sewer light

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  1. In an instant, Stiyl, beside Kamijou, whose movements had been locked down, pulled
  2. out cards with runes inscribed on them.
  3. He threw the four cards on the ground, positioning them around himself.
  4. “TIAFIMH (There is a fire in my hand), IHTSOAS (it has the shape of a sword),
  5. AIHTROC (and it has the role of conviction)!!” Stiyl shouted, flicking his cigarette
  6. directly upward. An orange trail followed it up, and in the next moment, a sword made
  7. of flames jumped into his hand along that line.
  8. The newly created source of powerful light immediately wiped away the darkness in the
  9. sewer.
  10. Stiyl brought the flame sword around in a large arc...but then stopped suddenly.
  12. Inside the sewer illuminated by the flame sword, there was nobody. All those people had
  13. vanished into thin air along with the darkness that had been wiped away. All of those
  14. silhouettes in the hole holding swords, as well as Orsola, who should have fallen in, had
  15. disappeared in the blink of an eye—like a pack of sea lice attached to a riverbank all
  16. running away at once.
  18. - Toaru Majutsu no Index Volume 7, Chapter 1 Part 6
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