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  1. ***
  3. When one considered the height of the Dwarves, their Royal Palace was of a staggering size. It was because it was so large that the Dragons could live here, and it was a long distance from one end to the other.
  5. Olasird’arc climbed and climbed, until he reached the door on the highest level.
  7. Then, he shouted.
  9. “It’s me, open up.”
  11. He waited for a while, but there was no movement from the other side of the door.
  13. It was impossible that he was not in. The son who lived in this room was a NEET. He had not recalled him ever leaving his room. Even his meals were sent to him by his siblings.
  15. It was deeply aggravating that he would dare pretend he was not in, in front of his own father, a Dragon Lord.
  17. “I’ll say it again. It’s me. Open up.”
  19. Dragons had very keen senses. The way he was shouting, anyone inside should have heard it, and they would have woken up even if they were sleeping.
  21. However — the door did not open.
  23. The anger which blazed up turned into motion.
  25. He lashed out at the door with his tail.
  27. Struck by a tail that was the size of a log and sheathed with scales that were harder than steel, the door creaked as it twisted. The Dwarves who had built this door had probably not expected it to take a Dragon’s tail slap.
  29. There were signs of movement inside, but this was not enough to quell Olasird’arc’s anger.
  31. He slammed the door again, breaking it half down. Shattered and scattered stones flew inside like buckshot.
  33. A distasteful  “Hieeeeee” came from within.
  35. “Get out of there, right now!”
  37. In response to the angry shout, a Dragon popped up like it was loaded with springs.
  39. Frost Dragons had slender bodies, but not this one. Simply put, it looked like a fat pig.
  41. It had a pair of tiny glasses on its nose, and it regarded Olasird’arc from head to toe with a nervous look in its eyes.
  43. This was his son, but this shameful display made Olasird’arc sigh.
  45. Well, given that he was standing in front of a ruler like himself, cringing and twitching like this was unavoidable. Still, he had hoped to see some strength in his own son’s eyes.
  47. And then there was that disgraceful body of his. He was less of a Dragon than a Dragon Pig.
  49. In truth, having to send a child like this out to fight on his behalf might be terribly disgraceful.
  51. As Olasird’arc contemplated this, his son — who seemed afraid by the way his father was staring right at him — ventured a question.
  53. “F-father, what, what do you wish of me?”
  55. That said, he might not be much of a Dragon, but he was still a Dragon. Dragons grew more powerful with age. With that in mind, perhaps even his disgusting fatbody could still fight.
  57. “I have a job for you, Hejynmal.”
  59. “A, a job?”
  61. “Ahh. The Quagoa seem to have been invaded by the Dwarves or something. Repel them.”
  63. “Hieee.”
  65. “Hieee?”
  67. “N-nothing. It’s nothing, Father. J-just, I, I’m, er, how shall I put this, I’m er, not very confident in my strength…”
  69. “Then what are you confident in? Do you feel you can defeat the enemy with magic?”
  71. Dragons slowly gained the ability to use arcane magic during their maturation, but those were little more than innate abilities. They could not be compared to magic casters at all. However, there were some Dragons who had learned to use actual magic.
  73. For example, there was one of Olasird’arc’s own concubines, Kilystran=Denshushua. There was also one of the Republic’s Councillors, the “Blue Sky Dragon Lord” Suveria=Myronsilk, who had the powers of a druid and could use divine magic. It was also said that in the far east, there were Dragons who had attained the Paladin class and who could use magic from other systems.
  75. “...Well, that’s one thing. I had to learn by myself because I had no mentor to teach me…”
  77. “Then what the hell have you been doing in there all this while?”
  79. There was a forceful gleam in Hejynmal’s eyes.
  81. “Learning. I’ve been gathering knowledge.”
  83. “...What? Knowledge? Weren’t you learning how to use arcane magic?”
  85. “No, it’s not like that, Father. The knowledge I sought was not to use magic, but to further my studies, learn how this city was built, what sort of races live in this world and so on. I was learning about that sort of thing.”
  87. “Son, I am disappoint. Does learning these things make you strong? None of that matters if you don’t become powerful.”
  89. There was nothing more important in this world than becoming stronger. Since this was a world where only the strong survived, one needed to grow stronger to live. In contrast, one could say that not wanting to become strong was essentially rejecting life.
  91. Just then, he spotted it. Hejynmal had tried to cover it up, but he saw that his son had done something, like a wordless gesture.
  93. “What is it? Spit it out.”
  95. His son remained silent. That disgraceful attitude of his made Olasird’arc flare up again.
  97. Just as he was about to begin bellowing at him, he thought of why he had come here.
  99. While he did not care what happened to the Quagoa, debts had to be paid.
  101. “It doesn’t matter if you lock yourself up in your room until you lose your agility, but there’s no point losing yourself in books. If you want to acquire knowledge, leave this place and travel the world.”
  103. Olasird’arc had already begun losing interest in Hejynmal. He had abandoned his body in exchanged for something utterly useless. There was nothing else he could say about this, and he had lost any semblance of concern for his own son.
  105. “I, I was preparing for that. If I don’t know what sort of people there are in the world, I might die before I manage to see it.”
  107. “Then why don’t you die? -- You’re being too foolish. Why not seek strength from the beginning? Once you’re strong, you’ll be feared even when you leave this place, no? Like me.”
  109. “But, Father. Knowing what sort of powerful beings there are in the world is very important too. It’s the same with you, isn’t it, Father? Aren’t the Frost Giants strong? If you went against them without knowing anything--”
  111. “--I’m not afraid of those Frost Giants.”
  113. “F-forgive me, Father.”
  115. As he glared at Hejynmal, who had his head plastered to the ground, Olasird’arc rounded his shoulders powerlessly.
  117. “That’s enough. I command you to complete your task. Then, I will kick you out after a month. You can live as you please from then on.”
  119. 3
  121. “Haa~”
  123. Hejynmal was currently in a tunnel which led to the Royal Capital. He sighed, the way his father had.
  125. “I’m not good at fighting…”
  127. “Not being good” did not cover the whole of it. In all honesty, he was so weak that if he went up against one of his brothers who were one batch younger than him, he might end up losing to them. Thus, he was uneasy, which resulted in him muttering to himself.
  128. 不只是不擅长这样的程度而已。坦白说、是已经弱到和自己小了一轮的弟弟对战,都有可能会输的程度。也正因为不安所以才会不断自言自语。
  130. “The enemy… hopefully they’ll be scared of the way I look and run away.”
  133. Hejynmal inhaled forcefully, sucking up his protruding gut. Then he splayed his claws and opened his maw. This way, he’d look more like a proper Dragon.
  135. “Oh, I almost forgot.”
  137. Hejynmal gingerly removed the glasses on his nose. They were not a magic item, but if they broke, there would be no substitutes for them. Thus, he had to treat them with care.
  139. “Haaa… Dragonscale makes for strong armor… but all I can do is pray the Dwarves aren’t savages…”
  141. But what if they were?
  143. No, that was almost certain to be the case. That was because Dwarven libraries were the source of much information about Draconic materials.
  145. Hejynmal quelled the trembling in his body by force.
  147. He knew all the Quagoa in the Royal Capital were watching him. If possible, he would have preferred to fight in a deeper tunnel, where he would not have an audience. However, if that was the case, the Quagoa would not be able to see him do battle, so his father had forbidden it.
  149. Father had told him to investigate the enemy to the best of his ability, and take them as servants if possible. But this was not a sign of friendship. Instead, it was an order to display his strength and dominate the weak as one of the strong.
  151. Therefore, defeat equalled death. He would die if he was killed. Even if he survived, the Quagoa would lose their respect for Father, which would displease him, and then Hejynmal would be killed by his father anyway.
  152. 因此,败北的话就等同于死亡。战败的话会死。就算存活下来,也会因为掘土兽人的敬意减少,而感到不快的父亲杀掉。
  154. Then, how about fleeing from the start? After all, he would be exiled in a month no matter what.
  156. It was a good idea, but he needed a month to prepare for it.
  158. Hejynmal spewed his breath.
  160. The supercooled suspire froze an entire wall into an expanse of solid white.
  162. “Very good! I can exhale very smoothly, and its power is consistent with my age.”
  164. This was one of a Dragon’s trump cards -- Dragon breath. Frost Dragons possessed freezing breath, and its power grew with age. Hejynmal’s breath was quite well developed, and it was more reliable than his own physical strength.
  166. “...Still.”
  168. Dragon breath was a frightening thing. Anyone who knew even a little about Dragons was aware of that. After all, this was a fundamental ability of all Dragons.
  170. In fact, the Dwarven libraries had said just that. There was no way the Dwarves coming this way would not be prepared for it.
  172. Hejynmal sank further into despair.
  174. Although Father had already said so, if he could really use magic or whatnot, things would surely be different--
  176. “I’ve been abandoned.”
  178. His brothers faithfully obeyed his father, and they were the very picture of a Draconic family. The fact that he had not given this task to them but to Hejynmal was a sign that he did not care if the hikkikomori of his family died off.
  180. He did not resent his fate.
  182. If he had not encountered books, if he had not known the satisfaction of seeking knowledge, he would not be what he was today. There was no point regretting that now.
  184. Suddenly, Hejynmal heard something.
  186. He turned his ear to listen, and picked up multiple footsteps approaching from within the tunnel.
  188. Those were not the sounds of Quagoa feet, because they were clearly wearing shoes.
  190. Are those Dwarves?! There’s only a few of them, which means… They’re very confident of victory even like this? Or are they an advanced scouting party? So if I defeat them the job’s done and there’ll be no problem if I go back?
  192. Strictly speaking, he would have fulfilled his orders even if he only defeated that scouting party. The question now was whether an excuse like that would be accepted.
  194. Illuminated by glowing stones, four silhouettes -- though he could not be sure as they were still far away -- emerged from the cavern.
  196. Are the smaller three Dwarves? Then what’s that larger one? Even the Dwarven subspecies shouldn’t be that big. Then, did the Dwarves beg that bigger shape for help, much like the Quagoa did with Father?
  198. Whether or not the Dwarves had requested its help, he had to be wary of the bigger shape.
  200. Still, while it was a large silhouette, it was still much smaller than a Dragon.
  202. Should I strike first with my breath? Hejynmal immediately discarded that notion.
  204. No. I should ask them what they want and try to complete this task through negotiation.
  206. Regular Dragons would immediately launch into a fight. However, Hejynmal had no confidence in himself and did not want this encounter to end in tragedy. Therefore, he sought a way to safely resolve the situation.
  208. Finally, the keen vision of the Dragons -- although Hejynmal’s was somewhat subpar for his kind -- finally verified that the one walking at the head of the group was not a Dwarf.
  210. Haven’t I read about them in a book before? Isn’t that one of the Dark Elves, who live in the depths of the forests?
  212. It was impossible for one to be here.
  214. However, that one’s far too short, compared to the Dark Elves in the books. Could it be a child between a Dark Elf and a Dwarf? Or is it just a Dark Elf child?
  216. As Hejynmal pondered these things and many others, he shifted his gaze to the huge shadow behind the Dark Elf, and then his eyes went wide.
  218. Haaah?! Is that an Elder Lich?! What is it doing here? This is bad. They’re immune to freezing breath, and they can cast [Fireballs].”
  220. Fire was the weakness of Frost Dragons. In other words, his most powerful attack was useless against this Elder Lich, and his opponent could grievously wound him.
  222. And… What’s that? It looks like a really expensive mage’s robe...
  224. Dragons had a keen nose for treasure. They could roughly sniff out the value of any item, no matter how valuable. Right now, his nose was telling him that the Elder Lich before him was wearing an unimaginably expensive set of spellcaster’s robes.
  226. ...No, at a closer look, it’s the same way with the clothes of the Dark Elf walking ahead of them. I’ve never seen something as valuable as that before...
  228. Hejynmal was a hikkikomori, so the only thing he could value was the Dwarven libraries. Thus, his nose for valuable treasure might have lost its keenness. It might have been a natural ability, but it would still atrophy if it was not used. However, he did not think that was the case.
  230. And then, the shadow after that looks female… Isn’t that a Dwarf as well? It’s not a Dark Elf, and neither is it an Elder Lich. Then… an Elf? Or a human? I don’t get it. Still, she looks like she’s wearing very expensive clothing too. ...Hm, is my nose not sensitive any more? But if that’s not the case...
  232. Finally, he saw the Dwarf at the rear of the group, and Hejynmal was relieved.
  234. Just a regular Dwarf, and he’s not wearing anything valuable.
  236. Then, Hejynmal shook his head.
  238. That’s being too naive, right? The three people in front of him are anything but normal. Maybe this Dwarf is something special too. Carelessness is dangerous.
  240. After that, the Dark Elf pointed towards him, as though to tell everyone that he was there.
  242. Although he thought he might be suddenly attacked -- by a [Fireball], in particular -- the opposition merely paused to confer, and soon they were headed towards Hejynmal again.
  244. ...Should I prepare myself for the worst?
  246. If they had attacked immediately, he would have gone on his guard. But that was not the case. What should he do now?
  248. Nggg -- my stomach aches. I hope that’s just a kind-hearted undead being who’s come to negotiate!
  250. He could be killed. To Hejynmal -- who had lived in safety all his life -- the time until the group stopped was interminable torment.
  252. The group finally reached Hejynmal’s vicinity.
  254. Hejynmal took a deep breath, and then -- careful not to seem too imposing -- he spoke.
  256. They were a group who had approached Hejynmal, a Dragon, without any hesitation. Therefore, Hejynmal sensed that trying to appear threatening would be very dangerous.
  258. “The area from this place on belongs to the Quagoa and we Dragons. Why -- ahem -- may I ask you fine folk your reasons for coming here?”
  260. The Dark Elf standing at the head of the group changed places with the Elder Lich. In that moment, he realised who was the leader of the group.
  262. “Hm? We’re about to launch an attack and there’s only one Dragon here? The Dragons I know of grow stronger with age -- in other words, their bodies get larger and more powerful. Given your size, you don’t seem particularly strong… What’s the meaning of this?”
  264. What did he mean by “what’s the meaning of this”? Hejynmal had no idea. However, it would seem this Elder Lich was not at all on guard against a Dragon like himself.
  266. Ah, this… this is really bad. It’s so bad I can’t even describe it.
  268. “In any case, I doubt they’d send just one Dragon to collect information on us… Is this a strategy on the enemy’s part, or am I being paranoid? Given the information we got from the Quagoa we captured, probably the latter.”
  270. He had no idea what the Elder Lich was talking about from the beginning. It did not look like the Elder Lich wanted to enlighten Hejynmal either. In other words, he was probably talking to himself, but why did he feel so afraid, then?
  272. “...Thinking too much about this is annoying. Let’s see what kind of Dragon you are.”
  274. A thrill of terror shot through Hejynmal’s body.
  276. He was far too relaxed. He was talking as though he had picked up a stone from the ground. It was a tone which demonstrated his confidence in being able to do what he spoke of.
  278. And then, in the moment when he saw the Elder Lich raise his hand--
  280. “[Grasp--”
  282. “WAIT!!”
  284. After his thunderous roar, Hejynmal pressed his head to the ground.
  286. This was the greatest degree of respect a Dragon could show -- the posture of servitude.
  288. “--Heart], hang on, what?”
  290. Hejynmal desperately pleaded with the Elder Lich, whose hand had stopped moving.
  292. “Please wait! My name is Hejynmal! May I please inquire about your mighty name?”
  294. Looking around, he saw the Dwarf’s jaw drop in shock. However, the Dark Elf and the Elf-like person did not seem surprised. In other words, this was a natural occurrence for them.
  296. Hejynmal was certain his judgement was correct.
  298. “...My name is Ainz Ooal Gown… what is the meaning of that pose of yours?”
  300. “Yes!! I believe this is the proper form of address for when humans know each others’ names, Gown-sama! This posture is is the greatest sign of respect we Dragons can show!”
  302. “Er… Then, why are you doing this?”
  304. “Naturally, it is because I immediately realized that you are an extraordinary person, Gown-sama. Could I possibly take any other position before a mighty being like yourself? No, I could not!”
  306. This was a huge gamble. He had bet everything on it.
  308. The Dwarves used “heated steel” to describe the burning sensation when gambling, but what Hejynmal felt now was a chill that froze him to the core.
  310. Time seemed to freeze over for several seconds, but finally, the Elder Lich said, “Umu. ...So, you intend to submit to me, then?”
  312. “Yes! If you allow it, Gown-sama!”
  314. He peeked again, and as expected, the Dark Elf and the Elf appeared to think all this was normal.
  316. “...There are many uses for Dragon flesh, hide, teeth, scales and the like. Hm? You… raise your head.”
  318. The Elder Lich’s attitude was one that was used to giving orders, so he must have found it natural that even someone like Hejynmal had submitted so readily to him. Clearly, the Elder Lich did not consider Hejynmal worthy of mention.
  320. Dragons were the strongest species, but they were not an invincible species. Many beings could kill a Dragon. Frost Giants were a good example of that.
