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Aug 19th, 2019
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  1. oOSaariOo has joined the chat
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  5. oOSaariOo: Hello Rose :)
  6. RoseStryker: hello
  7. oOSabuhiOo: Welcome Rose!!
  8. RoseStryker: hello
  9. RoseStryker: :)
  10. RoseStryker: brb
  11. oOSabuhiOo: Tyt
  12. CypressDeMortze: tyt
  13. RoseStryker: sorry dishes
  14. oOSaariOo: Okay for the sake of sanity, Rose @cypress we will use your line name when referring to you.
  15. CypressDeMortze: xD
  16. CypressDeMortze: okay lol
  17. oOSaariOo: Let us know when you are ready Rose
  18. RoseStryker: I am sorry about that
  19. oOSabuhiOo: Thank you prospect Rose for wanting to pledge with us:) we have a few questions for you before you begin you pledge journy
  20. RoseStryker: ok
  21. oOSaariOo: I hate mobile
  22. oOSabuhiOo: What are three values that you want a sorority to have?
  23. RoseStryker: me too lol
  24. RoseStryker: well i would think sororities are about sisterhood and having a good time. So I think we should have respect for one another and have good time and to just have fun
  25. oOSaariOo: Thank you for your answer
  26. oOSabuhiOo: saari do you have the next question?
  27. RoseStryker: ysvw :)
  28. oOSabuhiOo: ok for the sake of keeping this moving
  29. oOSaariOo: On your application, you stated that you where accepted into the pledging process for two sororities but had to leave both because of time and other conflicts. Our pledging process is a month long with a mentoring system. Will this be a problem
  30. oOSaariOo: Remember I can only type so fast on a phone keyboard
  31. oOSaariOo: XD
  32. RoseStryker: nope. and i left one due to time the other a the time i had 0 credits, i couldnt pay for the gear, thats why i left
  33. RoseStryker: at*
  34. RoseStryker: I am very commited on being here at this sorority
  35. oOSaariOo: Alright :)
  36. oOSabuhiOo: Alright As muchas i hate to have to ask this one we have had a few problems with it If your Moderator council aka everyone in this room + our other founder ask you or tell you to do something will you have a problem carring out that order?
  37. RoseStryker: I dont.
  38. RoseStryker: i dont hae a problem with it
  39. RoseStrykerRoseStryker : Have*
  40. CypressDeMortzeCypressDeMortze WhisperAdd Friend: if a fight broke out between two of the sisters what would you do?
  41. RoseStryker: I dont like getting in the middle of drama and fights but for the sisters here I would seperate them and have them talk it out like adults. one side says their side then the other and try to come up with a peaceful resolution
  42. f0seyf0sey WhisperAdd Friend has joined the chat
  43. NatashaAliaRomanova: if you have an issue with another org how would you go about handling the situation?
  44. oOSaariOo: Welcome Nana
  45. NatashaAliaRomanova: hey sissy
  46. f0sey: hey hey :D
  47. f0sey: how is everyone?
  48. oOSaariOo: We are doing well in the process of doing a pledge interview
  49. f0sey: ooo okay
  50. f0sey: brb
  51. RoseStryker: well if i have issues, im being honest here, i ignore the problem, like i said i dont like drama but if its really bad i will talk to the sisters here about this issues im having but i just ignore. we are all part of the greek community and we are 1.
  52. NatashaAliaRomanova: ii
  53. NatashaAliaRomanova: my last question is what made you choose us to pledge with?
  54. RoseStryker: well, I saw the activities yall do on IG and i saw the bond you all have here and I also noted that yall dont do drama. I love a drama free atmoshere
  55. CypressDeMortze: brb restarting computer
  56. RoseStryker: hb
  57. oOSabuhiOo: thank yourose
  58. oOSaariOo: We try not to have drama, but it does happen from time to time. I have one last question.....If approached by another organization about collaborations, events or joining them what would you do?
  59. RoseStryker: I would contact my sisters the founders and owners here. I run MCs for 4 - 5 years so ik about poaching so i will have to get the ok from the sisterhood to do such a thing
  60. oOSaariOo: Thank you.
  61. RoseStryker: ysvw
  62. oOSaariOo: Are there any other questions?
  63. oOSabuhiOo: nope
  64. CypressDeMortze has left the chat
  65. NatashaAliaRomanova: nope
  66. oOSaariOo: Okay.
  67. oOSaariOo: Take it away then Sabby xD
  68. oOSabuhiOo: Thank you for you time today as a prospect of OPa you are invited to our founders day part on September 1 and we will let you know when pledge is asap
  69. RoseStryker listens
  70. oOSaariOo: Alright ladies I have to get my butt to bed
  71. RoseStryker: night
  72. oOSaariOo: And sabby needs to get ready.
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