Updated Morph Descriptions

tacobak1250 Sep 17th, 2019 101 Never
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  1. Robotic spider that ROBLOXians use to scout. Fragile, but has a powerful bite! Touch the enemy to attack. Press E to lay eggs that spawn Dronelings.
  3. Slime made of digestive substances. Click to leap at the target and deal damage, depending on your velocity. Fairly tanky.
  5. Tankette which moves very fast and deals splash damage per shot.
  7. ROBLOXian's main battle tank. Slower than Deshuller, but tanky and heavy hitting.
  9. Armored self propelled rocket artillery. Slow, yet destructive. Left click to launch a rocket. Move your mouse to direct your rocket.
  11. Extremely tanky ROBLOXian. Punch to deal powerful AoE damage.
  13. Tiny surveillance drone that can target and disable individual targets. Press E to leap onto an enemy's head. Press E to jump off. Hold E to sharpen your claws, adding damage to your leap attack. Cannot jump onto Bosses.
  15. Modified Noobtank which is faster and tankier than the original!
  17. ROBLOXia's new main battle tank, signifying ROBLOXia's ability to adapt to war.
  19. Guest variant of Strongian. Even tankier and heavy hitting, at the cost of a slower attack speed.
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