  322. However, if one compared the two species, in the end, Dragons were probably still stronger.
  324. The reason for that was their growth. Dragons continued growing as time passed, and they would someday grow into the strongest entities of all. They were a very long-lived species, and the fact that they could keep growing throughout it all was a form of strength in itself.
  326. From that point of view, the undead might be even stronger than Dragons. High-level undead did not grow in bodily might, but they could accumulate knowledge and experience.
  328. In addition, Hejynmal had read about legendary undead from his books.
  330. Soul Eaters, which devoured the souls of the living. Wriggle Pestilences, which spread disease. Mage cabals which gathered many undead around a core of Elder Liches. Guphandera=Argoros, the undead dragon that lurked in a mountain of the dead and used psychic-type magic. Astral Rippers, masses of shadows which stalked the Valley of Shadows, and so on.
  332. This Elder Lich must surely be a legendary undead creature whose name had gone down in the history books. However, it would seem the Dwarven libraries had not recorded it.
  334. Hejynmal slowly raised his body.
  336. He felt like the Elder Lich was appraising his body. His decidedly un-Draconic frame filled Hejynmal with shame.
  338. “I see. So Dragons that live in these frigid environments store fat under their skin. Although, I thought Frost Dragons were immune to the cold… Or could it be that you were storing up nourishment in case you couldn’t obtain food?”
  340. “No, it’s not like that. I’m the only one who’s like this…”
  342. “Hooh… That is to say, you’re a rare specimen, then? Is that what you mean?”
  344. Hejynmal was not sure if he had any value for being rare, but there was nobody else in his family like him. Therefore, it was a correct statement.
  346. “That might be so, Gown-sama.”
  348. “Really now,” the Elder Lich said. Then he continued in a quieter tone.
  350. “Killing you would be a waste, then.”
  352. Hejynmal’s keen Draconic hearing picked up those words.
  354. He struggled desperately to keep his breathing under control. It would seem he had made another correct choice, which would permit him to live.
  356. “Are they any other Dragons?”
  358. “Yes, there are. There are four Dragons older than me, six around the same age as me, and nine who are younger than me.”
  360. “Hoh!”
  362. The Elder Lich seemed very happy, but Hejynmal was sure he had some sort of evil scheme in mind.
  364. “How many of them are stronger than you?”
  366. “The four who are older than me are all stronger than me. The Dragons of the same age as me are also stronger than me.”
  368. I might even lose to my younger siblings. Hejynmal could not say that. After all, if his value dropped in the Elder Lich’s eyes, he might be killed on the spot.
  370. “I see. Then, what tier of magic can these elder Dragons use? Are they only capable of arcane spells?”
  372. “The strongest of them can use magic of up to the 3rd tier. As you have said, it is arcane magic.”
  374. As Dragons grew, they naturally acquired the ability to use arcane spells even without going out of their way to learn them. However, they could only cast a few spells. Even Hejynmal’s father could only use three spells of the 3rd tier.
  376. “What? They only have 3rd-tier spells?”
  378. The Elder Lich seemed disinterested, but then he perked up as though he had noticed something.
  380. “No, I should probably ask. What if this is just a ruse? They say that a mighty eagle hides its claws. Is it possible that the strongest Dragon there can use 8th-tier spells?”
  382. “No, it’s impossible. Or rather--”
  384. Besides, 8th-tier spells could not possibly exist. Would it be better to tell him that?
  386. No, he could not. The truth sometimes hurt more than lies. If he gave offense to this undead magician, there was no way he would prosper from it.
  388. “--No. He can’t possibly use spells of such a high tier. I once heard that he had learned a 3rd-tier spell of flame resistance.”
  390. He should probably say that, right? His father was not a foe who should be underestimated.
  392. “Umu -- I see. Well, it’s only natural that one would want to cover up one’s weaknesses.”
  394. This nonchalant tone made Hejynmal feel uneasy.
  396. “Aura.”
  398. “Yes, Ainz-sama.”
  400. It would seem the Dark Elf was called Aura. Judging by her smell, she was probably a female.
  402. The other one who looked like an Elf did not have a female scent about her. In fact, she had no scent at all, much like the Elder Lich.
  404. “I’ll give you this Dragon. I recall you said you wanted one?”
  406. “Thank you very much. But can this chap fly?”
  408. Two pairs of eyes looked at him, one filled with doubt, one apparently saying, “That’s a good question.”
  410. “I, I can probably fly.”
  412. He might have been a hikkikomori, but he ought to be capable of flight. Flying was the same as walking for Dragons. There was no way he could forget how to do so. Hejynmal gave that answer as he regretted the fact that he had not flown here.
  414. “Then, I’ll take him, Ainz-sama. Hm, then, I need to show him who’s the boss around here, and make him obey me completely.
  416. Hejynmal wondered what exactly she was going to do, but soon, he felt thousands of frigid razors impaling him.
  418. He was dead. There was no doubt that he was dead. The fear which informed his instincts of that became invisible blades that pierced his entire body.
  420. In an instant, his mind went blank. In his diminished state of awareness, he clearly felt his heart stop beating.
  422. “Uwaaaaah--!”
  424. As he cried out, it banished the black chill crushing his entire body.
  426. His heart slowly began beating again. His limbs trembled, and his lungs struggled to pull in oxygen.
  428. He recalled something like this from a book somewhere. It was called “murderous intent”. In other words, the Dark Elf who would be his Mistress was a being who could radiate murderous intent that was powerful enough to instantly put a Frost Dragon into a near-fatal state of shock.
  430. In that case, what sort of being was the Elder Lich which she called “Master”?
  432. There was no doubt about it. He was beyond Hejynmal’s imagination.
  434. He was a being of absolute power -- an Overlord.
  436. He had made the right choice.
  438. By the time Hejynmal had come to his senses, he found that the group had backed off, looks of surprise on their faces.
  440. Just as he was wondering what was going on, he realized the disgusting sensation below his waist. As he looked down at his legs, Hejynmal was shocked.
  442. It would seem his bladder had gone slack and he had wet himself. A puddle spread below him like a lake.
  444. “Uuu…”
  446. What should he say now? It was possible that he had displeased them and he would be killed.
  448. “I, I was so overjoyed that I peed myself!”
  450. He had given up on himself. Though he had the feeling that they would not believe him, it was better than telling them that he had pissed himself out of fear.
  452. “From today onwards, this one shall serve and attend his Mistress, Aura-sama, and offer his utmost devotion and loyalty to her.”
  454. “Ehhhh…”
  456. Hers was an expression of absolute disgust.
  458. This was bad. If she felt he was worthless, into the trash he would go. The mighty could do that. In fact, had his father not done the same thing? However, help came from an unlikely corner.
  459. 这下不妙了。如果被认为是毫无价值的话,自己或许会像垃圾那样被丢掉也说不定。所谓的强者就是这样。事实上,自己的父亲不就正是如此吗。不过,台阶却从他意想不到的地方被送了过来。
  461. “I see… Well, that can’t be helped.”
  464. “Eh? Really, Ainz-sama?”
  466. “Mm. I once heard about something like this from one of my friends -- Ankoromochimochi-san. She once told me about how upset she was when her dog peed out of joy. It seems this sort of thing happens when they get too excited.”
  468. “You mean, Ankoromochimochi-sama? Really? So it’s like how Fen and some other magical beasts mark their terrain, then?”
  470. “That might well be. Granted, I’m not too clear on Draconic biology. However, that was probably the reason why that chap did it.”
  472. The being who might or might not have been an Elf had been listening quietly all this while. She tilted her head and asked the Elder Lich:
  474. “Ainz-sama, would it be better if we did it as well?”
  476. “Shalltear. Is it really appropriate to say that?’
  478. “Mm. As Aura said, if you did that, I would collapse in shock. This sort of thing is only cute on small pets. ...Well, Ankoromochimochi-san was worried because that dog was getting on in years. She said something about not getting him too excited… ah, those were the days.”
  480. The air around them changed, to something that was the polar opposite of the murderous intent from just now.
  482. In any event, Hejynmal moved to wipe his soaked body on a nearby wall and scrape off the stain.
  484. “Say. What will we do next?”
  486. The Dwarf -- who had been watching the proceedings in silence -- finally spoke up. Hejynmal sensed that this Dwarf was unlike his three companions, in that he was not powerful.
  487. 至今一直闭着嘴,窥探情况的矮人开口了。赫金玛尔觉得这个矮人跟他们三人不同,似乎并不强大。
  489. Had the Dwarves hired them as mercenaries and sent this Dwarf to keep an eye on them? If that was the case, Hejynmal would have to show this Dwarf respect as well. Still, where did he rank as their subordinate? What sort of orders would he be given from now on? These uneasy questions flew through his mind.
  490. 矮人们将他们三人雇为佣兵,而负责监视的就是这个矮人吗。如果是这样的话,赫金玛尔也得对这个矮人展示出敬意才行吗。自己身为他们三位的部下,是处于何种程度的位置上呢。今后又会被下达怎么样的命令呢,这样交错着不安的疑问在他脑子里飞舞着。
  492. “You have a point. We’ll leave the Quagoa to Aura and Shalltear. I shall go with this Dragon and eliminate all the Dragons opposing us.”
  493. 「说的也是。掘土兽人们就交给夏提雅跟亚乌菈,我跟这条龙一起将敌对的龙全都解决掉吧」
  495. Hejynmal’s body shuddered again.
  496. 身体闪过一阵颤栗。
  498. He spoke in a casual tone. Dragons were beings which he could take lightly. This was the attitude of the mighty.
  499. 很轻松的语气。龙对他来说就只是这种程度的存在而已。这是与强者相应的态度。
  501. Hejynmal hesitated about what to do. It would probably be wise to beg for the lives of the other Dragons. After steadying himself, he spoke:
  502. 赫金玛尔犹豫着该怎么办。这时替其他的龙乞求饶命是聪明的行为吗。仔细权衡了自己的轻重后,他开口。
  504. “...Gown-sama, Aura-sama, may this one be permitted to speak?!”
  505. 「……恭大人,亚乌菈大人。可否容许在下发言!?」
  507. “Very well. Speak.”
  508. 「好吧。你说说看」
  510. “Understood! A thought occurred to this one. The people here do not know the greatness of Gown-sama. Would you be willing to extend your mercy to those fools? In other words, the other Dragons should know of the glory of Gown-sama!”
  511. 「遵命!在下是这么想的。大家,还不知道恭大人的伟大之处。您是否愿意对那些愚者施予宽广的慈悲呢。也就是,应该也让其他的龙知晓恭大人您的伟大!」
  513. “Umu… what do you two think?”
  514. 「唔嗯……你们觉得怎么样?」
  516. “Everything depends on your will, Ainz-sama.”
  517. 「一切都听从安兹大人您的御意」
  519. “That’s right. We won’t object to any decision you make, Ainz-sama.”
  520. 「正是如此。对于安兹大人您的决定,我们不可能有任何异议」
  522. “In any case, all we need to do is chase them out of the Royal Palace, right? Ahem. Dragon, may I ask you a question?”
  523. 「总之,先把他们从王都赶出去的话就没问题了吧?唔嗯──龙啊,我可以问你一下吗?」
  525. The speaker was the Dwarf.
  526. 发问的人是矮人。
  528. Hejynmal glanced at his masters’ faces. In all honesty, he had no idea what sort of attitude he needed to take towards this Dwarf. That said, acting arrogant would be very dangerous. However, a servant who bowed and scraped before others would devalue their master.
  529. 赫金玛尔窥探着主人们的脸色。老实说,他不知道该对这个矮人采取什么态度才对。话虽如此,摆出了不起似的态度也是很危险的吧。但是,如果下仆对他人必恭必敬的话,会降低主人的价值的。
  531. “Please do.”
  532. 「请」
  534. After hesitating, Hejynmal chose a short reply to avoid offending either side.
  535. 犹豫的结果,为了不得罪双方,赫金玛尔选择了简短的回答。
  537. “Umu… Still, I didn’t expect you could completely dominate a Dragon… No, after seeing that power of yours, it might be natural. Um, sorry. Are there any other Dragons around besides the ones in this place?”
  538. 「唔嗯……可是,没想到居然能完全支配龙……不,让他们见识到那种力量的话,这是理所当然的了吗。喔,抱歉。除了这里之外别处还有龙吗?」
  540. “There might be.”
  541. 「或许有吧」
  543. “There might be, huh. Then, if there were, could you order around those Dragons as well?”
  544. 「或许,吗。那如果有的话,也能对那些龙下令吗?」
  546. “I could not. They belong to a different tribe.”
  547. 「不可能。他们是别的部族」
  549. “Umu -- Then we should fulfil the request to chase the Dragons out first. Then we’ll tell them that there are other Dragon tribes around. That way, they’ll have to count on Your Majesty’s strength to protect their reclaimed Royal Capital. Surely they would not easily surrender this land which they took so long to reclaim. Is that not the most profitable course?”
  550. 「唔嗯──那么最先该完成的,是把他们从这里赶出去的委托吧。之后再告诉他们还有其他部族的龙存在的可能性的话,为了保护抢夺回来的王都,势必得借陛下您的力量吧。好不容易夺回来的这块土地,不可能会再度放手的。这么做是不是最有利益啊?」
  552. There was a word there he could not ignore.
  553. 有个不得不在意的词汇。
  555. It would seem this Elder Lich was a king of sorts, and his subjects were the Dark Elf and the Elf, perhaps.
  556. 似乎这个不死者大魔法师,有着身为王的地位。而他的部下就是暗精灵跟森精灵吗。
  558. “Are you alright with your race being squeezed dry and used up?”
  559. 「就算把你的同族榨取殆尽也没关系吗?」
  561. What are you saying, the Dwarf’s shrugging seemed to convey.
  562. 您在说什么啊,像是呆楞那样矮人耸了耸肩。
  564. “Your Majesty has chosen me -- us. Is it not natural that I would pick your side in any dispute?
  565. 「要说哪边比较重要的话,当然是选择了老夫、选择了我们的陛下更为优先啊。这不是理所当然的吗」
  567. “Thank you for your considerations, Gondo.”
  568. 「感谢你的心意,龚德啊」
  570. “Please don’t say that. I am the one who should be thanking you. The pain that has plagued me all this time has been wiped away by the few days I have spent with Your Majesty. Truly, you are my savior.”
  571. 「请别这么说。老夫对陛下您才是感激不尽啊。一直苛责着老夫的痛苦,全部都在遇上陛下的这几天里被抹去了。陛下您是老夫的救世主啊」
  573. “I am pleased we have forged a mutually beneficial relationship.”
  574. 「建构起这样彼此互惠的关系,我很高兴喔」
  576. “While I do not feel Your Majesty may benefit from this, I shall surely repay the kindness you have shown me.”
  577. 「虽然不觉得一定能将利益回报给陛下。可这份恩情老夫一定会回馈给您看的」
  579. Even Hejynmal the outsider could understand their relationship.
  580. 就算是局外人的赫金玛尔,也理解了这两人的关系。
  582. The Dwarf was deeply indebted to the Elder Lich. It was a debt that he would pay even if he had to betray his race.
  583. 死者大魔法师对于这个矮人,有着极深的恩义。那是就算背叛自己的同族也不得不回报的恩惠。
  585. “...If you feel that way, then I don’t mind…”
  587. The Elder Lich shrugged and turned to Hejynmal.
  589. “Alright. Then, take me to the Dragons you say are stronger than you. Also, where is the treasury of the former Dwarven Royal Capital?”
  590. 「……如果你觉得那样就好的话,我是无所谓……」耸着肩的不死者大魔法师把视线移向赫金玛尔。「好啦,那么把我带去说是比你还要强的龙那里吧。还有,过去存在于这个王都的矮人的宝物库,你知道在哪里吗?」
  592. Hejynmal knew where the treasury was, and nodded confidently.
  593. 赫金玛尔知道宝物库的地点。他自信满满地点了点头。
  595. “This one feels that the question is quite fortunate, because both of them are at the same place.”
  596. 「如果是那样的话我觉得这下子正好。因为接下来要去的是同一个地方」
  598. ***
  600. With his Master and the Dwarf on his back, Hejynmal headed to his father’s location. His body might not have been used to activity, but it was still a Dragon’s body, and carrying two people posed no problems to him at all.
  601. 让大主人和矮人乘在自己的背上,赫金玛尔向着父亲的所在地走去。就算是运动不足的身体,也总归是龙。载了两个人一点都不难受。
  603. He listened to His Majesty speak as he walked, and as he did, he was certain that his knowledge and instincts were the most valuable thing in this world.
  604. 一边走着一边听着陛下所说的原由后,他确信了所谓的知识、所谓的直觉,肯定是这世界上最重要的东西。
  606. If he had shown the arrogance typical of a Dragon when they had first met, he would have been slaughtered. No, if he had not loudly proclaimed his allegiance and gained their interest, he would have died without ever knowing what had happened to him.
