Lupus Nocturna [bestiality, dire wolf x witch, mild blod]

Jan 27th, 2014
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  1. Lupus Nocturna
  2. [dire wolf x witch, bestiality, mild blood and pain]
  4. They used a stable, reinforcing a stall with iron bars forged by a dozen smithies from across the countryside. The path from the door to the cage was lined with spears, buried deep into the ground and angled inwards. Around the stable they build a palisade of oak, with a spike lined trench on either side. Bright lanterns ringed each level of defense.
  6. It was here that they placed the beast.
  8. Some distance away, the lord's camp was wild with celebration. They were loud, loud with drink and song and relief that they had survived the hunt. They were loud, loud with fear. They were trying to drown out the howling.
  10. For those in camp, it worked. For the men on guard duty, it did not.
  12. Huddled together by a fire in the makeshift guardhouse, three men shivered each time the creature roared. It crashed against its iron cage, ripped into the stone floor, and cried out defiance with every breath.
  14. Why us? the men asked. Of all the soldiers in camp, why had they been chosen for this? They served well, did their part, followed without question. Someone had to be there, they reasoned. But the lord must have a hard heart indeed to leave them there alone.
  16. And then she was there, their angel of mercy. She wore the apron of a serving girl and carried three tankards of strong ale. Complements of the lord, she said, smiling with green eyes that sparkled in the firelight. Her presence alone seemed to make everything... better. The howling was not so cruel when she placed a hand on a shoulder. As her curled, auburn hair brushed past, even the cold seemed to lose its bite. Never had they tasted ale so full. Comfort seeped into their bones, and quietly they relaxed back into their seats.
  18. As the guards fell asleep, she passed through gate and to the stable's threshold. The scales fell from her eyes and to the grass, allowing her to see through her own grey irises. A gentle shake of her head dissolved the red from her hair, straightening it into its natural shade of silvery white. She stepped forward and lost inches from her stride. As the light of the fire faded and shadows washed across her body, the apron around her waist became the loose fitting robe of midnight blue satin it had always been.
  20. The lord had ordered the fashioning of the stable's lock at great expense from a master in a city far down the coast. Four keys, each turned at just the right angle at just the right time, were needed to open it.
  22. She placed her hand against the heavy wood of the door and it slid inwards without a sound.
  24. The beast's howling, endowed with more bestial hate than human hearts could bear, whipped across her with the power of a gale. She was forced back a step, but managed to recover when it paused to inhale. Two steps forward and one step back, she inched closer and closer to the beast's cage.
  26. Her fingertip brushed against the pointed end of a spear, colored brown with dried blood. Even in the dim light she could see many more such stains, many much larger. She brushed a tear from her eye as she reached the cage.
  28. As if sensing her for the first time, the beast quieted. It filled its nostrils with her scent, blowing back the breath across her face. Black fur against black iron and black shadows, the creature was all but invisible behind the bars. Only its ragged panting, the slight glistening of moonlight against its open wounds, and its oppressive aura of rage betrayed its presence.
  30. "You hurt," she intoned, "and I feel your pain."
  32. Yellow eyes glared in the darkness.
  34. "You called, and I heard."
  36. It snorted and pawed at the cold stones of the floor.
  38. "You need, and I am here."
  40. She lifted a pale hand and held it forth. In an instant the creature was thrashing against its confines, snapping wicked jaws scarcely an inch from her fingertips. A tongue, wide and red, whipped across them and left her hand warm in moist saliva.
  42. "I know you," she said. "I know you are the last, that the men singing and dancing and taunting your keen ears have hunted your kind down so that none remain. Your kin now rest as trophies on walls and as blankets to warm those that slew them. I feel their rage boil inside you, and I weep at your misery." The tears that dropped from her cheek fell upon the dusty floor.
  44. The beast reared back and paced against the far wall. Once a magnificently beautiful creature, as much more than a wolf than a man is above an ape, ages of torment and sorrow had warped it black and vile. Canine now in only the loosest sense, its matchless haunches and midnight sheen revealed a monster that nightmares fear.
  46. It regarded the slight girl before it with a hunter's eye, seeking weakness and where to snap and shake and rip and tear. Drool poured form its open mouth as it pictured the red of her blood covering its muzzle. In the cold air, that blood would steam well.
