Oct 21st, 2018
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  1. Finale Details
  3. I think it’s about time that I announce most of the things that I’m planning for the finale, AKA why you should care.
  5. First, how the finale is structured: NChiSU Ultra will be a two day event in Talley, on March 16-17. I need to have a trailer made and plan a roll out campaign for the tournament, but when it’s up I’ll make a big deal of it. It will be mandatory pre-registration; I’m still deciding whether or not you have to pay in advance (leaning towards yes).
  7. Barring unforseen circumstances like a ridiculous number of entrants, the way the finale will be structured is as follows:
  9. Day 1 - Doubles + Singles pools.
  10. Doubles pools will be normal DE pools, with the top 16 teams making it out. There will be 4 pools, with top 4 teams making it out of each. People on winner’s side feed into winner’s, people on loser’s side feed into loser’s.
  12. Singles pools will be two rounds of round robin. The first phase will advance the top 3-4 players. The second phase will advance 48 players, with the top 16 being seeded into winner’s and the bottom 32 being seeded into loser’s. This will disincentivize bracket manipulation.
  14. ***People who are qualified via NChi points therefore dodge the possibility of playing double-digit sets in a given day.***
  16. Day 2 - Final brackets
  17. Due to time constraints, this is how the final brackets will be like.
  18. Singles: 32 W/32 L, BO5 once we reach the round of 32 (so WQF/LR3).
  19. Teams: 16 W/8 L, BO5 the whole way
  21. We may have amateur + intermediate brackets day 2 for those who drowned in R1 and R2 pools respectively.
  23. What will qualified players/teams be doing day 1?
  25. -- Their content, NOT R1/most of R2 pools, will be streamed all day.
  26. — We’ll do our best to have a VIP section of setups reserved so that qualified players can get as much playtime as they want with one another. This VIP section will be converted into friendlies setups day 2. Note that if you’re qualified for teams but not for singles, you’ll still be counted as VIP.
  27. — Qualified players/teams may play money matches with additional backing from NChi funds. The amount is 1:2.5 for amounts 25 or under, 1:2 for amounts between 25 and 50, 1:1.5 matching for amounts between 50 and 100, and 100$ flat for MMs at 100 and above.
  28. — We’ll have at least one singles and one doubles community-voted exhibition between qualified players/teams. I might tie pre-registration to bonus votes.
  29. — Provided it works out budget-wise, we’ll have a special someone do interviews with as many qualified players/teams as possible. This person will also be responsible for MC’ing day 2, as a side note.
  30. — There will be a draft crew battle at some point. The battle will include both singles and doubles (i.e. it will likely resemble or be a replica of Red Bull: Gods and Gatekeepers).
  31. — Qualified players will commentate R2 qualifier matches.
  33. If you qualify for both teams and singles and you opt out of day 1, I reserve the right to charge you a small fee (likely not exceeding 10-20$).
  35. There is an additional perk to qualification via circuit points.
  37. We plan to publish a special newsletter in February with normal content and a circuit recap. This newsletter will also include trading-card-style (think baseball cards) profiles of the qualified players and teams. These profiles will be printed physically, with each player/team receiving their own trading card(s). The first 50 pre-registrants that don’t include the qualified players will receive a free ‘booster pack’ of trading cards as a registration bonus, with pre-registrants past the first 50 needing to pay to receive their own booster packs.
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