  607. 如果,那个时候,他表现出跟龙相应的傲慢态度的话,毫无疑问会被杀掉的吧。不,如果那时
  608. 没有大声地宣示忠诚的话,没有引起对方的兴趣的话,或许就会在根本不知道自己身上到底发生了什么的情况下断绝生命了吧。
  610. He had narrowly survived.
  611. 正可谓九死一生啊。
  613. Hejynmal clenched his slackened bladder.
  614. 赫金玛尔向腰部使力,屏住了松懈的膀胱。
  616. If he peed himself again, their opinion of him would not just fall, but it would actively be digging its way into the ground.
  617. 毕竟如果再尿一次的话,对自己的评价可就不只是跌至地上而是潜入地底了啊。
  619. Fortunately, they had not encountered any other Dragons along the way. Thus, they proceeded directly to his father’s room -- or rather, the throne room cum treasury.
  620. 幸运的是一路上一次也没有遇到其他的龙,就直接来到了父亲的房间——或者说是宝物库兼宝座之殿——的附近。
  622. Hejynmal took a deep breath.
  623. 赫金玛尔只吸了一口气。
  625. “Your servant wishes to inform Your Exalted Majesty that apart from my father, there are three Dragons there who serve as his concubines. Will you be bringing that Dwarf in there with you?”
  626. 「禀告伟大的陛下,除了父亲,作为妃子的龙在这里也还有三条,您要带着那边的矮人一起进去吗?」
  628. If they were assailed by the freezing breaths of four Frost Dragons at once, he feared the Dwarf would be slain.
  629. 霜龙放出的极寒吐息四发飞过来的话,他担心矮人会不会就这样死掉了。
  631. “Is there a problem?”
  632. 「有什么问题吗?」
  634. “No, not at all. If Your Exalted Majesty feels it is fine, then naturally your servant has no objections.”
  635. 「不、不是,伟大的陛下觉得没有问题的话,我自然是没什么问题」
  637. “I have granted him immunity to freezing cold, so it should be fine. However, it might be a little troublesome if we are subjected to numerous area-effect spells of other elements.”
  638. 「我给予了他对寒冷的完全耐性所以没问题。不过,有复数的各个属性的范围攻击魔法打过来的话,就有点麻烦了啊」
  640. “Your servant feels that will not be a problem, Your Exalted Majesty. Breath weapons are the favored attacks of Dragons, and it is natural for them to open combat with their breath. They would not consider using their arcane spells, which are far weaker.”
  641. 「属下觉得那不是问题,伟大的陛下。对于龙来说吐息是得意的攻击,首先用吐息来攻击对手是基本动作,不可能去考虑使用比那弱得多的魔力系魔法」
  643. “Then it’s not a problem.”
  644. 「那么就无所谓了」
  646. “Ah, Your Majesty. May I say something? Certainly, there is no way a mere four Dragons could begin to oppose Your Majesty. However, it would seem this one’s mother is in there. Could I ask you to spare her?”
  647. 「那个,陛下。老夫也能说两句吗?虽然是陛下的话,对付区区四条龙自然是不在话下。可那里面好像也有这家伙的母亲啊,如果可以的话能放他母亲一条生路吗?」
  649. “Hm…”
  650. 「嗯……」
  652. Hejynmal tilted his neck and awaited his Master’s judgement.
  653. 赫金玛尔弯着长脖子,小心地等待着主人会下怎样的判断。
  655. Hejynmal did not originally intend to go so far as to ask for his mother to be spared. It would be good if she could be saved as he had, but he did not want to bet his life on it. It was not that he hated her, but simply that the bonds of familial kinship were not very strong among Dragons.
  656. 赫金玛尔并不打算再进一步说出,放自己的母亲活路的希望。要是能像自己这样能有得救的机会倒也不错,但是还不到要赌上自己的性命来劝说的程度。倒也不是对母亲有什么怨恨,只是,对于龙来说,血肉亲情这种东西并没有那么强烈罢了
  658. After leaving the nest, even their own siblings would become rivals for living space. In addition, it was common for the treasure-loving Dragons to fight when they saw each others’ troves.
  659. 作为成人离巢之后,一般来说就算是亲兄弟也会变成相互抢夺生存空间的对手。而且作为喜爱财宝的龙来说,因为看上对方的宝物而展开战斗也是常有的事。
  661. It was very rare for many Dragons -- particularly those who had left the nest -- to live together in one place. It would never happen at all without an overwhelmingly powerful Dragon to gather them.
  662. 许多的龙——特别是离巢的龙——能聚在同一个地方生活这样的事是非常罕见的。如果不是由压倒性的强大的龙带头集合在一起,一般是不会有这样的事的。
  664. In that sense, his father Olasird’arc -- who had united everyone as a family against external enemies -- was an anomaly. One could call his decision a wise one.
  665. 在这层意义上,使大家做到对家人加以庇护,对外敌团结一心的自己的父亲、欧拉萨达尔克也能算是异端了,即使说聪明也是可以的吧。
  667. “It can’t be helped. I shall try to let your mother survive.”
  668. 「没办法。我就记着尽可能让你的母亲得以生还吧」
  670. “Thank you very much, Your Exalted Majesty.”
  671. 「非常感谢,伟大的陛下」
  673. The words of praise immediately fell from his mouth, because he did not wish to displease the person showing him such largesse. In addition, he mused that if his mother survived, the burden on him might decrease in future. On the contrary, if there were more Dragons, his own rarity would decrease. If he did not want them to think his death would not be missed, he would have to do everything he could to please them.
  674. 他立刻说出了感谢的话语。因为不想让打算施恩的对方感到不快。而且想着如果母亲得救了的话,今后也许自己的辛苦也会分担一些出去。但是反过来,数量多了之后稀少性则会降低。不想让人觉得死了也没什么关系的话,就不得不采取能让对方中意的行动了。
  676. “Still, Your Exalted Majesty seems a bit too… eh. From now on, use Your Majesty or Ainz.”
  677. 「伟大的陛下什么的,让人觉得有些那个啊。今后用魔导王、或者是安兹来称呼也可以哦」
  679. Was it a trap, or was it a test? Without hesitation, Hejynmal spoke the words he felt were correct:
  680. 是陷阱,还是在测试呢。赫金玛尔毫不犹豫地,从口中说出自己认为正确的话语。
  682. “Understood, Your Majesty!”
  683. 「遵命!魔导王陛下!」
  685. How could he not refer to him with respect?
  686. 不加敬称的称呼什么的怎么可能做得到。
  688. “Mm, let’s go.”
  689. 「嗯,走吧」
  691. “Understood!”
  692. 「遵命!」
  694. He carefully hid his quiet sigh of relief .
  695. 不让人察觉地小心漏出安心的气息。
  697. It was a test, after all. If he had failed to pay him the proper respect, he would surely have been punished appropriately. For all he knew, he might have been killed and then dissected.
  698. 果然是在测试吧。如果一个不注意省略了敬称的话,必会遭到相应的惩罚。说不定会被杀掉,然后解体掉。
  700. If there was one thing Hejynmal had engraved into his heart, it was that he must never be arrogant.
  701. 赫金玛尔深深地在心里刻下了印记,那就是绝对不要得意忘形。
  703. Soon, they reached the doors leading to their destination.
  704. 不久他们终于到达了目的地所在的大门前。
  706. They were a set of double doors that looked like they needed a Dragon’s strength to open. Apparently, the Dwarves used a set of smaller doors beside it to enter or leave. The huge doors were only used for ceremonies and the like.
  707. 那是一扇似乎要以龙的腕力才能勉强打开的巨大的门。据说过去的矮人们使用的是旁边更小的门用来开闭出入的,这扇巨大的门只有在举行典礼之类的时候才会使用。
  709. Hejynmal pressed his shoulder against the doors and applied force -- mindful not to dislodge his Master from his back -- and pushed the doors open.
  710. 赫金玛尔以肩膀抵住门,使上劲——同时注意着别让背上乘着的主人掉下来——把门推开了。
  712. He saw his father -- Olasird’arc -- coiled on his Golden Throne. His mother Kilystran and the other two concubines -- Munuinia and Mianatalon -- were also present.
  713. 在黄金的王座上蜷坐着的父亲——欧拉萨达尔克。以及作为自己母亲的妃子——基莉斯多兰,另外两位妃子——米雅娜塔隆和穆維尼亚也在。
  715. Three pairs of puzzled eyes trained themselves on Hejynmal. One more pair looked in a different direction -- at the people mounted on his back. That last pair belonged to his mother, Kilystran.
  716. 朝向赫金玛尔投去纳闷的视线有三道。然后与那些视线看向不同的地方,还有一道——注视着在自己背上坐着的主人——的视线。自己的母亲,基莉斯多兰的视线便是那最后一道。
  718. Before anyone else could speak, Hejynmal shouted:
  719. 抢在在场的任何人开口说话之前,赫金玛尔便大叫起来。
  721. “He who sits upon my back is the Sorcerer King Ainz Ooal Gown! He is the king who shall rule this land and us Dragons!”
  722. 「高坐于吾身之上的乃安兹·乌尔·恭魔导王陛下!是将要统治这片土地,使役我等龙族的王!!」
  724. Strictly speaking, he was the servant of Aura the Dark Elf. However, it would be easier for them to understand this way, and in any event, he had made this declaration after seeking and receiving permission to do so.
  725. 正确的说自己是属于暗精灵的亚乌菈的配下。不过用这种说法比较容易让人明白,总之这是在获得了许可后才如此宣言的。
  727. Silence filled the room as the words faded. It took some time for the other Dragons to parse the words Hejynmal had just said.
  728. 话音落下。在一瞬间,沉默支配了此地。那是理解他到底在说些什么而需要的短短时间。
  730. “Have you gone mad, you little whelp?!”
  731. 「反了你的小兔崽子!」
  733. In an instant, his father’s anger boiled over.
  734. 瞬间父亲有如沸腾般的暴怒了起来。
  736. That was only natural. His father was the lord of this land. --No. The former lord. Thus, it was a natural reaction for him.
  737. 这是当然的吧。父亲才是统治这片土地的王。——不,曾经是王。那么那才是当然的反应。
  739. He rose from his coiled position and took a fighting stance that would allow him to pounce right away.
  740. 他从伸腿横卧的姿势里起身,做出马上就能飞扑过来的战斗姿势。
  742. Hiiiieee!
  743. (唏噫!)
  745. In truth, it was very scary.
  746. 说实话好可怕。
  748. Between himself and Olasird’arc, there was no doubt that his father was stronger. It was not simply a matter of might and toughness, but there was also a vast difference in terms of battle experience. In addition, Olasird’arc’s body was also of the more conventional and compact type, in comparison to Hejynmal.
  749. 要是问自己和欧拉萨达尔克比起来谁比较强,那毋庸置疑是父亲。并不只是单纯的强度值高得多,战斗经验值也是有着压倒性的差距。体态也是比赫金玛尔更标准的显瘦型。
  751. Saying that Hejynmal had no chance of victory was stating the obvious.
  752. 这已经不能说是胜算皆无的等级了。
  754. However, he had no choice but to make that declaration. No follower would ever make their master state their identity, Hejynmal’s books had said.
  755. 但是,刚才的宣言还是不得不说的。没有会让主人自己亲自报上身份的从者,这是赫金玛尔从读到的书中学到的。
  757. Therefore, he secretly looked at his father with an expression which said, “it wasn’t my idea”. However, it was completely ignored. The angry glare was targeted at Hejynmal alone. In the eyes of his father, who believed that Dragons were the master race, people like his Master and the Dwarves were not worth considering.
  758. 所以他暗暗地向父亲抛出带着,说这话可不是我自己的意思哦的视线。然而却完全没有被注意到的迹象,燃烧着愤怒的视线只贯穿了赫金玛尔一个。在一直认为龙才是最强的父亲看来,自己的主人啊矮人之类的根本就没有去注意他们的价值。
  760. “--King of Dragons. Will you submit to me in exchange for your life?”
  761. 「——龙之王啊。要是愿意俯首称臣的话,还是可以放你一条生路的哦?」
  763. “The hell you say, you damn Skeleton?!”
  764. 「什么玩意啊,你这家伙!骷髅[skeleton]吗!」
  766. How could he be a Skeleton!, Hejynmal wailed internally.
  767. 杂么可能是骷髅咧!赫金玛尔在心里惨叫着。
  769. At the same time, there was a certain indignation, at the fact that he had not picked up on the treasures his Master wore. Perhaps he was so angry that he had not even noticed.
  770. 虽然同时产生了、话说回来那身上装饰着的各式财宝作为龙的知觉居然没有察觉到啊,这样的愤慨。不过说不定他已经被激怒到连这些都没法察觉了吗。
  772. If I hadn’t aggravated him, maybe he wouldn’t have ended up this way…?
  773. (如果不去激怒他的话,也许就不会摆出这样的态度了……?)
  775. No, that was impossible. For all he knew, it might have been even worse. As Hejynmal’s mind whirled with delusions, a look of surprise appeared on his father’s face.
  776. 不,那是不会的吧。说不定会摆出更糟糕的态度。在赫金玛尔胡思乱想的时候,父亲却忽然露出惊讶的表情。
  778. “...No, wait. What are those clothes you’re wearing?”
  779. 「……不对,你身上穿着的衣服是什么?」
  781. Perhaps after calming down somewhat, his Draconic nose for treasure had kicked in.
  782. 大概是稍微冷静下来后,龙天生对宝物的嗅觉起了作用吧。
  784. Hejynmal felt that this was very bad, and he looked around for help. However, all the concubines had the same excited look on their faces, a bestial hunger for treasure in their eyes. Only his mother was trying to surreptitiously leave this place, but she had no intention of helping her son.
  785. 赫金玛尔觉得糟糕了,求助地望了一圈。可是妃子们也同样对主人表现出一副饶有兴致的样子,都透着饥渴着财宝的野兽般的目光。在其中唯有母亲悄悄的试图远离这个场面,但是也没有打算帮助一下自己的儿子的意思。
  787. “This is the first time I have seen such treasure. If you want me to forgive your foolishness, then offer me your raiments, Skeleton.”
  788. 「此等的财宝我还是第一次见到。如果想让我原谅你那无理的态度,就献上你的衣裳吧,骷髅」
  790. “Umu… dealing with fools is truly tiresome.”
  791. 「哼嗯……要与如此愚蠢的对手交流还真是让人痛苦啊」
  793. A cold voice rang forth.
  794. 冷冷的声音响起。
  796. Why did his father’s instincts as one of the living not tell him that Death awaited him? It must have been his Draconic avarice at work here.
  797. 为何父亲作为生者的本能,没能让他意识到死亡正在将至呢。这大概是由于龙那守财奴般的欲望在作怪吧。
  799. “You idiot! You’ve just thrown away the only chance you had to survive! No, I should kill you--”
  800. 「蠢货!你可是拾齐了活下来的唯一手段啊!不,干脆把你杀了——」
  802. “[Grasp Heart].”
  803. 「——<心脏掌握>[grasp heart]」
  805. And with that, his father’s body slumped powerlessly to the ground.
  806. 刷地一下、只见父龙全身无力地崩落在地。
  808. All eyes went to the body of the strongest Dragon here.
  809. 所有人的视线都集中在这里最强的龙身上。
  811. The way he did not move at all looked like he was sleeping. Of course, that was definitely not the case.
  812. 一动不动的那个姿态看起来像是睡着了一样,然而这绝对不是那回事。
  814. The air in the room turned cold, and the Supreme Being spoke.
  815. 冷冷的气氛支配着这里的时候,绝对者开口了。
  817. “I have no interest in last words. Then, Hejynmal, which of them is your mother? I shall show her mercy and spare her life. As for the others, well, I’m sure there will be various uses for them.”
  818. 「我对遗言没有什么兴趣。那么赫金玛尔啊。你的母亲是哪条?我开恩不杀那条好了。至于其余的、就拆散开有效运用吧」
  820. “That’s me!”
  821. 「是我!」
  823. “That’s me!”
  824. 「是我!」
  826. “That’s me!”
  827. 「是我!」
  829. Three voices  rang out at once. For a moment, Hejynmal almost said “That’s me!” as well.
  830. 同时响起了三道声音。甚至让赫金玛尔也不由得想喊「是我!」了。
  832. “...What’s this? Don’t tell me there’s the mother who bore you, the mother who raised you, and the mother who cared for you?”
  833. 「……怎么?生产的母亲,养育的母亲,还有给予温暖的母亲都有吗?」
  835. Hejynmal looked at the two Dragons who were not connected to him by blood.
  836. 赫金玛尔望向根本没有血缘关系的两条龙。
  838. The two of them were gripped by fear.
  839. 那是被恐怖所支配了的两条龙。
  841. Their eyes were clouded over with terror. That too was natural; after all the mightiest Dragon present had just been slain in an instant.
  842. 她们的目光同样被恐怖所混浊着。这是当然的吧,最强的龙就在刚刚被瞬杀了。
  844. They did not contemplate fight or flight or whatnot. They sprang on the sole chance of survival which presented itself. Similar to his case, they had made the most correct choice to live on.