  48. Coming closer, just into a narrow beam of light, its eyes glowed yellow. Her steely grey gaze transfixed it in place. When the light was just right, when she stood in just the right place, it could see past the opaque robe at her lithe and slender figure. Save the bars and wispy fabric, nothing stood between them. A memory wailed behind the wall of rage it had fostered for decades.
  50. She let her fingertips slide against the cold iron of the beast's cage. The lock, complex beyond her understanding, had taken more out of her than she realized. This box before her bore its twin.
  52. Her tears fell freely now, and the creature quieted, not daring to breathe.
  54. "Iron is," she told it, "the bane of our kind, those touched with something beyond the mundane." Though her thin voice was hardly a shadow of a whisper, it carried across the distance between them like a funeral bell. "I have not the power to free you, not in this life."
  56. Something in her voice sent a spasm of electricity down the creature's spine. It backed away, whimpering as it pressed against the far wall. The sincerity of her words, the finality of it... only now did the creature truly understand that this was the last night it would draw breath. With its passing, assuredly violent, its kind would be gone forever. And it couldn't even see the moon.
  58. Its anguished howl, louder still than all the others that had come before, shook the rickety structure of the stable to its foundation.
  60. Movement from the girl caught its eye and the rage returned tenfold. The pale hand passed between the bars and the beast lunged. Its razored fangs sank deep into the soft flesh and the intoxicating tang of copper filled its mouth. Shaking its head violently, it hoped to rip the entire arm to pieces.
  62. A gust of wind from the open stable door gusted across the empty room, throwing the mercurial fabric of the robe into a delicate dance that wafted it up towards the ceiling before depositing it gently to the ground.
  64. Slender arms hung around the beasts neck and the girl's slight figure pressed against its chest. Pale skin, white as snow, met fur black as coal. She sank into its thick coat and hugged the beast closer to her. A trickle of blood oozed down her arm as she strained her neck to reach its ear, whispering, "I am yours, dire wolf."
  66. She had passed through the bars.
  68. The beast stood stock still for several minutes. Its ears were keen and heard the steady beating of the girl's heart, now so close to its own. His hate and fear and sorrow poured across to her. It felt the sting of her wounded hand against its paw and knew her body was wracked with the collection of bruises and gashes the huntsmen had given it only hours before.
  70. He whimpered again and shook her off, gently. Circling her, it nuzzled the points on her body it knew were hurting the worst with its cold nose. Though no mark blemished her flesh, save the crimson glove her right hand now bore, it echoed the mirrored pain they shared. He licked at her thigh and shoulder, pressed its nose against her back, and nibbled at her ear.
  72. The girl lifted her hand placed it delicately against his snout. Her blood trickled into his fur and the beast lifted his head to clean the wound with his tongue. The warmth of his licking sent shivers down the girl's body, a sharp contrast against the cool night air. Though he was sure he had mauled her terribly, only a small hole had been pricked into her palm. Even as he licked it clean the wound stopped bleeding and seemed to close.
  74. "I am yours," she repeated, hugging the dire wolf's massive head against her bare chest.
  76. He nudged her back and licked out, his tongue lapping against her belly. She giggled and squeezed him harder.
  78. "I can feel your true self coming back to you," she whispered into the night. "I hear your mind, you are a 'he' once more." She tweaked his hear and scratched behind it as though he were a puppy. "Do you remember what it is to be you? To be the sire of warriors?"
  80. In answer he lifted his head and extended his tongue in one swift motion, pressing her back against the bars of their cage. The lick was hot and sticky and left a trail that sent goosebumps across her body as it made its way up from her navel to her belly and to her chest and face, where he lapped up her tears so hard it left her hair eschew.
  82. And he did not stop there. His tongue traveled across her body, exploring her as intimately as he knew how. Each piece of her had its own scent, its own taste. The smoothness of her let his tongue travel across without pause. Soon her neck and shoulders glistened in the faint light as he lapped at her chest, licking at the buds of her pert nipples and enjoying the way her slight breasts gave and swam under his attentions.
  84. Her hands, still rubbing and scratching at his ears and neck started to press down gently, guiding him lower and lower. The girl gasped as he passed below her navel and tickled above her mound. Her body swayed in rhythm to his tongue as he got his first taste of her juices. Their heads swam as he lapped between her labia, eagerly seeking deeper and deeper into her body.
