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  1. Hey lizards, spies, hackers, ghosts, spirts, friends, soon to be friends, or whomever
  3. It would be nice to know what you stand for, care about, or don’t, what’s truth or a lie, what’s a priority what’s not
  5. And specifics like
  6. Alt left/right
  7. Religion vs faith
  8. Fact and fiction
  9. Are mkultra and all the conspiracies a reflection of government technology, spiritual intercession, aliens, or what?
  10. Is the custodian of that technology using it in the right way?
  11. What’s being harvested from whom for what purpose?
  12. Class labor? Spiritual rinse and wash? Some weird alien bbq? Knowing the point and the benefactor(s) would help.
  14. I’ve extrapolated to the point of apathy. Just looking for a leader, confirmation, guidance, I’m worn to the bone
  16. I might not be able to go on the next assignment (who am I kidding everything is a shot in the dark) so I might have to close my self to certain was of thinking. I’ll then miss your messages.
  18. I need to rebuild, unless you can help me
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