  845. 战斗、逃跑哪样的事一点都没有考虑。只飞扑向给予的最后一根救命稻草。这和自己一样,是为了生存下来最正确的选择。
  847. Their fearful eyes looked towards Hejynmal, trying to ingratiate themselves with him. How would they react if he said, “No, I only have one mother”? His absolute master would surely slay the other two without any hesitation.
  848. 胆怯的目光像是献媚般向赫金玛尔移来。在这个状况下如果自己说「不,母亲只有一条」的话会如何呢。作为绝对者的主人一定会毫不犹豫地杀掉两条的吧。
  850. Currently, the power of life and death over the other two Dragons rested in Hejynmal’s hands. However, he could not take delight in this. All he felt was a tremendous sympathy for others in the same situation as himself. At the same time, he planned to have his “mothers” owing him favors for a long time to come.
  851. 现在,两条龙的生杀大权握在赫金玛尔手中。但是赫金玛尔一点也不能从中感觉到愉悦,只有对在同样立场上的同族的强烈共鸣罢了。同时,他也打着为了今后的事而向「母亲」们卖个大恩情的小算盘。
  853. “It is as you say, Your Majesty. I have three mothers!’
  854. 「正是如此,陛下。我的母亲是有三条!」
  856. “Is that so? What a shame. However, a promise is a promise. Alright, I shall spare them… Still, is there only one Dragon corpse? Dragons are far too useful. One does not seem quite enough… What a shame.”
  857. 「是吗,真是可惜。不过承诺就是承诺。好吧,这些都放着不杀了。……得到的龙的尸体只有一条吗。龙的用处实在太多了,只有一条的话实在是有些不够啊……真是可惜了」
  859. After peeking around, the three concubines bowed before Ainz in the pose of submission.
  860. 稍微使了个眼色后,三条妃子便一起低下了头,表现出服从之意。
  862. “Leave this place and gather all the Dragons here. Then, inform them that you are now under my rule. ...If anyone refuses to accept this, then I will deal with them personally. Now go.”
  863. 「从这里出去,把全部的龙都集中到这里来,然后传达我已经将你们支配的消息。……如果有不接受的家伙在的话,就由我亲自对应。好了,去吧」
  865. The concubines burst into motion and ran at top speed. It was a speed that either inspired awe in onlookers or frightened them speechless.
  866. 妃子们以仿佛爆炸般的速度跑了起来。那是让人不禁要去佩服,又或者让人吓无语那样的速度。
  868. Hejynmal did not think for a moment that they might try to escape. In the face of this mighty magic caster, their chances of escape were slim to none. They ought to have realised that as well. No, to Hejynmal, it made no difference even if they escaped. After all, if they did so, he would know how the Sorcerer King would find and deal with them.
  869. 赫金玛尔没有想过她们也许会打算从这里逃走。以这位大魔法咏唱者为对手,逃亡的胜率是万中无一,这样的事情她们也应该是明明白白才是。不,对赫金玛尔来说就算逃了也没关系。毕竟这样的话他就能知道魔导王将会如何去发现,如何对应了。
  871. Tok. Someone lightly rapped on Hejynmal’s head, Turning around, he saw his Master’s eyes looking at him.
  872. 咯地,赫金玛尔的脑袋被轻轻敲了一下。回过头来,主人的眼睛正盯着自己。
  874. “I have another order for you. It is a very important order. Bring all the Dwarven books you have, including those you have not yet finished, as well as all the other books outside your room, and bring them to me.”
  875. 「我给你另外的命令,这是非常重要的命令。你入手的所谓矮人的书籍,包括没读完的那些都拿过来,还有除了你的房间以外的所有书籍也全部都拿来。」
  877. “Yes! I understand! I shall do so at once!”
  878. 「是!明白了!马上给您拿来!」
  880. After nervously setting the two of them down, Hejynmal ran with all his might.
  881. 慌慌张张地将二人放下地后,赫金玛尔也全力地疾驰了起来。
  883. ***
  885. “So, they’ve gone.”
  886. 「那么,都走了啊」
  888. Ainz watched as Hejynmal vanished into the distance. He had inquired about how many Dragons lived here from him. Therefore, if the numbers did not add up, it would still be of benefit to him.
  889. 安兹远眺着赫金玛尔那逐渐消失的背影。从他那里问到了居住在此地的龙的数量。所以如果数量对不上的话那也是正中下怀。
  891. There was only one Dragon corpse. After thinking about all the uses he had for it, he wanted more. However, punishing freshly subjugated people who had done nothing wrong for the purpose of generating corpses would violate his ideals of fair reward and punishment.
  892. 龙的尸体只有一只。考虑到它有着各种各样的用途,真想多多入手。只是,对刚成为配下的,并没有犯任何错误的人进行惩罚,以此生出尸体这样,与安兹自己订下的赏罚分明的理念可是背道而驰的。
  894. Kuku, Ainz chuckled.
  895. 库库地,安兹暗笑着。
  897. If they ran, he would hunt them down, kill them, and take back the corpses. As he pondered how to make use of said corpses, Ainz turned his gaze to the glittering pile of gold which the Dragon before him had been lying on.
  898. 如果逃了的话就追上杀掉,将尸体回收。边计算着之后该如何利用,安兹将视线移向之前龙躺在上面的、那座闪闪发亮的黄金之山。
  900. “That’s a Dragon for you. It’s a veritable mountain of treasure.”
  901. 「不愧是龙,如山一般的财宝啊。」
  903. It was nothing compared to Nazarick’s Treasury, but it was still the largest pile of wealth he had seen ever since coming to this world.
  904. 虽然比起纳萨力克的宝物殿来不算什么。但这是是来到这个世界后,安兹见过的最多的个人所有的财宝。
  906. There were gold coins, but those were outnumbered by gold-bearing ores, and what looked like raw gemstones.
  907. 金币也有,但比那要多得多的是似乎含有黄金的矿物,还有似乎是宝石的原石一样的东西。
  909. There was a golden chain over five meters long, a pelt from some beast, golden gloves studded with jewels, a plain staff that looked magical… where had he gotten all these things from?
  910. 超过五米的黄金制作的锁,不知是什么动物的毛皮,缀满宝石的黄金制护手,好像是魔法仗的毫无装饰的仗也存在其中。这样的东西到底是从哪里入手的呢。
  912. Perhaps only the Dragon that had become a corpse knew.
  913. 也许只有成为了尸体的那条龙才知道吧。
  915. “Umu, hardly any brass or fool’s gold. So most of that is natural gold? Is that a Dragon’s sense of smell at work…”
  916. 「哼恩,黄铁矿、黄铜矿几乎都没有呢。绝大部分都是自然金吗?这就是龙的嗅觉吗……」
  918. Gondo muttered all that to himself as he studied the glittering ores. Are those any different from gold, Ainz thought, and he resolved himself to properly appraise them once he got home.
  919. 认真的望着放出黄金光辉的矿物,龚德这么说着。这与黄金有什么不同么,安兹这么想着,回去之后可得要好好的鉴定一下啊。
  921. “I trust there are no problems with exercising my victor’s rights to the spoils over the Dragon’s hoard?”
  922. 「对这里的龙的财宝行使我的所有权也没有问题吧?」
  924. “Those rights are yours, of course. However, how about trying to open that while nobody’s around?”
  925. 「那是当然的权利啊。不过,在此之前,趁现在谁也不在的时候不把那个打开看看吗?」
  927. “Huhu. You’re quite the villain.”
  928. 「呼呼。汝也真是个坏坯子啊」
  930. “It’s purely for research, of course. Then, please tell me if there is anything you desire, Your Majesty. According to that Dragon, there’s no ledger of treasure or anything, but it might not be good to take a Dwarven treasure that’s too famous.”
  931. 「是为了研究啦。那么接下来,如果有陛下想要带走的东西请告诉我。虽然听那龙的说法似乎是没有目录了,但是如果拿到太有名的矮人的宝物的话会稍微有点糟糕啊」
  933. “Why not say the Dragon took it?”
  934. 「说成是龙把那东西拿走了如何?」
  936. “If that happens, they might request that Your Majesty return the Dragon’s hoard, no? While I don’t think the Council will say anything to Your Majesty, it would be best not to sow the seeds of future conflict, don’t you think?”
  937. 「变成那样的话我想可能会向拿走了龙的财宝的陛下提出返还要求哦?虽然不觉得摄政会会对陛下说些什么,但是重要的不是不要为将来埋下祸根吗?」
  939. “It is as you say. Then, I shall open the door to the entrance. It’s better if less people know about what will happen.”
  940. 「正如你说的那样啊。那么我去把入口的门给关上。知道将要发生的事情的人还是越少越好啊」
  942. “Please, Your Majesty.”
  943. 「拜托您了,陛下」
  945. Ainz and Gondo went about their respective business.
  946. 安兹他们开始了分头行事。
  948. First, Ainz used [Gate] to bring over his Eight Edge Assassins.
  949. 安兹首先使用<转移门>,把八肢暗杀虫[EightEdge·Assassin]们叫了过来。
  951. “--I have an order for you. Search this palace, hidden rooms included, and bring all the books you find to this place. If you meet any Dragons, say you are my subordinates. If you are attacked, you may kill them. However, avoid making the first move. Also… while I doubt there are any around, there might be powerful beings present, so move in groups. If you encounter any such entities, prioritize bringing that information back to me.”
  952. 「——给你们命令。包括这座王城内的隐藏房间也一起搜索,把所有的书籍全部拿到这里来。如果遭遇到了龙的话就称是我的部下。如果遭到了攻击杀掉也没关系,不过要尽量避免由我们这边先动手。另外……虽然我觉得倒是没有,但要考虑到有强者存在的可能性,组成小队来行动,若是遭遇强者的情况下优先将情报带回」
  954. Since the books were written in Dwarven, only Gondo could understand them, so Ainz had no choice but to let him read them.
  955. 由于用矮人语写成的书籍只有龚德才能阅读,所以除了让他来看也别无他法了。
  957. As he watched his subordinates disperse through the Royal Palace, Ainz chucked the Dragon corpse through the [Gate].
  958. 看着部下在王城中分散开来,安兹接下来将龙的尸体扔进了<转移门>。
  960. Mm, first I’ll harvest all the materials, and then process them. And then, if the Dragon is willing to accept resurrection, I’ll have another batch on hand. Thought I doubt that’s likely...
  961. (嗯,先把素材给剥离取下、进行加工以后。如果龙还愿意接受复活魔法的话,就又能再做一套了啊,不过这是不可能的吧……)
  963. As Yuri Alpha of the Pleiades looked at him, he ordered her to store the corpse on the 5th Floor. In order not to let the corpse rot, he ordered her to put it on ice.
  964. 对看向这边的战斗女仆由莉·阿尔法下令,将尸体放置在第五阶层。注意为了不让尸体腐败,命令他们将其冻起来。
  966. “Your Majesty! There are no traces of it being opened. It would seem the treasures should still be in place.”
  967. 「陛下!果然哪里都没有被打开的迹象,宝物应该还是原来的样子」
  969. “Really now. Then I shall open it.”
  970. 「是么。那就由我来开吧」
  972. He bade Yuri farewell, and after the great doors closed, Ainz stood before the entrance to the Treasury.
  973. 向由莉告别,将入口处的大门关闭了的安兹站在了宝物库的门前。
  975. As he recalled his YGGDRASIL days, elation soared in Ainz’s chest. It had always been an exciting experience to encounter a treasure chest-shaped drop. Even if there was only a single data crystal inside, one would not know before opening it. He felt that same excitement now.
  976. 回想着YGGDRASIL时代,安兹的胸中充满了高扬的情绪。遇到宝箱形状的掉落物的时候真是让人兴奋得受不了。就算里面也许只有一个数据水晶,但是在打开之前任谁也不知道。那样的兴奋现在在就存在于这里。
  978. However -- it was forcibly negated.
  979. 但是——被强制镇静化了。
  981. Every time his joyous emotions were cancelled, it gave rise to some measure of displeasure. Even so, it still enlivened him somewhat.
  982. 每次快乐的感情被抑制的时候总会带来为此而感到的不快感。但是,尽管如此,还是有着少许的跃动感。
  984. Ainz took out a magic item which looked like a board.
  985. 安兹将像一块板子一样的魔法道具取了出来。
  987. It was an artifact: Epigonoi.
  988. (TL Note: This might be Greek)
  989. 人造物“七门之粉碎者[epigonoi]”
  990. 【译注:希腊语,与希腊神话有关,有兴趣的人可以去查查。感谢弘岩桑查到】
  992. It was a magic item which could only be used seven times, but which possessed the lock-opening abilities of a level 90 thief.
  993. 这是虽然只能使用七次,但是却有着相当于九十级的盗贼开锁能力的道具。
  995. It was very valuable, and he did not want to use it if possible, but he had not summoned any vassals with high-level lock-opening abilities. The Eight Edge Assassins were specialized in stealthy combat, and they had very poor lock-opening abilities.
  996. 虽然这道具非常贵重,可能的话是不想使用的,但是目前并没有召唤过有高级开锁能力的奴仆。八肢暗杀虫是特化了隐秘战斗能力,开锁能力非常之低。
  998. “It can’t be helped.”
  999. 「——没办法了」
  1001. Ainz -- who very rarely used any rare items he obtained -- decided to use it after some waffling. It would seem that he did look forward to the treasure within.
  1002. 一般入手了非常稀少的道具但是很少会去使用它们的安兹,多少还有些踌躇地使用了,果然在宝藏面前还是非常期待的吧。
  1004. He touched the artifact to the Treasury door, and activated its power.
  1005. 将这人造物触碰在宝物库前,将其的力量解放。
  1007. As they peeked through the slit of the opening door, Ainz and Gondo clenched their fists.
  1008. 眺望着从大门打开的缝隙后,安兹和龚德用力地握了握手。
  1010. Neither of them said anything, but their expressions said everything.
  1011. 二人没有说出一个字,然而他们的表情却说出了千言万语。
  1013. The glitter of gold was little more than a trick of the light. Without any light, it would not shine. However, what they saw was a massive pile of treasure that seemed to shine from within. Unfortunately, the word “tidy” could not be applied to it.
  1014. 黄金的光辉不过是光的反射,若是没有光线射入的话就不是什么耀眼的东西。但是那是宛如从内而外地闪耀着光芒的那样一大堆庞大的财宝。可惜的是这状况并不能配得上整齐二字。
  1016. “...Amazing.”
  1017. 「……太棒了」
  1019. Much like the Dragon’s hoard, the Dwarven trove could not compare to that of Nazarick, but to Ainz, it was also a commendable sum.
  1020. 与龙的财宝同样,虽然矮人的财宝比不了纳萨力克,但就安兹个人来说,这也是一笔值得称赞的财富。
  1022. Ainz picked up a gold coin. He had never seen coins like this before, and it did not look like the gold pieces used for trade nowadays. However, it did not feel like it was Dwarven-made, simply because of the profile of a human carved onto its surface.
  1023. 安兹捡起一枚金币,这个样式的金币从没有见过,与现在的交易共通金币也不一样。但是感觉这与矮人制作的东西也有些不一样,简单的说就是在这之上雕刻着应该是人类的侧脸图案。
  1025. “They say that in the past, the Dwarves traded with the huge human nation which ruled the area around this mountain range. This must be a portrait of the ruler of that nation. Runesmiths flourished then; it was their golden age.”
  1026. 「据说过去有与支配着这个山脉周边的人类的巨大国家有过贸易往来,这大概是那个王的侧面像吧。当时的符文工匠很是繁盛,这都是黄金时代的事了」
  1028. “Umu.”
  1029. 「哼—恩」
  1031. Ainz flicked the coin from his fingers, dumping it into the pile of treasure. Gold clinked against gold, producing a crisp, pleasing sound.
  1032. 安兹呯地将手中的金币弹出,丢进了宝山之中。金币与金币堆成的山碰撞着,发出悦耳的清澈声音。
  1034. “Then, please excuse me for a moment while I look for technical manuals and any items made by runesmith researchers, and so on.”
  1035. 「那么请允许老夫失礼片刻,老夫去找找有没有技术书籍和从事研究的符文工匠制作的道具之类」
  1037. “Do so. I will look around myself.”
  1038. 「就那么做吧,我也找找看」
  1040. Pandora’s Actor would probably be very happy to see this.
  1041. 若是潘多拉·亚克特的话肯定会很兴奋的吧。
  1043. As he recalled his bizarre attitude, the mental image of Ainz making sure the Treasury’s door was properly locked came to mind.
  1044. 回想着他那奇异的态度,确认好反锁上宝物库的门的安兹飘忽地浮上空中。
  1046. He saw armor and weapons seemingly buried by gold pieces. Would that not damage them? Why did they not mind that damage?
  1047. 看得见像是要用金币埋起来一样的武器和防具。这不会有损伤么,为何不在意损伤?
