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Aug 2nd, 2017
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  1. SHWEDSK1Y joined chat
  2. SHWEDSK1Y added eI_savagerino
  3. SHWEDSK1Y 00:26
  4. Why kick the player out of the tank when he defended himself on the tank, what spawn respawn? What are you doing? It's Rush, + Defense, you'd better write at all that you want to ride a tank, and kicked my team player, and farmer on the tank, then you've pumped 25 thousand kilos on the tank, it does not mean that you're better at playing it, In rush it is necessary to play with mind and on defense, it is insulting to me that you do so, it is not beautiful if you are an Admin to be played on an equal footing. He sat in the tank for 1 minute, no more.
  5. Do you have an excellent server so why spoil your reputation?
  6. You00:27
  7. mate
  8. the mcoms were 50 meters ahead of the tank spawn
  9. he reversed after spawn
  10. drove backwards
  11. and kept there
  12. didnt do anything at the mcoms to support the team
  13. and let their tank do everything he wanted to do
  14. when i took the tank
  15. it took me 10 secs until their tank was donw
  16. SHWEDSK1Y 00:28
  17. This is a rush, the more he shot with an enemy tank, and you yourself sat in it? correctly? You yourself sat in it!
  18. You00:29
  19. whats the point in rush as defender?
  20. probably not to sit BEHIND YOUR OWN SPAWN and let the enemies do whatever they want to do
  21. as DEFENDER you have to DEFEND the MCOMS
  22. and not the SPAWN
  23. but he didnt kill anyone of the enemy team
  24. SHWEDSK1Y 00:31
  25. You gave it at the first line of defense, and I blew it, you kicked it like he spent 1 minute on it, he took it, waited, you do not what you do not have the right to kick, you have to queue up the bro, do not be derm
  26. happily
  27. You00:32
  28. if he would have stayed in tank
  29. we would have lost for sure
  30. the tank spawns at the very front of the bridge
  31. and he reversed it to the very end of it
  32. wtf is he doing there
  33. SHWEDSK1Y 00:33
  34. You took advantage of weakness and kicked the player out of the tank, which is not specified in the server rules, it's not right, so we took it out, and you took it. You'd better kick our enemy when he was on it.
  35. You00:33
  36. move your ass out and help the team
  37. and kill the enemy tank
  38. SHWEDSK1Y 00:35
  39. You screwed the game protsets admin, it turns out that the team and could win, right?
  40. The admin should not upload to the game, Admin looks after the server, if you changed the balance of the game, and put your ass in the tank through the admin panel, and you think it's normal, then forgive, I wash my hands. 3000 hours you were not taught to be an Admin
  41. SHWEDSK1Y left
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