  86. She let out a gasp and threw her hands above her head, grasping at the metal bars to keep from dropping as her legs gave way. He watched her hanging against the cage, shivering, with concern in his yellow eyes. He leaned in to lick her face and she smiled at his display of care.
  88. Letting herself fall against him, the girl gripped his fur and guided herself down to the ground. She landed gently on her knees and panted, waiting a moment to catch her breath. After collecting herself, she twisted around placed a hand against the side of his face.
  90. "Do you remember what to do next?"
  92. He whined and pawed at the ground, nuzzling against her hand and licking her cheek. The way he twitched from side to side told her all she needed to know.
  94. Falling back to the floor, the girl crawled beneath him. Gently her fingers probed into his thick fur until they found what they searched for. Already the massive dire wolf's member had begun to harden and as she took it in her hand she felt its thick veins pulsing more blood in to engorge it further.
  96. Stroking slowly against its length, she leaned in and kissed it softly on the head. He barked and she giggled, licking the drop of precum from her lips. It swelled in her hands and she pressed her head deep into the black of his fur to find the base. Slowly, teasingly, she opened her mouth and drew her tongue up, up, and all the way back up to the head. Fully enlarged now, she felt his legs tremble as he held back the urge to press forward.
  98. Without waiting for his will to break, she spread her lips wide and threw her mouth around the throbbing shaft of his erection. Before she passed even a third of the way down, slicking her tongue in circles around as she pressed on, he surged forward. The penis speared down into her throat and she only just managed to keep her teeth from scrapping against it. His musky scent filled her nostrils as he pulled back, much slower now. His moment of weakness passed, the dire wolf slid slowly in and out of her mouth, careful not to harm her. She, in turn, worked her tongue and lips diligently upon his tender flesh, feeling it swell and pulse against her.
  100. The dire wolf yelped and pulled away just as she felt her head going light. Dawn was drawing near, and they knew time was short.
  102. He was frantic in his need for her, now. He had lost the patience needed to wait for her to turn into the proper position. The dire wolf padded around and gently nibbled at the nape of her neck, as he would a mate of his own kind. She let him guide her into the center of the little room, where she fell back on all fours. He paced back and forth behind her hungrily.
  104. "Yes," she cooed, spreading her knees and laying face down against the cool ground. Her hands swept behind her as she raised her rear high in the air. Delicate fingers splayed apart the folds of her labia and she felt her breath catch as his muzzle pressed into her, the cold of his wet nose almost stinging against her heat.
  106. Then his tongue was lapping into her and she had to bite her lip to keep from crying out. She kept her hands in place, spreading herself open to his exploration. In moments, trickles of warm fluid were working their way down her inner thighs and pooling at her knees.
  108. "Now," she said. "Now, we haven't much time."
  110. The weight of his furry chest pressed against her like a mountain of blankest kept by the fire. His member slid between the cheeks of her buttock and sent a wild spurt of fluid against her back. As he pulled back for another try, she lifted herself up and then cried out as the large shaft pressed between her lips and deep into her belly. The heat of his penis felt like a rod of heated steel, newly being forged into a keen blade. Before she had time to catch her breath, he had pulled out and rocked forward two more times.
  112. She withdrew her hands and grasped them around his front paws for support. Each time he pressed into her she would squeeze down upon them. Her eyes grew wide as she felt the intensity of his anger seeping into the thrusts. His member swelled larger still inside of her, threatening to split her down the middle.
  114. Closing her eyes, she drew upon that awesome power and threw it into every muscle of her body. Her whole body burned with strength and fatigue as one, eclipsed only by the hot iron of his shaft pounded into her.
  116. "Harder," she cried. "I am yours, do what you must!"
  118. But her words fell on deaf ears. The beast had returned and it rocked its hips into her without pause or mercy. She simply laughed aloud and squeezed herself even harder against its shaft, daring it to go ever faster.
  120. Again and again and again it thrust and heaved and pounded until it felt to the girl as if the coming and going were one, a single intense heat that throbbed inside her and filled her with maddening pleasure.