  1049. I see, if it was neat and tidy, then any thieves who got in could quickly find the treasure they were looking for. So instead they messed things up? If that’s the case, then they might use that old dodge as well…
  1050. (原来如此,如果整理得整整齐齐的话,万一有盗贼侵入,简单地就能找到目标的财宝,所以才故意弄得乱糟糟的吗?嗯?这样的话那个常见的套路的可能性也……)
  1052. “Gondo, I have something to ask you. Is it possible that there is a secret door under this mountain of treasure?”
  1053. 「龚德哟,想问你一件事,在这个金币的山底下会有藏着暗门的可能性有吗?」
  1055. Gondo looked back in surprise.
  1056. 龚德一脸吃惊地回头。
  1058. “I see! ...It’s not impossible, but even if there were, it would be very difficult to find. After all, we would have to move out all the treasure in here.”
  1059. 「原来如此!……虽说不能说绝对不可能,但是就算是有那也是很难找到的吧。因为必须得把这里的宝物先搬出外面才行」
  1061. At the very least, they would need to move the gold coins.
  1062. 至少不挪动金币是不行的吧。
  1064. “Then, we could estimate the distance from this level to the one below, and if there’s a discrepancy in height we’d be right, then?”
  1065. 「那么测算一下从下层到这层的距离,如果厚度异常的话应该就是猜对了吧?」
  1067. “I feel that even if one wanted to put in a secret chamber in this place, it wouldn’t be anything more than a sliding secret door to hide several pieces of treasure. Measuring thickness would also be quite difficult. Also, since this is the Treasury, the walls and floor would naturally be thicker.”
  1068. 「老夫觉得即使想要在这下面做暗室,也只能是放进几件宝物的滑动式暗门哦。用厚度来判断的话怕是很困难吧。而且宝物库的门啊墙啊天花地板什么的自然也都会厚一些」
  1070. Gondo’s gaze seemed to be asking what they should do next, but Ainz shook his head. Frankly speaking, taking the items from here felt like a complimentary gift. It seemed a waste to go to too much effort for it.
  1071. 对于用目光询问该怎么办的龚德,安兹摇了摇头。从这里将道具带回去,说道底也只是像附赠品一样的东西。为此而竭尽全力的话就未免有些本末倒置了。
  1073. “That is not our reason for coming here, and we do not know if it really exists. Wasting too much time and effort on it would be foolish. In any event, once the Dwarves come to reclaim their city, we will have them serve as witnesses and buy those items at their proper price.”
  1074. 「我们来这里的目的并不在此。为了也不知道是不是真的有的东西,而浪费劳力未免也太愚蠢了。总之,等今后矮人们夺还此处后作为见证人,就以正当的价格来收购以此来卖人情吧」
  1076. “I understand. Then I shall go and see if our objective is in this place.”
  1077. 「了解了。那老夫就去找找目的的东西是否存在吧」
  1079. Gondo began searching again, and Ainz picked out several items which seemed more magical than others.
  1080. 趁龚德再次开始寻找之际,安兹也试着选定出了几件魔力值较大的道具。
  1082. “Hm? This is…?”
  1083. 「嗯?这是?」
  1085. Among those items, Ainz discovered a sword.
  1086. 而在这其中,安兹发现了一柄剑。
  1088. It might well be the most magical item of everything here.
  1089. 搞不好的话,说不定是这里魔力量最高的道具。
  1091. “Umu… if we went by levels, it would be around level 50, then?”
  1092. 「呼嗯……就等级来说大约在五十级左右吗?」
  1094. It was long enough to be considered a longsword, and it was intricately decorated.
  1095. 长度都能够被称为长剑的剑,被施与了精致美丽的装饰。
  1097. He was not sure if this was made in YGGDRASIL. But if it was an item of this world, then its magical power would beggar belief. Ainz felt the body of the sword. It was smooth and even.”
  1098. 虽然还不清楚是不是YGGDRASIL原产的。但如果是这个世界的东西的话,那其中所包含的魔力量简直是令人难以置信的。安兹拿起剑用指骨摸了摸刀身,并没有什么凹凸不平的感觉。
  1100. “What a beautiful and exquisite sword. But there are no runes carved on it. How could that be?”
  1101. 「真是把又美又不错的剑啊。这上面没有刻卢恩符文吗。那怎么会?」
  1103. Ainz gripped its hilt. In that instant, the sword vibrated. It felt as though its mana was flowing.
  1104. 安兹握住了剑柄。瞬间,剑震动了起来。就像是魔力奔流一般的感觉。
  1106. “This is… something even I can use?”
  1107. 「这是……居然连我也能使?」
  1109. Ainz could not use longswords due to his class restrictions. However, it would seem this sword had been imbued with some sort of magic which waived that restriction.
  1110. 由于职业的束缚安兹不能挥舞长剑。然而,不知是不是因这剑中所蕴含的某种魔法,安兹得以从那束缚中解脱了出来。
  1112. “Interesting.”
  1113. 「有趣」
  1115. After swinging it several times, Ainz casually poked his hand with it.
  1116. 安兹试着挥舞了几次后,淡然的将长剑刺向自己的手。
  1118. There was no pain. It would seem Ainz’s immunity to attacks below level 60 was still in effect. It did not have the special magic imbued into Gazef’s sword.
  1119. 果然没有疼痛。安兹所持有的、能够将六十级以下攻击无效化的能力正在起作用。看来这并没有葛杰夫那把剑中所蕴含的特别魔法。
  1121. Having lost some of his interest, Ainz cast a spell.
  1122. 稍微有些失去兴趣的安兹发动了魔法。
  1124. “[Greater Magic Item--”
  1125. 「<道具上位——>」
  1127. “Your Majesty! How goes the search? Did you find anything interesting?”
  1128. 「魔导王陛下!如何啊!有发现什么有趣的东西吗?」
  1130. “--Several articles, but I’ll decide which one I want to take afterwards.”
  1131. 「──是有几件,不过我接下来才要决定要拿什么走」
  1133. “Is that so? I”ll leave you to it, then!”
  1134. 「这样啊!那就拜托了啰!」
  1136. Now that Gondo’s call had interrupted the spell, Ainz tossed the sword back into the pile.
  1137. 因为龚德的呼唤而中断了魔法的安兹,把剑丢回了财宝里。
  1139. While a sword which he could wield was quite interesting, given his present circumstances, it was nothing more than that. Any item Ainz took from here would have to be more special and beneficial.”
  1140. 虽说安兹能装备上的剑很有趣,不过就现状来说也就只是这样而已。如果要从这里带出去的话,还得是更加特别的,对安兹来说有益处的道具才更好。
  1142. Is that the calibre of the magic items here? What a shame. Well, I guess I shouldn’t have been hoping for a World-Class Item or whatnot.
  1143. (就只有这种程度的魔法道具而已啊。虽是确实有些可惜,嘛,是想着或许会有世界级道具这样妄想的我不对啦)
  1145. Ainz continued searching, and an item caught his eye.
  1146. 安兹持续寻找了一会,出了自己能看的上眼的道具。
  1148. “Gondo, I’ve made my selection. I’m not sure if this is a national treasure, but could you come over and help me take a look?”
  1149. 「龚德。我这里已经选好了啊。虽然我不记得有听说这些是国宝的事情,不过能过来帮我看一下吗?」
  1151. 4
  1153. “Then, let’s begin.”
  1154. 「那么,开始吧」
  1156. After saying that to Shalltear , who was standing beside her, Aura unfurled the scroll -- the World-Class Item she had brought with her -- and awakened its power.
  1157. 对着站在身旁的夏提雅这么说之后,亚乌菈将她所带来的世界级道具──卷轴展开,启动里面的能力。
  1159. [Depiction of Mountains and Rivers].
  1160. 山河社稷图。
  1162. Simply put, it was an item that trapped a target in a closed-off space. To be more precise, it swapped a painted landscape with the real world, and then it would convert the real world into a painted landscape.
  1163. 简单来说的话,就是将对象关入隔离空间的道具。说得更正确一些的话,就是将绘画的世界跟现实的世界互换,然后把现实世界变成像是绘画那样的东西。
  1165. The definition of “target” in this case was the same as that of the super-tier spell [Change The World], and referred to a specific area. Nothing within that area -- animate or inanimate -- could resist its effects.
  1166. 这个所谓的「对象」,跟超位魔法“天地改变”一样,是指一个区域。以在那区域之上的所有存在为对象──无论是生物还是非生物──只要是存在于那个区域里的就毫无反抗能力。
  1168. This time, she was going to trap everything within this gigantic cave into the otherworld created by [Depiction of Mountains and Rivers].
  1169. 这次包含王都在内,要将这个巨大洞窟内的全部都关进山河社稷图所制作出的异界里。
  1171. Shalltear and Ainz were protected by World-Class Items, so they would not be imprisoned within the otherworld, but instead they would appear in the painted landscape which substituted for the region of devoured reality. However, Aura would automatically be sucked in as its user.
  1172. 被世界级道具所守护着的夏提雅,以及安兹两人,他们两人不会被关进异界中,而是出现在代替被吞没的现实,所具现出的绘画世界里。可由于亚乌菈是发动者,所以会被强制性的吸入。
  1174. This painted world was almost the same as the real world, with nothing strange or outstanding within it. However, it was fundamentally an illusion. Without the power of [Depiction of Mountains and Rivers], once one exited the target area, everything would vanish into mist. In other words, any treasures gained from within the painted world would also dissolve into mist.
  1175. 这个绘画世界里,跟现实世界几乎是一样的,没有任何异样的地方。但不管怎么说,这都是幻象。若没了山河社稷图的力量,到所发动的区域外面去的话,所有的一切就都会像烟雾那样消散。也就是,假若在绘画的世界里得到了财宝,也会烟消云散。
  1177. Of course, the two of them had entered this oublietted segment of reality of their own volition. Normally speaking, World-Class Items could not affect holders of other World-Class Items, but it would be a different matter if those holders accepted that influence. All that was thanks to a patch from the devs.
  1178. 当然,他们两人是以自己的意志侵入这个被囚禁的现实世界。通常来说,世界级道具是无法对持有着世界级道具的人发挥效果的,可如果本人接受的话那就另当别论了。说起来,这都是托了讨厌阴暗步数的营运方的惩罚的福。
  1180. One could choose from 100 otherworlds to overlay onto the targeted portion of reality.
  1181. 将现实世界覆盖过去那样具现出的异界,持有者可以在一百种的种类中选择。
  1183. For instance, there were lethal lava lands which dealt fire damage, boreal landscapes which dealt ice damage, thunder plains that rained down lightning strikes at periodic intervals, monsoon regions where visibility was practically zero, or mist-shrouded worlds, as basic options.
  1184. 比方说会持续给予火炎伤害的岩浆地带,给予冷气伤害的极寒地带,经过一定时间就会降雷的雷击地带,视线几乎看不清的豪雨地带或是被雾给包围的世界等都很基本。
  1186. The strange thing was that there were also battlefields which could be overlaid. After a certain period of time, a sizable number of reinforcements would show up to attack the enemy. However, these troops would only be about 60% as strong as their opponents, so they were generally limited to depleting the enemy’s resources.
  1187. 奇异的是,也有被包围了的战场区域。只要经过一定的时间,就会出现相当数量的援军来攻击敌人。但是,这个援军大约只拥有敌方平均等级的六成力量,只能做到削减对方资源这种程度而已。
  1189. If one-on-one confrontations were desired, one could instead face the enemy with an equal number of stronger entities, each of which had 80% of the user’s power. Due to this ability, it was quite useful if one’s opponent was to defeat the foe.
  1190. 如果是在一对一单挑的战场的话,可以出现跟敌人数目相同,拥有用户等级八成力量的强者。因为可以产生这样的效果,所以如果目标是要打倒敌人的话就应当要使用吧。
  1192. The most fearsome aspect of this item was not drawing people into an otherworld, but being able to manifest various effects on the targeted area. The user could also choose these effects. In other words, even if the user created a region of molten lava, they could exempt chosen people from the fire damage it inflicted..
  1193. 这个道具最可怕的地方不是将人拉入异界,而是要给予效果影响的对象。这同样是可以由用户来选择的。也就是,就算做出岩浆地带,被使用者所挑选的人是不会受到火炎伤害的。
  1195. However, it had its weaknesses.
  1196. 不过它也有弱点。
  1198. Unless specific otherworlds were used, one of 40 escape routes would be randomly chosen during each activation, and if the enemy managed to escape via that route, ownership of the item would transfer to the enemy. Of course, none of these escape routes were simple, but the fact that one could seize the item without defeating its holder meant that obtaining it was easier than most other World-Class Items.
  1199. 除去特定的异空间之外,每次发动时都会从总共四十种逃脱方法中随机选出一种,若正好被敌方用这种方法逃脱的话,这个道具的所有权就会转让给对方。当然,不管是哪种逃脱方法都绝非简单,但在不打倒持有者也能抢夺过来的意义上,与获得其他世界级道具的方式相比可以说是简单的了。
  1201. This time, Aura chose one of those specific otherworlds, a simple region of sealed-off space.
  1202. 而这次亚乌菈所选择的,便是特定异空间的其中之一,单纯的闭锁空间。
  1204. Besides being trapped, the enemy would not suffer any deleterious consequences. However, there was only one specific way to escape from this place.
  1205. 对方除了不能逃走之外,不会被给予任何负面损伤。但是,要从这个空间逃出的方法,也就只有限定的一种而已。
  1207. “Then, Hanzo, I want you to watch over the escape route from this world. It’ll be troublesome if any of them got away. Lean over a bit.”
  1208. 「那么,半藏。我希望你去看守这个世界的逃脱路线。因为如果从那边逃走就麻烦了。耳朵靠过来」
  1210. The Hanzo leaned over from his hiding place in the shadows, and paid close attention to Aura’s explanation of the escape route.
  1211. 从影子里现身的半藏老实地听着亚乌菈说的逃脱方法。
  1213. Although Aura did not detect any ambushers nearby, it paid to be careful.
  1214. 虽说在亚乌菈的知觉范围内并无潜伏者,但小心驶得万年船。
  1216. “Then, Aura. How many more people have entered this world after the others?”
  1217. 「那么亚乌菈。后面还有多少人入侵了这个世界?」
  1219. “Hm? Only two people.”
  1220. 「嗯?只有两个人喔」
  1222. This answer meant that the enemy did not possess World-Class Items. They breathed a sigh of relief.
  1223. 这个回答就表示敌方并无持有世界级道具。她们两人会放心地松口气一点也不奇怪。
  1225. Shalltear looked around the residences of the old Royal Capital. It was a large city, but it was as quiet as though its citizens had all fled.
  1226. 夏提雅环视着并排在旧王都旁的民房。虽然是座相当大的都市,不过却像是居民都逃离了那样一片寂静。
  1228. They had to capture the Clan Lord, the ruler of the Quagoa, and convey the Supreme Being’s words to him. However, their visibility was impeded by the houses and they could not find the place where he was staying.
  1229. 明明得快点抓住氏族王、掘土兽人的支配者,向他传达无上至尊的话语才行。不过视线却被阻挡,找不到那家伙所在的房子。
  1231. “Can we burn those houses away?”
  1232. 「可以把这些房子消除掉吗?」
  1234. “Hm? We can’t. However, we could create a hazardous environment to deal damage over time. For instance, if there were a line of log houses, we could create a lava region and burn them to ash.”
  1235. 「嗯?没办法的喔。不过,如果是具现化出会持续给予伤害的环境的话倒是有可能。比方说,如果是一排木头房子的话,就制作出岩浆地带,把一切烧尽」
  1237. “That might kill them all, so you can’t do that.”
  1238. 「那么做有可能全灭,所以不能用那招呀」
  1240. “Yeah. Still, we could activate it briefly and deal with everyone who survived… but it would be a shame if their ores melted.”
  1241. 「是啊。虽说是可以让它在一定时间发动,之后再回收还活着的家伙……不过矿石之类的融化掉就可惜了哪」
  1243. The Quagoa fed their children metal and the like, so there ought to be large quantities of metal or raw ore and minerals lying around. Destroying them would be a waste, and Shalltear agreed.
  1244. 因为掘土兽人们会给予孩子们金属的关系,这座都市应该收藏着大量的金属或原石、矿石才对。把那些也都化掉就太浪费了,这点夏提雅也同意。
  1246. “Besides, Ainz-sama’s order was to see if they were willing to flock to our banner.”
  1247. 「再说安兹大人的命令是,最先确认他们是否有意加入我们的麾下啊」
  1249. “And then he said that if they refused, we would cull their ranks to a specific amount.”
  1250. 「而且说了如果拒绝的话,就要把他们减少到一定的数量呀」
  1252. “...Shalltear.”
  1253. 「……夏提雅」
  1255. After seeing Aura narrow her eyes, Shalltear realised what she was getting at.
  1256. 看到亚乌菈眯起的眼神,夏提雅领悟了她想说的话。
  1258. “It’ll be fine! I won’t mess up this time! I ab-so-lute-ly won’t mess up!”
