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Aug 6th, 2014
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  1. There is just no getting away from the fact that just enough people (in any country) can have their heads deliberately filled with broken bottles and can be easily and wickedly manipulated enough to act against their own and their country's best interests. Though there are always exceptions and Scotland is the exceptional nation bar none. It would be distressing to contemplate Darling's post-No Scotland, as with every day that passes the young will come to despise what older generations have bequeathed them, a festering legacy of despair, neo-liberal impotence and corporatism, aka fascism. There are younger generations too, living in a coherent-thought free nether-world of video-games and escapist fantasy, slumped before some frivolous gadget executing a monotonous loop, excitement, variety the product of some random number generator function, for whom taking responsibility for their own lives and futures, seeing, tasting touching the real world stripped of media misrepresentation, is too hard they blubber, never thinking of fundamentals, only of labels, conditioned uniformly to conform, mindless robots of flesh and repaeting flickering images. Others too are simply bought by the ton-load, egregious conspicuous consumption their measure of worth and only functioning outlet for their strait-jacketed and caged jumbled thoughts, ineffectually compensating for their negative spiritual worth and inner darkness.
  3. I think people should take a few weeks break from such influences before voting in September, to interact in the real world with real people and see that any doubts they have been fed and harbour are just insubstantial psychic vandalism, that they aren't credible objections, but symptoms of their learned dependence. Real democracy some forbidden fruit, some taboo thing which would destroy us with just it's scent, outside our remit and comprehension.
  5. I'm glad I don't have a TV and haven't missed anything by such trivialisation of the singlemost important opportunity any Scot has ever or ever will have to change things, to take Scotland forward against a grim backdrop of the rest of the UK stumbling backwards, recoiling from progress, back towards a darker age, dragged by the London city state's criminal supremacy and recklessness towards economic, moral and social ruin.
  7. You can if you like call it Freedom, to me it is normality, the inherent inviolable rights of every human being, including the right to self-determination, the expectation of democracy of capable, incorruptible benign rule and so much more. A no vote is a Tory vote and all unionist parties, including 'Labour' are Tory parties in one form or another and to them you are indentured slaves, to labour for their enrichment and the ruin of your own health and spirit.
  9. Independence or slavery. It's seemingly a tough choice for some and they'll hang their childish irresponsibilty, their self-negation and self-flagellation, on some insignificant detail or other. They are few (and loud and darling media luvvies), we are many. We prevail.
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