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  1. when i comes to gay people i dont share the biblical view. homosexuality is not unnatural, it literally happens in nature all the time. there is loads of video evidence of animals having homosexual behaviour. i am totally fine with gay people and if kids are told about human sexuality in schools then it would be dishonest to not mention it. i know that the bible condemns homosexuality so you feel you have to support that, but i cant imagine you actually dislike gay people when you meet them in real life. i think context is important. leviticus was written when the jews were a tiny desert tribe stuggling for survival. in that context it actually makes sense to strongly encourage people to settle down and raise more kids for the survival of the tribe. there are now over 7 billion humans on the planet and it is causing massive environmental problems. if humanity is to survive we actually need a lot less of us so that there is space for other species to exist. we are heading towards an extinction at a terrifying rate due to there being too many of us. taking old testaments rules written for a struggling, outnumbered desert tribe and trying to apply them to a massively overpopulated planet full of humans is insanity. if two adults want to be in a loving relationship that will not bring more humans into a horrifically overcrowded world then i am totally supportive of them.
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