  1259. 「没问题的呀。这次绝对、绝对、绝对、绝、对!不会犯错的」
  1261. “If only that were the case.”
  1262. 「如果是这样就好了」
  1264. “I think I get it now. You have to use your head. Shall we?”
  1265. 「你似乎是理解了呀。得动脑子才行。那么我们走吧?」
  1267. “Mm, let’s go. Then, can I leave the thinning of their numbers to you?”
  1268. 「嗯。走吧。那减少数量这事交给你就行了吗?」
  1270. “I think I’m more suitable for that than you. Are you okay with that?”
  1271. 「我觉得跟你相比还是我比较适合呀,没问题吧?」
  1273. Aura’s strength was tied up in her magical beasts, so she was not suitable for this sort of thing.
  1274. 亚乌菈的力量是用在她所持有的魔兽上的,所以对这种工作不适用。
  1276. “Yeah… If Mare were here, he’d trigger an earthquake and wipe a whole bunch of them out.”
  1277. 「是啊。……如果马雷在的话,就可以引发地震之类,一口气减掉很多数量了呢」
  1279. “That boy has the strongest area attacks in Nazarick. I’m pretty confident in that field, but my power is limited in a place like this.”
  1280. 「在范围攻击方面,那孩子可是全纳萨力克中最强的呀。我也算是相当有自信的,不过在这样的场所力量就会被限制住呀」
  1282. Speaking of which, using an earthquake to obliterate them would not fulfil their master’s command of “selection”. If she could do that, then she could simply summon her familiars to perform an indiscriminate massacre.
  1283. 说起来,如果用地震来一扫而过的话,就做不到主人所命令的「挑选」了。如果能那么做的话,一开始就能用自己的眷属来进行无差别的歼灭了吧。
  1285. “So you’ve already received orders like that? All these tasks were for you to learn, Shalltear.”
  1286. 「已经被那样命令了吧?这次一连串的工作也有让夏提雅学习的意思在啊」
  1288. Aura repeated the orders their master had handed down many times.
  1289. 亚乌菈反复说着主人已经多次下达的命令。
  1291. “That’s true,” Shalltear replied, and then she mentioned something she had been thinking about for a while.
  1292. 是这样没错呀,夏提雅如此回答,并提出自己所在意的事情。
  1294. “Judging by the strength of the enemies we’ve encountered so far, it doesn’t look like there’s anyone here who could defeat a Death Knight. Then, could it be that they were beaten by chance? It’s more likely that they used an item or defeated them with a summon that was later recalled… It’s quite rare that Ainz-sama’s predictions are wrong.”
  1295. 「如果用遭遇到的敌人强度来思考的话,这里似乎不存在能将死亡骑士打倒的人呢。那么是碰巧打倒的吗?像是让召唤兽回去那样,用了什么道具这样的可能性比较大吧。……安兹大人的推测会出错还真是稀奇呀」
  1297. Shalltear realised Aura was staring at her. She did not want to ask why she was doing so.
  1298. 夏提雅注意到了亚乌菈紧盯着自己看。她并不打算询问为何亚乌菈要那样看她。
  1300. “What? Did I miss something?”
  1301. 「什么呀?我有看漏什么吗?」
  1303. “It’s not like that… hm… ahhhh. What a dummy~”
  1304. 「不是那样啦─嗯─……唉。真是笨蛋啊─」
  1306. A look of displeasure crossed Shalltear’s face.
  1307. 夏提雅不禁露出不悦的样子。
  1309. If she had missed something out, then why not just tell her directly? It was a while before Aura gave her answer.
  1310. 如果自己有看漏什么的话,普通地告诉她不就好了吗。亚乌菈迟疑了好一会才说出了答案。
  1312. “Say -- how could Ainz-sama make that sort of mistake?”
  1313. 「我说啊─安兹大人怎么可能犯那种错误啊」
  1315. Aura thumped her fist into her hand. “There’s another possibility. Was getting the Death Knights defeated part of Ainz-sama’s plan? It’s true that Death Knights made by Ainz-sama have very high stats. Nobody we’ve encountered so far should have been able to defeat them…”
  1316. 「死亡骑士被打倒是安兹大人的计划,是这么回事吗?确实,若是安兹大人所制作出的死亡骑士的话,性能相当高。就目前为止所遭遇的人们来看的话,应该是没有人能打倒的……」
  1318. 亚乌菈一边说着「还有这种可能啊」一边搥手道。
  1321. “Is that so? Is it possible that he intentionally let the opposition kill the Death Knights? I didn’t think that far ahead. But I was talking about ‘his predictions going wrong’. The Death Knights went down with the bridge, but I think they died from the fall. Their footprints were there when we passed through that fortress, but they weren’t there on the other side. In other words, they were defeated halfway through. That means, there’s only one reason they could have died.”
  1322. 「这样啊。也有故意让死亡骑士被对方杀死这样的可能啊─我是没想那么深啦,不过我想说的是『推测并没有出错』这点。虽然那个死亡骑士跟桥一起掉下去了,不过却是被推下那个大裂缝摔死的喔。明明到越过那个要塞为止的地方还有脚印的,但对岸却没有。也就是他在中途就倒下了。那么死因就只有一种可能了吧」
  1324. “If that’s the case, does that mean it exceeded Ainz-sama’s predictions?”
  1325. 「如果是那样的话,也就是说这超出了安兹大人的预想吗?」
  1327. “I told you, it’s not like that. If Ainz-sama was being serious, it might be like what you said, Shalltear.”
  1328. 「都说不是那样了啦。如果安兹大人是认真地说的话,那说不定就和夏提雅说的一样啦」
  1330. “What do you mean by that?”
  1331. 「你这是什么意思呀?」
  1333. Shalltear knitted her brows, unable to understand. Aura went “Seriously!” and stomped her feet.
  1334. 夏提雅像是说着完全搞不懂那样皱起眉毛,亚乌菈一边说着「真是的─!」一边在地面上跺脚。
  1336. “What do you mean, what do you mean? I told you, Ainz-sama already realized that the Death Knights died from falling into the Great Rift.”
  1337. 「还说什么意思就是那个意思啊。那个啊,安兹大人已经注意到了,死亡骑士是摔下那个大裂缝而死的了」
  1339. “Ehhh?!”
  1340. 「咦!?」
  1342. “Haaa… why don’t you think about what happened back then? You see, when Ainz-sama was explaining things to you, I wanted to ask if the Death Knights had been pushed to their deaths, but Ainz-sama looked right at me and ordered me to be quiet. Didn’t you notice? It was in the moment when he gave his order.”
  1343. 「唉──你回想一下那个时候的事情嘛。你看,就是安兹大人向你说明的那个时候。我本想问死亡骑士是不是被推下去而摔死的,但安兹大人不是还看着我、并下了要我安静的命令吗。你没有看到吗?安兹大人下达命令的瞬间」
  1345. Shalltear blinked in surprise. She had seen her master make that gesture. At first, she had thought it was because he wanted Aura to keep quiet because he was saying something. However, that Supreme Being was a genius strategist, so rather than her own incorrect reading of the situation, Aura’s explanation was more believable.
  1346. 夏提雅不禁讶异地眨了眨眼睛。她确实有主人摆出那种姿势的记忆。她本来以为那是亚乌菈想开口说什么所以要她安静的意思。不过如果是那位无上至尊,也是天才型策略家的那位大人的话,比起说是自己的解读错误,亚乌菈的解释才比较能令人信服。
  1348. Still, if that was the case, why had he explained all that to her?
  1349. 但是,如果是那样的话为何,会对自己做出那样的说明呢。
  1351. “What kind of face are you making? Think about it a little and you’ll know.”
  1352. 「你那是什么表情啊。稍微思考一下就知道了吧」
  1354. Aura’s absentminded words made Shalltear’s heart shrink like it was being tossed around in a vortex.
  1355. 亚乌菈那呆愣般的话语,让夏提雅心里像是漩涡那样的东西缩小成一个点。
  1357. “Could it be… for me? Did he do that on purpose to train me? Is that what you mean?”
  1358. 「莫非,是为了我?为了累积对我的训练才故意那么说的,你是这个意思吗?」
  1360. “...What other answer could there be? Along the way, you said there could be a strong enemy and asked Ainz-sama many things. If you knew they had fallen into the Great Rift, would you have asked so much? Ah, can you keep this a secret from Ainz-sama? It’s all because you doubted Ainz-sama…”
  1361. 「……除此之外就没有别的可能性了吧?路途中,夏提雅你说可能会出现强敌,对安兹大人问了很多问题对吧。如果你知道了是从裂缝掉下去的,你还会问那么多吗?啊,这件事要对安兹大人保密喔?都是因为你说了怀疑安兹大人能力的话……」
  1363. “You say I doubted Ainz-sama’s ability? How could that be?”
  1364. 「你说我怀疑安兹大人的能力!怎么可能会有那种事!」
  1366. Shalltear hoped that she could keep quiet about how she had come out and said that she did not trust the prowess of a Supreme Being.
  1367. 竟然平然地说出质疑无上至尊的能力这样恐怖的事情,夏提雅希望她住口。
  1369. “Well, just keep it a secret. Just as Ainz-sama wanted me to keep it a secret from you, you have to watch your lips too.”
  1370. 「嘛,总之要保密喔。就像安兹大人希望对夏提雅保密那样,你也要守口如瓶」
  1372. “Of course.”
  1373. 「那是当然的呀」
  1375. When one reflected calmly on this, Aura had committed a mortal sin, that of ignoring a Supreme Being’s orders. However, that was because she felt Shalltear had shown disrespect to the Supreme One...
  1376. 冷静地思考的话,亚乌菈的行为是滔天大罪。因为她无视了无上至尊的命令。不过那是因为,她觉得夏提雅对无上至尊做出了不敬的发言──
  1378. So was it me or Aura who was rude to the Supreme Beings? Or was it neither of us? Hm--
  1379. (失敬的人到底是我还是亚乌菈呢。还是说这不算失敬呢。嗯──)
  1381. Shalltear’s head ached, and she decided to stop quibbling and keep it secret.
  1382. 头都痛起来了的夏提雅,总之停下了纠结,不再思考要保密这件事。
  1384. “...Still, isn’t that a sign of disrespect in itself? Hm…”
  1385. (……不过,这么做本身就是失敬吗?嗯……)
  1387. “...Hm -- speaking of which, if they don’t submit to Ainz-sama, he said something about cutting them down to about 10’000 people. While he did say to spare the females, what about the children?”
  1388. 「……嗯──说起来,如果他们不服从安兹大人的话,好像说了大约要减少到一万这样的数字
  1389. 吧。当时虽然说了要留下雌性,不过小孩子要怎么办啊?」
  1391. “Did he plan to leave a certain amount alive?”
  1392. 「有预定要留一定程度上呀?」
  1394. “Although, don’t they get stronger by eating metals as children? And if we’re going to rule them, wouldn’t children be easier to brainwash? Shalltear--”
  1396. An evil grin appeared on Aura’s face.
  1398. “If Ainz-sama didn’t leave any specific instructions, that means… it’s a test, right? While we could always ask the Hanzos to ask for directions, Ainz-sama said he left it to you, right? So I think Ainz-sama wanted to see how you would deal with it… Can our Number One Floor Guardian take good care of this task?”
  1399. 「不过,那些家伙在孩提时吃的金属会改变他们的强度吧?而且如果要列在我们的支配下的话,小孩子会比较容易洗脑吧?夏提雅──」亚乌菈浮现了一个恶作剧般的笑容。「安兹大人没有详细地下指示就表示……这是考验吧?虽然把半藏送过去请示也是一种办法,不过那时候安兹大人说了交给你了对吧。所以我觉得安兹大人是想要看看你是怎么应对的……我们家的担当守护者大人真的能办好这件事吗──」
  1401. Shalltear smiled thinly by way of reply. She had been thinking about this ever since she had been given her orders.
  1402. 夏提雅以淡笑回答。从被下令负责的那个瞬间开始就已经想好了。
  1404. “”4’000 males and female and 2’000 children ought to be enough.”
  1405. 「雄性跟雌性各四千,孩子两千的话就相当充分了吧」
  1407. “Hm? Hm -- I guess. You seem to be taking this pretty easily -- hm?”
  1408. 「嗯嗯?嗯──大概是那样吧。你好像相当有余裕──嗯?」
  1410. Aura fell silent and cupped her hand to her ear. Shalltear knew what she was doing and kept as quiet as possible. In the end, the smiling girl looked at her.
  1411. 亚乌菈停止说话,用手撑在长耳朵的后头。明白她在做什么的夏提雅,尽可能不发出声音。终于,笑容满面的少女看向了自己。
  1413. “Ah, I heard what sounded like a large group of Quagoa making their move.”
  1414. 「啊,我听到像是大量的掘土兽人在动作的声音喔」
  1416. “Are they fleeing, or are they deploying their forces?”
  1417. 「是在避难吗?还是在部属兵力呀?」
  1419. “I can’t be perfectly sure because I’m going by sound, but they don’t sound like they’re running away. It’s more like they’re dispersing outside the city.”
  1420. 「因为只凭声音不能说完全正确,不过似乎不是避难。好像是在都市外扩散开来那样」
  1422. Apparently, there were 80’000 Quagoa here. Demihumans were the kind who grew stronger with age. In other words, everyone was a soldier. If they mobilized over 10’000 people but deployed them within the city, their advantage in numbers would be cut down by half.
  1423. 据说这里的掘土兽人数量是八万。说起亚人种,就是会随着成长变强。也就是大家都是士兵。动员了至少破万的兵力,却只能部署在都市内的话,其数量的优势就少了一半。
  1425. While the intruders were so few they did not qualify as an army, they possessed incredible fighting power. The matter of the Dragon should have spread throughout the Quagoa. If that were the case, the smarter people would lead the others outside the city to evacuate, while setting up in formation to lure the enemy into the city for a fight. If a small number of enemies moved into the city, the Quagoa could surround the city and mount waves of attacks to tire them out before dealing the finishing blow with a team of elite warriors. That seemed like the most appropriate battle strategy.
  1426. 虽然过来的人手极少甚至不能被称之为军队,不过其武力却是非同小可的等级,龙的事情应该已经在掘土兽人里传开了吧。如果是那样的话,只要是脑子聪明点的家伙,就该趁殿后部队应战的时候让大家到都市外避难,并摆出阵形引诱对方出来战斗才对。如果少数的敌人盘踞在都市内的话,就将都市包围,一边反复着阵阵牵制使其疲惫,一边再派遣精锐突袭吧。就战略来说可谓相当恰当。
  1428. In any case, one needed a wide, open space to deploy a large force.
  1429. 不管怎么说,能将大军扩展开来的广阔场所都是必要的。
  1431. Shalltear was hoping for just that.
  1432. 对夏提雅她们来说,她们所瞄准的也正是如此。
  1434. “They’re over there. Then, we should start negotiating now.”
  1435. 「是在那边呢。那么,得先从交涉开始了啊」
  1437. “Of course. We need to work hard so we don’t keep Ainz-sama waiting.”
  1438. 「理所当然呀。为了不让安兹大人久候,不加油可不行呀」
  1440. ***
  1441. Over 60’000 battle-capable Quagoa were formed up and waiting for battle.
  1442. 总数超过六万,能够出战的掘土兽人正严阵以待着。
  1444. Female Quagoa who were not pregnant or bearing children were just as good at fighting as the males, which was how they had managed to mobilize these numbers. Still, despite mustering a force bigger than any in recorded history, Clan Lord Pe Riyuro was not happy at all.
  1445. 没有在怀孕或是在生产的雌性有着和雄性同等的战力,所以才能达到这样的动员数。即使出动了从未有的大规模军队,氏族王培‧里由罗的心情却一点也不畅快。
  1447. This was far too strange. The cave which contained the Royal Capital had suddenly been wreathed in mist.
  1448. 这事态过于异常了。包含王都在内的巨大洞窟中,突然被朦胧的烟霭所笼罩。
  1450. What on earth was going on?
  1451. 这到底是什么状况。
  1453. The battle-ready troops began lining up, facing the Royal Capital. If the enemy feared their numbers and did not come out, then that would be the best case. Therefore, they took the minimum provisions with them, and left their treasures behind. As long as their enemy was not stupid, they would not think any good would come of fighting.
  1454. 战斗准备结束的军队朝着王都开始整顿队列。要是害怕这个数量而不出来的话就万万岁了。因为只拿了最低限度的食物,像宝物这些会让矮人开心的东西就这样放着了。只要对手不蠢的话,应该是不会找判断战斗有什么好处。
  1456. However, someone emerged from the Royal Capital.
  1457. 然而,还是有人从王都里出来。
  1459. It was the one in red armor and the dark-skinned shorty who was not a Dwarf.
  1460. 穿着红色铠甲的家伙和矮人不同种族的黑色皮肤的家伙。
  1462. According to the ones who had watched the encounter with the Dragon outside the Royal Capital, there should have been two more, but they did not see them. They must have been grabbing treasure, while these two were buying time for them.
