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List of Artists at Alternative Guide to the Universe

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  1. Morton Bartlett,
  2. Philip Blackmarr,
  3. Emery Blagdon,
  4. James Carter,
  5. Melvin Edward Nelson,
  6. Guo Fengyi,
  7. Jan ‘Dagarama’ Gluszak,
  8. Lee Godie,
  9. Richard Greaves,
  10. Bodys Isek Kingelez,
  11. Karl Hans Janke,
  12. Alfred Jensen,
  13. Paul Laffoley,
  14. Jean Perdrizet,
  15. Rammellzee,
  16. A.G. Rizzoli,
  17. William Scott,
  18. Marcel Storr,
  19. Ionel Talpazan,
  20. Eugene von Bruenchenhein,
  21. Melvin Way,
  22. George Widener,
  23. Wu Yulu.
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