[RGRE] Gamer Moondancer and her Coltfriend Anon

Oct 2nd, 2016
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  1. "And that's how you get past Mother Gascoigne. She's really tough and it took me a long time to figure her out, but -"
  2. >"Who's that?!"
  3. >That's Lemon Heart's voice.
  4. >She always Skypes with you whenever you stream your games.
  5. "What?"
  6. >You look at the video feed at the bottom of your screen to see who DARED interrupt your livestream.
  7. >You can't help but notice that the mares in chat are asking similar questions.
  8. "Who's where?"
  9. >"The colt! The one doing that thing over in the back!"
  10. >The fuck are you talking about, Lemon?
  11. >>"Here you go, honey."
  12. >Anon, your live-in coltfriend (suck it, mom; who's gay now?!), puts a plate with your sandwich on it down on the computer table.
  13. >A glass of milk quickly follows.
  14. "Oh, hey, thanks Anon!"
  15. >You give his hand a squeeze with your hoof and go to town on your newly-deposited sandwich.
  16. >Mmmm.... peanut butter.
  17. >Anon gives a little wave to your camera and then walks out of the room.
  18. >"What was that?"
  19. >Hmm?
  20. >You look uncertainly down at your sandwich.
  21. "It... it's peanut butter."
  22. >You glance at your screen and the chat is EXPLODING with activity.
  23. >[who was that]
  24. >[Why is there a colt in your bedroom?]
  25. >[testes or gtfo]
  26. >[lol he got you a sammich]
  27. >[Bring him on stream!]
  28. >[Make the stallion play Strawberrymilkborne]
  29. >"No! Celestia, Moonie, did you trick him or something? Why is he in your room?"
  30. >You swallow a particularly tough mouthful of sandwich with the help of some milk.
  31. "Because he's my... coltfriend?"
  32. >Oh Luna's moon, did you do something wrong?
  33. >Did you break some unwritten code of vidya streaming?!
  34. >"Moonie. Sis. Bring him back into the room. Trust me."
  35. >R-right.
  36. >Sure thing, you guess.
  37. "Hey, Anon!" you shout through your bedroom door, "Could you come back in here, please?"
  38. >The door opens and the incoming light turns your camera feed into a white square until the camera adjusts.
  39. >>"What is it, Moons?"
  40. >Your headset crackled with your friend's laughter.
  41. >"Did he just call you 'Moons'? Does he call you that in the bedroom too?"
  42. >Doesn't she know everypony on stream can hear her!?
  43. "Shut the buck up!"
  44. >>"Excuse me?"
  45. >Anon quirks an eyebrow at you and doesn't look too impressed at you.
  46. "N-no, not you! The mare I have on voice thingy!"
  47. >You glare at your camera.
  48. "What did you want, Lemon?"
  49. >"Ask him if he wants to play something with you. Mare-io Kart, or whatever colts play. Something two-player!"
  50. "Uh, Anon?"
  51. >Anon walks up to you and crouches down to your height.
  52. >Luna, you love being at crotch-height with this stallion.
  53. >He loves those "accidental" nose-boops as much as you do, filly.
  54. "Wanna play something with me? I think I got something you'll like."
  55. >Anon's face lights up and he searches the floor for a second controller.
  56. >>"Yeah, I'm game."
  57. >Your online popularity shortly doubles.
  59. >[ask him to take off his shirt]
  60. >[Moonie why is your coltfriend such a slut?]
  61. >[Sis! Her coltfriend totally wears socks! I saw them]
  62. >You are Moondancer, and you'd be all up on defending your stallion's honour if you weren't too busy having fun playing a dumb racing game with Anon to check your chats.
  63. "Bucking blue shell!"
  64. >"Git gud, Moons!"
  65. "Colt, I will DESTROY your cock tonight if you keep that up."
  66. >[oh snap]
  67. >[lol like you could]
  68. >[PIG]
  69. >[rate my chest tuft 1-10]
  70. >Anon leans over and nuzzles your cheek, TOTALLY making you lose concentration and making your character fall off the edge of the road!
  71. >You'd be so bucking angry if you weren't so horny.
  72. >>"Give him the V, filly!"
  73. >Oh, you will, Lemon Heart.
  74. >...rriiiiiight after you beat him on Rainbow Road.
  76. "C'mon, c'mon..."
  77. >You tap your hoof as you watch the little ponies drive in on their go-carts, up towards Prince Peachy Glory's castle where the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place podium awaits.
  78. >Your mare (Princess Luna; the best Princess) drive in while the camera does some impressive-for-its-time zoom tricks.
  79. >Then Anon's mare (Princess Celestia; the "I'm a big dummy who doesn't into good characters and my name is Anon" Princess) drives in from somewhere else.
  80. "C'mon!"
  81. >[Celestia the Bestia!]
  82. >[touch her moon, moondancer's coltfriend]
  83. >[go back to strawberrymilkborne or dark snuggles 2]
  84. >The camera does a few more spins and pans and the first place goes to....
  85. >Princess Celestia?!
  86. >Some other third character controlled by the computer gets third place, but you don't bucking care. You think it might have been Starswirl.
  87. >You slam your controller onto the ground and screech with the fury of a thousand prepubescent tuftbeards
  88. "Horseapples!"
  89. >[get rekt]
  90. >[touch his scrote]
  91. >[Colts can be gamers too, Moondancer]
  92. >"Fuck yeah! That's how you play the game, Moons!"
  93. >Anon gets in REAL close to your face.
  94. >Close enough that you can feel his breath on your face
  95. >Close enough that you could lose yourself in his eyes
  96. "That was horseapples, Anon! You used the blue shell on me like, 3 times!"
  97. >Anon smiles his smug, smug smile at you like the... like the....
  98. >...smug guy he is.
  99. >Dammit, you're too angry to think smartly!
  100. >"Is it? And just what are you going to do about it?"
  101. >And that's your cue.
  102. >You launch yourself at Anon and start kissing him.
  103. >Anon rolls onto his back and wraps his arms around your back, eagerly returing your affection
  104. >[Give him the V!]
  105. >[haha yesss]
  106. >[Oh shoot, they're actually doing it]
  108. >[MODS]
  110. >Your "subscribed" list is still high even after you 6 month ban for adult content.
  111. >Sometimes you cheat in a spike of streamers by bringing Anon in on camera and snuggling up to him.
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