  1463. 从那些偷看了王都前和龙交锋过程的人说的话来看,应该还有两个人才对,但是没有看到。那些家伙正回收宝物,这是为了替他们争取时间吧。
  1465. “In any case, verify if that is a Golem.”
  1466. 「姑且,确认下,那个不是格雷姆吧」
  1468. “Yes, it’s not a Golem.”
  1469. 「是,那不是格雷姆」
  1471. According to Yozu, the Golems were tall of stature and wore black armor. So that red armor meant that it was something else. However--
  1472. 由欧兹所说的格雷姆身穿黑色铠甲,身材高大。那么红色铠甲就是不同的家伙了吧。不过——
  1474. Perhaps that’s a type of Golem. It might be better to think of it that way. Still, why did they come out to face an army in the tens of thousands head-on? Is it because they’re confident of killing us all -- No way, it can’t be. That’s impossible.
  1475. (或许那也是格雷姆的一种,这样考虑应该比较好吧。不过,面对数万的大军还敢光明正大的出现是为什么?难道说,是因为有自信能将全员歼灭才从正面出来的吗——不会是这样的吧。再怎么说也是不可能的吧)
  1477. Riyuro shook his head to disperse the horrific image that had appeared within it.
  1478. 里由罗摇摇头,打消了脑中浮现的可怕想象。
  1480. He could guess that the opposition possessed unimaginable power, given that they had created this bizarre dimension. The fact that they could make a Dragon prostrate before them without a fight also suggested they were very strong.
  1481. 做出这个异常空间的确令人惊愕,可以猜想到对方大概拥有超乎想象的力量。不用战斗就能让龙屈服,应该是拥有相当的力量吧。
  1483. Still, they were the ones with over 60’000 people. It was completely incomparable to having only hundreds or thousands of people. There was no way to fight this many people.
  1484. 不过,再怎么说我方也有六万以上,和数百数千完全不同一个层次。不可能有办法和这样的兵
  1485. 力一战的。
  1487. However, if they were Golems, then it was understandable.
  1488. 但如果说是格雷姆的话,多少能够理解。
  1490. Golems did not tire like living beings. They could fight forever, and if they were strong enough to defeat Riyuro, then they could kill everyone here.
  1491. 格雷姆不会像生物一样疲劳。因为能够一直战斗下去,只要拥有能打倒里由罗的力量的话,理论上来说能够将这里所有人杀掉。
  1493. Still, that was merely a theory.
  1494. 不过说到底,这也只是理论上的可能。
  1496. Even if only one or two out of many of them could deal damage through a lucky hit, over thousands of rounds of fighting, the accumulated scratch damage would result in injuries that could take the enemy out of commission.
  1497. 只要数匹能有一匹可以幸运的给予伤害的话,只要重复数千回,长期累积下来的擦伤也会变成能够打倒对方的伤害。
  1499. Numbers were strength. With his army of 60’000, as long as they fought on the ground, they should even be able to slay that Dragon Lord.
  1500. 数量即是力量。有这六万大军的话,只要限定是地上战,就连那个龙王也能够杀掉才对。
  1502. “--I’ll go talk to these people, you wait here. If I’m killed… Well, do as you please.”
  1503. 「——我先去跟那些家伙谈,你们就在这里待命。要是我被杀的话……嘛,就随便你们吧」
  1505. “It’s too risky,” one of his advisors said, stating the obvious.
  1506. 「太危险了」
  1508. 一名亲信说了理所当然的事情。
  1510. “...We can’t talk to Golems, so I’ll talk to the one beside it. It would be bad if we didn’t find out their objective, at least.
  1511. 「……格雷姆的话无法交谈,所以跟旁边那个和矮人不同的黑家伙谈。只是不问问他们的目的可不妙啊」
  1513. In any case, Riyuro was determined to attempt a dialogue.
  1514. 不管谁说什么,里由罗都决定要试着对话。
  1516. The enemy must be strong. That being the case, he would ask them their objective. If they could be reasoned with, then he would not mind paying a certain price. If they could chase off the Dragon Lord, then acknowledging them as their new masters would also be fine. Even if that was impossible, he could pay them more than the Dwarves did in exchange for switching sides.”
  1517. 对方肯定是强敌。那样的话就问出他们的目的。若是可以交涉的话,支付一定的代价也没关系。要是能够赶走龙王的话,换掉龙王改奉他们为主人也无所谓。就算不能,要是愿意投向这里的话,支付比矮人给出的价码还要高的报酬也是可以。
  1519. “Nobody must follow me. If a lot of us come at once, it might trigger hostilities.:
  1520. 「谁都不要跟来。要是这里来了很多人的话,成为开战的契机也是有可能的」
  1522. Without saying anything more to his aides, Riyuro stepped forth.
  1523. 里由罗不再对亲信们说些什么便踏出步伐。
  1525. His troops parted on both sides of him, and the opposition seemed to have noticed that someone was coming. Now that he could see the enemy, he stopped, studying their movements.
  1526. 数组向左右两旁大大分开,对手也会注意到这里有人要过来吧。能看见对方的动作停了下来,窥探着这里的动静。
  1528. “Sorry for the wait.”
  1529. 「久等了」
  1531. Riyuro was the first to speak, and his voice made the enemy look at each other.
  1532. 里由罗的第一声让敌方两人互相望了对方的脸。
  1534. He looked around. There were two more people from the face-off with the Dragon -- the Dwarf and the skull-helmeted chap.
  1535. 里由罗环视周围。果然不在。和龙对峙的还有两人——矮人还有带着骷髅头盔的人不在。
  1537. “Hm? Who’re you?” the dark-skinned shorty replied.
  1538. 「嗯—?你是谁啊?」
  1540. 黑色皮肤的小个子开口了。
  1542. It would seem the red-armored one was a Golem. It seemed paler and taller than the humanoid next to it. Still, at a glance, there was no telling that it was an artificial being -- it looked very realistic.
  1543. 那么果然红色铠甲的是格雷姆吗。看起来像是比旁边的人类种要白,要来得更大的种族。只是用侧眼观察起来,既像是又不像是人造物一样的感觉,真面目完全看不出来。
  1545. “I am Pe Riyuro,  Lord of the Quagoa Clans who rule this place, Pe Riyuro. And you -- who might you be?”
  1546. 「我是统领住在此地的土掘兽人氏族王,培‧里由罗。你——你们是?」
  1548. “We are under orders from the Supreme Overlord who has come to this land in order to rule you.”
  1549. 「我们受到一同来到此地的伟大王者所命,为统治你们而来」
  1551. It spoke!
  1552. (说话了!)
  1554. The red-armored one spoke. Since he heard that Golems could not speak, it was obviously not Golem.
  1555. 红色铠甲的那方开口了。因为听说格雷姆不会说话,所以果然不是格雷姆吧。
  1557. Trying to hide his consternation, Riyuro replied:
  1558. 拼命隐藏起动摇,里由罗回答了。
  1560. “Rule?”
  1561. 「支配?」
  1563. “Correct. Our Lord has come to subjugate you. Kneel before him.”
  1564. 「对,我等的王是为要将你们置于统治之下而来的。屈膝低头吧」
  1566. Then, what should I do? Riyuro thought fast.
  1567. 那么,该怎么做才好呢。里由罗快速的思考起来。
  1569. It was not as though he minded bowing and welcoming a new ruler. All they needed to do was grow strong beneath that ruler and then overthrow them.
  1570. 并不是对低头欢迎新的统治者这件事有什么意见。在统治者底下增加实力,在那之后打到统治者便是。
  1572. The problem was that they could not submit to the opposition without knowing their power. They might have made that Dragon kneel before them, but that Dragon was not the Dragon Lord. For all he knew, after bending the knee, they might be made to fight the Dragon Lord.
  1573. 不过问题在于不知道对方的实力就投入到麾下这件事吧。虽然是让龙拜伏在地了,不过那只龙可不是那位王。说不定加入到麾下最后,还是要被命令去和那个龙王战斗。
  1575. “...There should be two more of you. What happened to them?
  1576. 「……应该还有两个人在的吧,那些人怎么了?」
  1578. “You do not need to know. You are only allowed to say if you accept our rule or not.”
  1579. 「你没有必要知道。允许你说的只有接受统治或是不接受而已」
  1581. They were not revealing anything to him. That would mean that investigating the enemy’s intentions -- whether or not they truly intended to fight in earnest -- was very important.
  1582. 毫无透露情报给这里的意思。那样的话,调查对方的真意——是否真的打算和这里开战就很有必要了。
  1584. “...You say you want to rule us. However, it is very difficult for us to accept your proposal without knowing your strength. Does that make sense to you?”
  1585. 「……说是要统治我们,要我们在不知道你们实力的情况下就接受实在很困难,这样可以理解吗?」
  1587. In other words, he was implying that “if you tell me how strong you are, I don’t mind being ruled by you.” However, the two of them merely looked at each other and shrugged.
  1588. 言外之意就是说,要是告诉我们你们有多强的话,接受统治也没关系的这样一个要求。不过两人只是互望了对方耸了耸肩。
  1590. “Is that so. Our orders state that if you will not accept our rule, we are to decimate you until you are forced to bend the knee. After that, you are to cull your own numbers until there are only 4’000 males, 4000 females and 2000 children left. You should be able to differentiate who is more valuable, am I correct?”
  1591. 「那样子呀。命令说要是不接受统治的话,就把数量减少强制让你们低头呀。接下来,就你们就自行开始厮杀到剩下公的四千、母的四千和小孩两千吧。你的话能够分辨谁的价值比较高吧?」
  1593. “Then, once there are only 10’000 of you left, we will take you back to our country, the Sorcerous Kingdom, where you will be put to work.”
  1594. 「那么剩下到一万的时候,就把你们带去到我们的国家、魔导国去使役吧」
  1596. Fear caused through the Clan Lord for an instant.
  1597. 氏族王一瞬间感受到恐惧。
  1599. It was not because of the cruel content of the message. It was because they had delivered it in a matter-of-fact tone that was completely devoid of arrogance.
  1600. 不是因为残酷的内容。而是因为用那种不带一丝傲慢,非常理所当然的口吻做出这样的宣言。
  1602. He felt that these two people could actually do it.
  1603. 这两人,是真的觉得办得到。
  1605. Yes.
  1606. 没错。
  1608. These two people could kill an army of over 60’000.
  1609. 把两个人就能把杀掉高达六万的兵力这件事当成理所当然。
  1611. Were they mad? Were they overconfident? Or--
  1612. 疯子吗,又或是自信过剩呢。还是说——
  1614. That impossible attitude left Riyuro at a loss for what to do next.
  1615. 那种不可能有的态度让里由罗不知如何是好。
  1617. They could not listen to such insane orders without so much as a fight.
  1618. 不可能一战都没有交手过就听从对方乱来的命令。
  1620. Perhaps they had sensed the hostile intent from his side, but the two of them looked at each other, and their faces twisted into grins.
  1621. 是感受到这里的敌意了吗,两人互望了对方,表情变得扭曲。
  1623. The Dwarves were hairy, so he could understand them. These two people had no hair except on the tops of their heads, so he could not read their expressions. Such was the gulf between two different species.
  1624. 矮人因为还有毛,所以多少能搞懂,这两个人除了头顶以外都没有毛,所以搞不太懂表情。异种族之间的隔阂还真深。
  1626. “W-wait--:
  1627. 「等、等下——」
  1629. He could not finish his request for them to wait.
  1630. 没能说完请等一下这句话。
  1632. “--Then, I shall now begin reducing your numbers to an acceptable level. That being the case, don’t give your clothes to anyone else.”
  1633. 「——那么现在开始就由我,先把数量减少到一定程度吧。就是这样,你可不要把衣服给其他人喔」
  1635. Normally speaking, the Quagoa did not wear clothes. After all, they were covered in fur from head to toe.
  1636. 一般来说,掘土兽人没有穿衣服的习惯,毕竟全身上下有毛皮包着。
  1638. However, a king needed to show his authority, and thus he needed something to easily differentiate himself from others. That was why he wore clothing and a crown made by Dwarves, with the sigil of the Clan Lord. At the same time, he could let others wear them to serve as doubles for him.
  1639. 但是,王要有身为王的权威,因此需要一个易于分辨的东西。所以才会穿上衣服,戴上矮人做的有氏族王印记的冠冕。同时也有在需要的时候,让谁穿上当作替身的打算在。
  1641. Had they seen through that plan and thus tried to cut him off halfway?
  1642. 因为看穿这点才先叮嘱下的吧。
  1644. Taking out the enemy leadership to cripple the enemy army was the most obvious victory condition. However, why had they not done that?
  1645. 的确,擒贼先擒王是最明白的胜利条件。不过,为什么不立刻这么做呢。
  1647. No, that’s not it. There’s another reason for that… Could it be… That must be it. They’re not trying to kill me, they’re trying not to kill me by accident!
  1648. (不,不是这样。是因为别的理由……。难道说……就是这样吧。不是为了讨伐我,而是为了避免不小心杀掉我吗!)
  1650. The differences between species ran very deep. However, as long as he wore his clothes, they could tell who was the Clan Lord and thus they would spare him. That was the meaning of their haughty declaration.
  1651. 异种族之间的隔阂很深。不过只要穿上衣服的话,就能分清楚谁是氏族王,所以就放过你吧。
  1652. 这就是如此高高在上的发言吧。
  1654. “Then, isn’t it about time you went back? Your people are starting to move here. Until then, it would delight us if you could pick out the ones you want to survive.”
  1655. 「那么差不多可以回去那里了吗?你那里一朝这里行动就开始了喔,在那之前要是能选好想要留活口的家伙的话,我会很高兴的」
  1657. “Hurry up and go back.”
  1658. 「快点回去吧」
  1660. They waved him off, indicating that he should return. In other words, there was no need to negotiate any further.
  1661. 挥挥手指示他回去。已经毫无要交涉的意思了。
  1663. This was far too different from his expectation.
  1664. 与预料中的太过不同了。
  1666. I told them I was willing to bend the knee, but why didn’t they make even a little concession? If they aren’t even willing to do that… does that really mean they view our lives as worthless…?
  1667. (明明都说有准备屈膝的意思了,对此却一点让步都没有?连这样的事都不愿意做的话……是真的把我们的性命看得一点价值都没有吗……)
  1669. In the face of this arrogance, the Clan Lord struggled to against the terror overflowing from this heart.
  1670. 面对这样拒人千里的态度,氏族王拼命压下心头涌上的恐惧感。
  1672. In any case… they can’t possibly cut the 60’000 people here down to 10’000… Yes. That must be it. They must have lost their minds after seeing our forces!
  1673. (再怎么说……也不可能把这里六万的士兵减到一万吧……。没错。肯定是那样子。看到这样的兵力后失常了!)
  1675. Under normal circumstances, that sort of thinking would be correct. Even Dragons could not cut their numbers down by such large amounts.
  1676. 用一般常识考虑的话,那样想才是正确的。就算是龙,也不可能把数量减到这样子。
  1678. In that moment, realization struck the Clan Lord.
  1679. 那一瞬间,氏族王灵光一闪。
  1681. Could it be that they intend to mount flying hit-and-run attacks?
  1682. (难道说是要采取飞上天空,攻击了又逃跑这样的的作战吗!)
  1684. If they fought like Dragons, then things would be very tricky.
  1685. 要是像龙一样的战斗方式的话,就非常棘手了。
  1687. Deploying in a wide open area like this would be detrimental instead.
  1688. 在这样宽阔的地方展开军队会适得其反。
  1690. Then, should he pull his forces back to the residential district?
  1691. 那么现在应该让全军回到居住区吗?
  1693. However, that would be very dangerous. If the enemy could destroy buildings, then it would cause great damage to their homes. In the end, this was the only place they could fight.
  1694. 不过那样很危险。对方要是有能破坏房屋的东西的话,对住宅的伤害将会相当大。果然战场只能选在这里。
  1696. After returning to his troops, the Clan Lord gathered his aides.
  1697. 回到自军的氏族王召集了自己的亲信。
  1699. “Was that a Golem? ...What happened? You look very uncomfortable.”
  1700. 「那是格雷姆吗?……请问怎么了吗,似乎很不舒服的样子」
  1702. His expression must have frightened the other two. The Clan Lord patted his face and gave his orders.
  1703. 脸上流露出了害怕那两个人的情绪了吧。氏族王抚摸自己的脸,下达了命令。
  1705. “Ahh… In any case, gather the Blue and the Red Quagoa.”
  1706. 「啊啊……。总之先把蓝色掘土兽人和红色掘土兽人集合起来」
  1708. “Will they be a personal guard?”
  1709. 「集合亲卫队是吗?」
  1711. “Not just that. Gather all the exceptional individuals of each Clan together.”
