin loins yelling "YOU STAY AWAY FROM MY NIECE!" and as the monster lays crumpled on the ground clutching his evil crotch
  14. Finn spits on him "Yeah, you better stay down."
  15. "That was cool, uncle Finn!"
  16. "No prob, I school boys like these all the time, let me know if anyone else gives you any trouble."
  17. JJ waves as Finn leaves, once he's gone JJ goes through the monster's pockets and steals his wallet "Yoink!", the implication being she was being chased in the first place because she donked up a pick-pocketing.
  20. Finn arrives at a theater or outdoor venue. In the audience we see KKW, Charlie, Tree Trunks, Jake, Lady, Lady's parents, Jermaine, PB, assorted candy people, maybe some humans.
  21. Finn sits down with the band and begins playing the flute for Viola's recital or play or whatever, HW can be seen spying through a window or from a tree since she's into Finn's flute playing skills.
  22. Viola sings and dances
  24. >Put your boots on let's go for a stroll
  25. >Put your boots on and we're out the door
  27. >We'll roll down a hill and just forget about all our bills
  28. >We'll hike through the snow
  29. >or maybe even skip through a vol-cane-o
  31. >Put your boots on let's go for a walk
  32. >Put your boots on there's no need to talk
  34. >We can walk across the sea
  35. >but really, I just want you to spend some time. with. me.
  37. Afterwards Finn gives Viola a bouquet for her performance, she's flushed and smiling "Thanks for playing for me!"
  38. "My pleasure."
  41. As Finn's leaving Charlie catches him, she was in the audience, and asks him "Yo Finn, wait up. So who's the magic lady wearing green who keeps peeping at you?"
  42. "Oh, that's HW, we're kind of dating."
  43. "Should I expect some cousins soon?"
  44. "Oh yeah, I'll introduce you to him!"
  45. "What?"
  46. "My son!"
  47. "What?!"
  49. Scene cut! They're on top of the roof where Stormo and Goliad are still sitting motionless save for the psychic energy coming out of their third eyes
  50. "BAM! Meet your cousin Stormo! He's locked in an endless psychic duel with his half-sister to keep her from taking over all of Ooo. Stormo, this is your cousin Charlie."
  51. Finn's standing there like a proud papa with his hands on his hips after saying this.
  52. Charlie: "... hi Stormo."
  53. Finn spies a robber with someone at knife point down below "Welp, duty calls!" and jumps off the roof.
  56. Down below a robber (Maybe the Phil from The City of Thieves) has KKW at knife point and is threatening to stab him, he's standing between the knife and Bronwyn. "Hand over the briefcase or else!"
  57. BOOM
  58. Finn lands right on top of him, sending the robber to the ground and the knife spinning up above Finn "Man, you guys never learn."
  59. KKW: "Finn?"
  60. The knife comes back down and Finn catches it. "Banana guards, take this chump away!"
  61. "Good work, Finn! You're the hero the Candy Kingdom needs!"
  62. Finn's smile disappears once the guards are gone and he turns to them with urgency "Whew, KKW, Bronwyn. Are you both alright?!"
  63. KKW straightens up to regain his composure "Yes, we're quite alright... thank you... uncle Finn."
  64. Finn gives a thumbs up "No prob!"
  65. KKW is bad with emotions and junk so Bronwyn is the one to ask "My dad is bad with emotions and junk. We we're gonna get lunch, wanna hang out?"
  66. Smiling Finn with family.
  69. Back to Cuber, who is trying to affix a board over a hole in the wall
  70. "Did you guess the theme?"
  71. ...
  72. "That's right, it was appearances. Finn and TV played games on a display, Finn represents by taking down a monster, Viola's new play debuts on stage, Finn introduces Charlie to Stormo, and Finn makes and entrance saving the long thing."
  73. ...
  74. "What's that? You thought the theme was family? Oh baeble. Ha ha. What kind of theme is that?"
  75. ...
  76. Cuber acts as if the viewer just made a mad face
  77. "Well you try blaybling up a theme when your spaceship is all mable-mabbled." Tuber either pats him or kisses him on the cheek to calm him down "Ah... slimmin'."
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