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20 Questions About.....Meta [#2].

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  1. So, the next person I'm re-interviewing happens to be Meta, the now 11-year-old Prototype phenom who happens to be sitting at the top of the Prototype leaderboards as of this interview. 907 billion BP [though, he does have competition]. Take a look and see what Prototype's youngest wizard has been up to since we last talked to him as the 1st-ever 20 Q's subject nearly a year ago:
  3. Community Q's.
  5. Q1. How well has the Prototype held your interest since you achieved that illustrious 1st place? [TobyJoey]
  6. Meta: "Pretty Well. First is a big feat, Along with 1024 Stars and a Max stat bot."
  8. Q2. If you could see a sequel in any Mega Man series, which would you want (I realize this is a repeat question, but I think it is just something interesting to hear)? [TobyJoey]
  9. Meta: "Maybe a new X or BN Game. It could be on the Wii U/XBox1/PS4, or 3DS/New 3DS, or On mobile. Streetpass'd be great for the 3DS version, and for the iDevice version (iPad/iPhone/iPod), with events for it."
  11. Q3. If you were to take the path and become an artist/animator what would you use as an art style? [MegaBoyX7]
  12. Meta: "I'd either do Old Timey stuff, an Anime style, or draw Furries. Either one of the 3."
  14. Q4. What was your favorite MM game? [MegaBoyX7]
  15. Meta: "Classic'd probably be 3 or 2. Both are pretty good games, even though 3's weapons were a little bit on the lesser-good side. (Top SPINNNNNN)"
  17. Q5. Are you part of any fandom besides Mega Man? (for example, I'm part of the Earthbound, Harry Potter, and Series of Unfortunate Events fandoms) [MusicalKitty]
  18. Meta: "Furries, Furries, and... A few game fandoms. I've been a furry since September 2015, and... The bad thing about it is people judge you because the fandom has been known for some things, But im not really on that side. (Aswell as Fursuits, but meh.)"
  20. Q6. How does it feel like to be above everyone else (leaderboard wise)? [MusicalKitty]
  21. Meta: "When I first got up to the top, it was a great feeling, especially for someone my Age."
  23. Q7. On a scale from Fabulous to Horrendous, how well is your Youtube Channel going? [MusicalKitty]
  24. Meta: "Closer to Fabulous, as its pretty good. I've gotten more subs, and IRL friends have been subbing to me."
  26. Q8. How is your smash skills doing? [ThatOneEnderMan]
  27. Meta: "ENDER, You know how its been, Pretty decent. Ryu's still like a main, along with Villager."
  29. Q9. Who would you consider your closest ally in the Prototype community? [MegaBossMan]
  30. Meta: "Either You (You're the 2nd-hand man, so of course), Maybe Ender and MegaBoy, and quite a few people."
  32. Q10. Why are you so cuuuute? Eeeee! [ThatOneEnderMan]
  33. Meta: "Ender, you're not a girl. Well, I'm more ugly than cute... but Thank you. Anyways, I dunno, im just me."
  35. Mike's Q's:
  37. Q11. Do you ever play Melee or Brawl, anymore?
  38. Meta: "No, but if I had a working copy of Melee i'd play it."
  40. Q12. Be honest: What do YOU think of Prototype's Star Force system?
  41. Meta: "Its... Fine. I just wish adrian thought about it more, before actually implementing it."
  43. Q13. Outside of the Classic series, what's your favorite MM game?
  44. Meta: "BN1 or X3 Maybe?"
  46. Q14. You just won a million dollars! The first thing you do with it is.....?
  47. Meta: "Probably buy some games, something like that."
  49. Q15. What's your all-time favorite VG?
  50. Meta: "It WAS Rayman Arena when I was younger, I dont have one now."
  52. Q16. If it were up to you, the next person you'd have me interview is.....?
  53. Meta: "If it wasnt anyone who was in that mess of a quiz, ZeroDXZ."
  55. Q17. Have you ever played the original Mega Man?
  56. Meta: "Yes, I actually beated it too (on MMAC)"
  58. Q18. So, what's it like having a girlfriend at 11? :P
  59. Meta: "Its pretty decent"
  61. Q19. She expensive? :P
  62. Meta: "No, not really."
  64. Q20. Do you love her, yet? :P
  65. Meta: "We're more like friends, but when there's a dance, we hold hands. Other than that, Kind of."
  67. Sounds serious. x)
  68. Anywho, i think this one went better than the last one. Thanks again, Meta.
  69. Also, additional thanks to MegaBossMan, MegaBoyX7, MusicalKitty, ThatOneEnderMan and TobyJoey for their suggestions.
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