  1712. 「还不止这样。把各个氏族里的英雄豪杰们都集合起来」
  1714. ***
  1715. Riyuro gave voice to a mighty cry. It was a cry infused with the special power he had obtained when he had ascended to the position of Clan Lord. As he saw his army of over 10’000 charge the enemy in response to the cry, he even felt a little pleased. However, the results of that charge were too horrible to watch. Like a flow of water striking a wall, the charging soldiers struck an invisible barrier and were sent flying.
  1716. 里由罗发出雄壮的吼声。这是在登上氏族王这个顶点时所获得的拥有特殊力量的吶喊。看到超过一万的军队听到这个叫声后向敌人突击的样子,他甚至有爽快的感决。然而那结果却是惨不忍睹。就像撞上墙的水流一样,突击的士兵也撞上了看不见的墙壁后被弹飞。
  1718. What splashed everywhere was not frothy water, but Quagoa -- or what used to be Quagoa. Perhaps it might have been possible for Dragons or Giants, but their opponents were creatures that were even smaller than Quagoa.
  1719. 四溅不是水花,而是掘土兽人又或着曾经是掘土兽人的东西。要是龙或是巨人的话还有可能,但是对手只是比掘土兽人还小的生物。
  1721. “They’re flying…” one of his aides muttered dumbly to himself.
  1722. 「飞起来了……」
  1724. 一名亲信目瞪口呆的喃喃自语。
  1726. This was not a metaphor. The charging Quagoa were literally flying through the air. Neither did they do so one by one. Several dozens of them were sent flying all at once.
  1727. 不是在打比方,袭击过来的掘土兽人如字面上般飞向半空。而且还不是一只只来,而是几十只全部一起被吹飞。
  1729. Their pulverized corpses became a shower of meaty chunks which rained down on their comrades. The gore-caked troops continued their charge, whereupon they become lumps of flesh themselves which fell on yet more of their companions. It was a scene straight out of a nightmare.
  1730. 四分五裂的尸体化成肉块残片,落在同胞们的头上。黏上肉片的士兵们毫不介意的发动突击,然后自己也化为肉片落在同胞的身上。那是宛若恶梦般的场景。
  1732. For some reason, the fact that they could not see the blood spurting made the sight even more surreal.
  1733. 不知是何种缘由,看不到血花飞溅的样子更是让人感觉脱离了现实。
  1735. “What, what the, what the hell is that?!”
  1736. 「什、什么,那个到底是什么啊!」
  1738. Riyuro did not even have the strength to answer his advisor’s mournful cry. His thoughts merely leaked out through his mouth in the form of words.
  1739. 里由罗连回答亲信的悲鸣声的力气都没有。只不过,思绪直接化成语言溢出。
  1741. “To this extent…”
  1742. 「居然到这种程度……」
  1744. “Clan Lord! What is that!? It’s nothing like the Golems we saw before!”
  1745. 「氏族王啊!那个到底是什么!那与我们所见到的格雷姆根本就没法比啊!」
  1747. They smashed away every single Quagoa charging them in a single blow. This was no longer a battle. It was not even a massacre. It was simply disposal. The comrades he had gathered to increase their influence were now being mangled up in vast quantities like so much rubbish.
  1748. 仅仅一击就将袭击过来的掘土兽人一口气吹飞。这已经算不上战斗了,甚至连杀戮也算不上。是处理。为了扩大势力而召集起来的同胞,如今就像废弃物一样被大量处分中。
  1750. “We, we have to run!”
  1751. 「只、只能逃了」
  1753. “Where will you run to?!”
  1754. 「逃去哪里!」
  1756. He shouted at his panicked aides.
  1757. 他向惊慌失措的亲信大喝一声。
  1759. “Where can you run too in this strange dimension?! These people said they’re going to kill us all untill there’s less than 10’000 left!
  1760. 「在这个奇怪的空间中要逃去哪里!那些家伙可是说要将这里的数量杀到一万以下啊!」
  1762. His aides had nothing to say.
  1763. 亲信们都无言以对。
  1765. After seeing this overwhelming -- this monstrous strength, they understood that their threats were not born of madness. While it was hard to believe, they had no choice but to believe it. Out of these 80’000 people, only 10’000 would be permitted to survive.
  1766. 见识到这份压倒性的——正可谓怪物般的力量的话,就能理解那段威胁不是戏言。虽然很难相信,但也只能信了。在这超过八万的人民之中,只有一万人被允许活下来。
  1768. Although he wanted to beg their forgiveness right now, there was no warmth in the eyes of those two. Even that Dragon Lord’s eyes held more compassion.
  1769. 虽然想说现在就去请求原谅会如何呢,但是那两人看着这里的眼瞳中毫无温度。甚至那个龙王还比较富有温情。
  1771. They have no intention of changing their statement to cut us down to 10’000 people.
  1772. (将数目减到一万这个发言肯定是没有要改变的意思)
  1774. “That’s impossible! Clan Lord! What the hell are they? What have the Dwarves brought here?!”
  1775. 「不可能!氏族王啊!那到底是什么啊!矮人到底请来了什么啊!」
  1777. “Why are such tiny people so powerful…”
  1778. 「为什么这么小的家伙会这么强的力量……」
  1780. As he heard his advisors, another flash of inspiration struck Riyuro.
  1781. 听到亲信的话,里由罗突然灵光一闪。
  1783. “Could it be that red-armored chap is also a Dwarven weapon? They sent something stronger because they knew the Golems were destroyed?”
  1784. 「难道说那个红色铠甲的家伙也是矮人送出的兵器吗?因为知道格雷姆坏了,所以送出了更强的兵器」
  1786. “...So if we defeat it, they’ll send something even stronger than that?”
  1787. 「……那么要是打倒那个的话,就会送来还要更强的兵器吗?」
  1789. The cries of his men echoed all around. Only the region around Riyuro was silent.
  1790. 在到处都能听到士兵的悲鸣声之中,只有里由罗周围急速安静下来。
  1792. “Retreat--”
  1793. 「退兵——」
  1795. “Stop! You’d better fight! There’s no other way out for us! However strong it is, it’ll get tired eventually! When that happens, we’ll wait until it can’t swing its weapon any more, then force them to negotiate and demand concessions from them!”
  1796. 「住手!给我战斗!除此之外别无他法!就算那家伙拥有再压倒性的力量,应该也会疲劳才对。那样的话看准对方无法挥动武器的时候,再一次进行交涉,然后引导他们做出些许让步就好」、
  1798. “I, I see… But… Will it really get tired?”
  1799. 「原、原来如此……。但是……那个会疲劳吗?」
  1801. He had mentioned something Riyuro had thought of in the corner of his mind. However--
  1802. 说出了在里由罗脑海中的一个角落里也想过的事。可是——
  1804. “In any case, as long as it lives, it ought to get tired. It might have more stamina than us, but it’ll definitely get tired. Until then, make it keep swinging its weapon! ...Even if it doesn’t get tired, once it gets bored of killing we might be able to discuss something.
  1805. 「再怎么说,只要是活着的都应该会疲劳才对。虽然是比起我们来说体力要更好,但一定会疲劳。那么到那时为止,只能让那家伙不断挥舞武器了!……就算没那么疲劳也应该杀腻了的话,或许有商量的可能」
  1807. The Clan Lord said something he did not want to say, but which he had to say.
  1808. 氏族王说出了不想说、但是不得不说的台词。
  1810. “Besides, we can’t win even if we fight it! Not against a monster like that.”
  1811. 「再说,就算战斗也赢不了吧!那样可怕的怪物」
  1813. His troops would not be demoralized to the point of flight. The cry Riyuro had used to sound the charge turned his men into warriors that did not know fear. Much like the Berserk state of Berserkers, it increased their attack strength but reduced their defense. More importantly, they were immune to all fear-related effects. However, the fact that they would not refuse the Clan Lord’s orders no matter how dangerous they were could be said to be a double-edged sword.
  1814. 没有军心低落出逃的可能。里由罗使用的突击的吶喊可以使部下变成不知恐惧为何物的战士。和狂战士[Berserker]的狂战士化[Berserk]很相近,效果是让攻击力上升而使防御力下降。更重要的是,可以得到对于一切恐怖效果的完全耐性。不过,不管氏族王的命令有多危险都不会拒绝这点可说是有利有弊。
  1816. The great mass of soldiers continued charging without ever looking back, and they were cut down to half their previous number in such short order that hardly anyone could believe it.
  1817. 不顾背后的士兵们持续突击,将那样众多的兵力减到一半的时间,短暂的令人难以置信。
  1819. At this point, nobody had the strength to speak.
  1820. 这个时候任谁都没有开口的力气了。
  1822. The fact that this tragedy was unfolding before them and it was the doing of one person traumatized their hearts.
  1823. 眼前的这场大惨剧,加上仅仅是由一人所造成的这件事让所有人都心灵受挫。
  1825. All except for one person.
  1826. 只有一个人除外。
  1828. That person -- Riyuro -- scraped up the last of his courage.
  1829. 那唯一一人——里由罗鼓起了最后的勇气。
  1831. “You chosen heroes!”
  1832. 「被选上的英雄啊!」
  1834. He could not raise his voice.
  1835. 声音抬不高。
  1837. Riyuro saw the Red and Blue Quagoa before him, as well as the other Quagoa with special abilities, all of whom had been formed up into the strongest combat units of the clans.
  1838. 里由罗视线的前端是红色掘土兽人、蓝色掘土兽人以及拥有特殊力量的掘土兽人们所组成,全氏族最高强的队伍。
  1840. The reason why none of them responded to Riyuro’s cry was because they were all watching that suit of red armor with despair in their eyes.
  1841. 他们之所以没有响应里由罗的呼唤,是因为所有人都用绝望的眼神看着那个红色铠甲。
  1843. They too must have felt that they had no hope of victory. When they had first been gathered, their eyes had shone, but now there was no light in their eyes, as though they were dead.
  1844. 他们自己也觉得一点胜利的希望也没有吧。一开始召集的时候,眼神里还更加有光采的,但是
  1845. 现在却如同死了一样毫无光芒。
  1847. He had chosen not to drive them berserk to preserve their defensive strength, but it had been the wrong decision.
  1848. 为了不让防御力下降而没有让他们狂战士化,看来是错了。
  1850. The Clan Lord raised his voice to try and psyche them up.
  1851. 氏族王为了让他们能多少振奋起来,而放开了嗓子。
  1853. “You are our ace in the hole! The enemy has killed many of our comrades, so it should be tired! You will be able to make it suffer!”
  1854. 「你们正是我们的王牌!对方杀了许多的伙伴,应该已经疲累不已了。你们的话应该就能让那家伙尝到该有的苦头才对」
  1856. It ought to be tired -- he said that, but there was no sign of it. That red suit of armor showed no signs of stopping as it cut every single Quagoa which charged it to pieces and splattered them into the air, swinging and thrusting its strange lance-like weapon without end.
  1857. 应该已经疲累不已了——虽然这么说,却没有那种迹象。那个红色铠甲像是感不到疲劳一样,将袭击过来的掘土兽人大卸八块,吹飞到半空,无尽来回挥舞那把像是枪的奇怪武器。
  1859. “That’s right! No matter what, it’s living, so it’ll get tired! You can do it! Go! Our heroes!”
  1860. 「没错!再怎么说那家伙也是活着的话就会感到疲劳!你们的话办得到!上吧!英雄们啊!」
  1862. WIth a prayer in his heart, Riyuro sent out the heroes.
  1863. 里由罗抱着祈求般的心情送出了英雄。
  1865. He gave his men orders to clear the path to the red suit of armor. Then, the heroes would assault the red armor--
  1866. 他对士兵们下达了指示,要他们把到达红色铠甲的路让开。接着英雄们朝着红色铠甲发动袭击
  1867. ——
  1869. --Riyuro closed his eyes.
  1870. ——里由罗慢慢的闭上眼睛。
  1872. “My, my Lord… Mighty Clan Lord of us all…”
  1873. 「王、王啊。我等伟大的氏族王啊……」
  1875. After hearing his aides trembling voice, he slowly opened his eyes.
  1876. 听着亲信们颤抖的声音,慢慢的把眼睛睁开。
  1878. “What? No. You don’t need to say anything. I know. I, I saw it too…”
  1879. 「什么、什么都不用说了。我懂的。我也、我也看到了……」
  1881. Nothing. That was right. It had made no difference.
  1882. 什么也、没错,什么差异也没有。
  1884. Just like the regular soldiers, the chosen heroes had been chopped into mincemeat and sent flying as bloody hunks of flesh. And it had all happened in an instant. They had met the same end as the regular soldiers.
  1885. 和一般的士兵毫无差别,被选出来的英雄们变成四分五裂的肉块飞散。而且还是一瞬间的事,和普通士兵迎接一样的末路。
  1887. “...So… so…”
  1888. 「……多么的。……多么的」
  1890. Riyuro could not say anything else. Although he did not know what that red suit of armor was, it was something which was undoubtedly stronger than a Dragon.
  1891. 里由罗说不出更多的话。虽然无法理解红色铠甲是什么,但毫无疑问是比龙还要强的存在。
  1893. Riyuro could no longer feel anything. If he simply waited quietly for time to pass, the outcome would be as the enemy willed it.
  1894. 里由罗已经涌不出任何情绪。只是静静的等待时间过去的话,就会变成对方期待的结果吧。
  1896. “...said they wanted 2’000 children. Pick out that amount.”
  1897. 「……说了要小孩两千。去选出这个数目吧」
  1899. “My Lord…:
  1900. 「氏族王……」
  1902. “...There’s nothing else we can do. Even if there’s only 10’000 of us, as long as we survive, someday… someday we’ll have the chance to make the Quagoa great again…”
  1903. 「……已经什么都做不了了。就算只有一万,只要能活下来的话,再次……再次复兴的机会应该还是会有的……」
  1905. Nobody could say anything in the face of Riyuro’s words. That was because everyone clearly understood in their hearts.
  1906. 面对里由罗的这番话,谁都说不出什么。因为每个人心里都很明白。
  1908. They understood that there was nothing else they could do.
  1909. 那就是除此之外已经没有其他手段了。
  1911. Riyuro’s head drooped powerlessly. It felt like being ambushed by a monster while walking in a seemingly safe place.
  1912. 里由罗无力的低着头。那就像是走在安全的地方,却突然被魔物袭击的心情。
  1914. “Speaking of which, what is the Sorcerous Kingdom, anyway? Does it have anything to do with the Dwarves? Someone please tell me…”
  1915. 「话说回来魔导国是什么啊。和矮人是什么关系啊。谁来告诉我啊……」
  1917. His muttering came straight from the heart.
  1918. 发自心底的低喃声。
  1920. However much he tried to deny it, the carnage before his eyes gave him the feeling that an even greater tragedy would soon come.
  1921. 不过即使不愿,眼前的惨剧也让他预感到了接下来会发生的更大的惨剧。
  1923. Suddenly, he saw his Quagoa servants holding cages, Those were the cages used for storing food lizards. Riyuro knew that now was not the time for this, but the stress on him made him reach out to the cage. He grabbed a live lizard, but just as he was about to bite its head off, an intense pain coursed through his belly, bending his body into a ㄑshape.
  1924. 突然,他看到了进侍的掘土兽人拿着的笼子。那是放了食用蜥蜴的笼子。里由罗也明白现在该做这种事的时候,但是过度的压力让他朝笼子伸手。他一把抓住活生生的蜥蜴,打算从头部一口咬掉的瞬间,腹部突然传来激烈的疼痛,使他的身体弯成了ㄑ型。
  1926. There was no way he could beat the absolute ruler who would soon subjugate his race. The idea of flourishing again was so outlandish that even he had nothing to say in its defense. No matter how many generations passed, they would never be able to rise up in revolt. The Quagoa of the Azellisia Mountain Range would forever wear collars in service to their dread master.
  1927. 绝对不可能赢过接下来就要支配自己一族的绝对强者。复兴这种事情,是明显到连自己都觉得目瞪口呆的空话。不管过了多少个世代,阳奉阴违都是不可能的事。安杰利西亚山脉的掘土兽人永永远远都要带着项圈,恭敬侍奉可怕的主人。
  1929. The wildly-thrashing lizard slipped from Riyuro’s hands and vanished between his men’s legs. Riyuro went “ahh” in what was more a sigh than a shout, and then he collapsed into silent sobbing from sheer misery.
  1930. 发狂般挣扎的蜥蜴从里由罗手上嗖地溜走,消失在士兵们的双脚之间。里由罗发出「啊啊」的没出息叹息声,因为太过凄惨而默默的抽泣起来。
  1932. “If you were that strong, you should have said so from the start! Why, why didn’t you tell me!”
  1933. 「要是那么强的话,一开始就说啊!为什么、为什么不告诉我啊!」
  1935. The whimpering of the ruler who had been hailed by the Quagoa as the greatest in their history vanished amidst the wails of the children that were being slain by his soldiers.
  1936. 掘土兽人史上被誉为空前绝后的王者的呜咽声,就这样消融在被己方士兵处理掉的孩子们的悲鸣声中。
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