  122. With a howl that cut through the merriment of the camp like an arrow through the wind, the beast erupted. Molten joy flooded deep inside her and the girl squealed as she too lost control of her body. Thick, white fluid flooded out of her as the beast's swollen knot spread her wide and exited with a meaty pop.
  124. The girl lay there, twitching and feeling the dire wolf's seed ooze out of her. As the first ray of orange light crept into the room, the beast's mind returned to it. He padded over to her prone form and licked at her face. She still breathed, but made no movement. Whimpering, he turned his attention between her legs and lapped against her swollen lips.
  126. "N-no..." her voice came as though far away. "Leave it," she said. "Our time has come."
  128. His head perked up and ears twitched as he heard the sound of shouting form outside. The lord's voice overrode the rest and the sound of dozens of steel blades ripping from sheathes filled his ears.
  130. As the lord and his chief retainers swarmed into the stable, they found the wolf sitting patiently in the center of his cell. He cocked his head as they approached, mildly amused that they showed more apprehension now that he was silent than when he howled and raved and slammed against the bars.
  132. He was the only one in the cell, but one of the men found a dazzlingly light robe of the deepest blue any of them had ever seen. Little stars and moons and symbols they could not read were worked into the hem in silvered thread. When held up to the light they could see through it, almost like it wasn't there at all.
  135. Many miles away, in a hidden glade no mortal could reach without knowledge both arcane and forbidden, the girl grouched in a beam of sunlight. The yellow light warmed her bare skin as she sat cross legged in the grass, a small bowl in her hand. She raised a hand above the bowl and winced as the bite mark opened again, dribbling blood into the thick, white goo she had collected.
  137. The lord and his men leashed the wolf and pulled it into the center of the village. Though it offered no resistance, spears were pressed cruelly into his sides and the peasants threw rocks and refuse at their hated beast.
  139. Spots of red welled on the girl's shoulders and thighs. They popped like blisters, oozing blood, only to be joined by more above her eye and on her back. With a finger, she gently stirred the contents of the bowl until the white and red became pink.
  141. The lord made a rousing speech to his people, extolling their courage in these trying times, yet proclaiming the forests free forever more. He pointed at the patiently waiting wolf muzzled and chained to the stump of an old great oak. They cheered, and he smiled, beckoning his headsman closer.
  143. The girl offered a prayer to her chosen Salamander, Sylph, Undine, and Gnome. A candle in the clearing sputtered into life. The leaves of the trees rustled and a gust of wind blew across her slender body. A tear came unbidden from her eye and fell into the bowl. As she drew the bowl to her lips, the ground trembled as though the mountains were awakening. She opened her mouth and poured.
  145. The lord felt the trembling too, but passed it off as shoddy workmanship of the stage on which he stood. His hand chopped down and the headsman's axe followed.
  147. The girl cried out, crimson tears seeping from her eyes. Her neck bruised and split, oozing blood down her back. She fell onto her side and wept, sobbing.
  149. For the lord and his people, it would be a day to be remembered and spoken of in hushed tones for decades to come. As the blade had bitten into the monster's neck, it passed through without slowing and plunged deep into the stump, splitting it down the middle. Upon inspecting the carcass of the wolf, they found nothing but its pristine fur, completely hollow. At the lord's command, they buried it deep in the woods.
  151. Night fell again and the girl had not moved. The shadows amongst the trees grew dark and not a sound could be heard for acres around. In the thick grass of the glade, clumps of blades were depressed by invisible paws. The shadows drew closer and settled around the sleeping girl. A tongue, cool but warming gently as it found its form once more, licked at her wounds. A the dried blood was cleaned from her body, the cuts and scraps and bruises went with it. Only the hole in her palm remained, though it had long since closed.
  153. The girl came awake and smiled at the opaque form beside her. Even now she could feel the warmth of its fur, though it was nowhere near. Silently, he drew her robe over her shoulders with his mouth, careful to keep from puncturing the precious material. She patted his head and thanked him for returning it to her.
  155. "I am yours," she told the spirit. "And you are mine."
  157. Together, they watched the moon rise high in the sky.
  160. Back at the lord's camp, he was having his valet whipped for theft and negligence. The beautiful robe, intended as a gift for the lord's wife, had gone missing, and it had been in his care.
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