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  2. You focus your powers of observation on a key enchanted with an ancient benediction:
  3. Item 'a key enchanted with an ancient benediction' is type key, alignment 880, made of bronze (in (new) condition),
  4. has keywords '4 key ground goodness benediction ancient enchantedkey#4'.
  5. This item weighs 0 stones and 12 pebbles, and is valued at 29,400 gold. {Cat. 6}
  6. This level 241 item has the attributes: explode magic-resistant no-save
  7. This key may be used 1 more time.
  8. *Your age must be greater than or equal to 1200 to use this item.
  9. *Your race must be equal to minotaur to use this item.
  10. *This item may be repaired 4 times.
  11. This key looks like it is very important, and somewhat secret, for no
  12. external markings indicate what it might unlock.  Only the majestic-looking
  13. seal of an unknown order decorates its handle, a vivid gold aura surrounds
  14. the complex-looking key itself.
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