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  1. Appealing for: Forum Ban
  2. Appeal type: Apology
  3. Which staff member banned you: (See: ScamBans) No Idea
  4. How long were you banned for: Perm
  6. Your Steam Name: Matt
  7. Your In-game Name: Matt Douglas
  8. Your Steam ID:
  10. Why were you banned/blacklisted: Leaking Finlay's height, eye colour, and various other things.
  11. Why should this appeal be considered: Hello all, some of you might remember me, not sure many will though as every time I check the forum I seem to see new faces. To catch you up to speed I used to be an immature "minge" with little respect for anyone or anything.
  13. None the less, I have been banned for 534 days as of when writing this, and I genuinely am apologetic for what I done to Finlay all that time ago. I saw a link on the forums in shoutbox which was a website that told you all about Finlay as an actor, his height etc. I thought it'd get a few laughs by sharing it wider, on his profile. This was stupid of me and I understand it clearly states in the rules that this is not allowed. However I hope after this long time it is considered I be allowed back into the community. I understand that my server ban won't be lifted, I just used to love this community so much. Recently I returned to playing PC as I have been off sick from work, and it's been great, i've loved catching up with old friends from within perp and outside. Everyone has been so friendly. I very much want to continue making new friends on PC, and I feel a great way to do this is by hopefully being allowed to partake in forum activity again. I occasionally have checked the forum over the past year and a half to see what's been happening. Every time I look I see something new and interesting, like new games people are playing. Or a while ago I saw someone has intended to recreate the perpheads map on minecraft, which I thought would've been great to see. It reminds me of that massive screen canvas that a community member made where everyone got one pixel or something along the lines.
  15. I understand I have a terrible past record, but after going out into the real world, working full time, paying bills etc. I have had long to mature, and recreate myself as a person. I do not want to be remembered as a shadow of my old self. Someone that used to just take the piss, and not really take anything seriously. I am simply asking for a final chance to return to the community and hopefully bring a new, improved me. I hope the fact that I haven't ban evaded on the server or forum has shown that I have no malicious intent. And also the fact I haven't been involved in anything malicious against the server, or any of its members since.
  17. In conclusion, I sincerely apologize to anyone who I affected in the past, whether on purpose or not, I hope I can be forgiven and allowed back into the community once more, and hopefully have a somewhat positive impact on some of your experiences on PC.
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