Jul 3rd, 2018
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  1. The 33 segments of the Spinal Column are named JACOBS LADDER in the Bible. When Jacob climbs to the top, he is filled with God and names the place peniel. The 33 steps correspond with the 33 columns of the human spine. Hanukkah the OIL of CHRIST is a spinal fluid which rises up through Spinal Column as the Kundalini energy rises up through the 7 chakras and can reach the Pineal Gland/The Spiritual Third Eye. When the oil reach The Place Of Skull = Golgotha, then it is crucified (to crucify means to increase in power) it remains two days and a half, (the moon's period in a sign) in the tomb (cere- bellum) and on the third day ascends to the Pineal Gland that connects the cerebellum with the Optic Thalmus, the Central Eye in the Throne of God that is the chamber overtopped by the hollow (hallowed) caused by the curve of the cerebrum (the "Most High" of the body) which is the "Temple of the Living God" and then the person achieve higher consciousness and becomes enlightenment. The number 33 is very significant and holds a very deep esoteric; hidden meaning. Jesus was crucified at the age of 33, in 33 A.D. Jesus also performed 33 written miracles, 33 is also the number at which water boils according to the Newton scale, the Vedic Religion has 33 deities, 33 is the degree at which all points of the universe collide, The divine name Elohim appears 33 times in the opening chapter of the Genesis creation story, Islamic prayer beads are usually arranged in sets of 33, the numerical representation of the Star of David is 33, as well as Amen. In numerology 33 is a master number
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