Elf Blackmail

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  1. >It's a bit after 1p, your usual lunch in the parking garage just as routine as your weekly schedule at the office
  2. >Something catches your eye in the break room when you go to dispose of your empty can
  3. >Pointed ears, a faint hint of sandalwood and what looks like a nice handful of bosom underneath the blouse of a straw-blonde elf
  4. >It isn't until you notice the beauty mark under her right eye you recognize her
  6. >Freshman year at high school, you recall, P.E. was the worst time if you didn't have a monstergirl who'd vouch for you
  7. >the blonde in question, your biggest tormentor for a few months along with her clique of teenage treetossers
  8. >she was anything but the prim and proper little princess she pretended to be, or her entourage for that matter
  9. >they'd put your shorts in their lockers so you'd ask for them back, go under the belt when it came time for stretching, and worst you remember this little number in particular tying your shoelaces around your wrist and ankles so she could rub you off in the shed when the teacher asked you to put away the equipment
  10. >sometime after, probably before mid-terms, something pushed you over the edge
  11. >you feigned a sprain on the track for this chance
  12. >you waited for her to be all alone, just after the other knife-eared hyenas got into the shower
  13. >she didn't expect you to squeeze yourself in a girl's locker, or for you to tackle her onto the floor
  14. >that same scent of sandalwood, thick in her hair
  15. >she looked up at you, shocked that her favorite pair of shorts had the stones to jump her in the girl's locker room with a sizable erection rubbing against her
  16. >the way her neck felt in your palms always gives you the shivers to this day
  17. >you remember giving her one warning; come after school to settle it alone or you'd ruin her for marriage
  18. >she nodded before her lips started turning blue, accepting what you had in mind for her that day
  20. >The wait for that final bell was maddening not only from the encounter to come, but because the image of that elf's face in fear tickled something deep inside you
  21. >you practically skip out into the halls when classes dismissed, your destination in mind
  22. >the boy's locker room; a place only a lunatic that wanted to be less than 40 feet from the girls' side could brave, and you're fairly sure you counted that description
  23. >it was a short wait, the straw-haired knife ear avoiding your eyes
  24. >she wanted to pay you restitution in exchange for her virginity, and as a gesture of good will she would see you had no problems for the rest of your school life
  25. >You accepted on one other condition you remember to this day
  26. >Her pretty little lips around your cock, and a picture to make sure she never broke her promise
  27. >She looked into your eyes with tears the entire time you used her throat for yourself, grabbing her hair like reins
  28. >Not a single whimper, even as you finished deep inside her slathering mouth
  29. >her lips were white with your seed as you snapped that vacant look on her face
  30. >the face that haunted her throughout the rest of school
  31. >you realized one thing about elves after that day
  32. >It's all the more fun to torment an elf by reminding them of embarrassments, years after the fact you fucked her throat senseless in the locker room with photos as proof
  33. >From that day on, she begged you to never reveal them
  35. >In your reminiscing she recognizes you, that same horrified expression coming back into your memory
  36. >She begs you not to pass them around the coworkers; all the leverage you needed to turn her back into that sluttly little elf who gave you head under the cafeteria table throughout your school years coming into play before you
  37. >A similar exchange, this time with no photos, under your desk
  38. >Workplace encounters were discouraged, but not outwardly forbidden so long as you kept it private
  39. >By the time you clock out at the end of the day, the pretty little treetosser has to fix herself up in the bathroom after giving you head for two-hours under the cubicle
  40. >you wait by her car, the same her daddy bought her for her graduation present, with the biggest shit-eating grin on your face as she approaches
  41. >the photos in your hand, she knows what you're after
  42. >she doesn't even bother to beg you this time, unlocking the doors and opening up her blouse as she lays on the backseat
  43. >you were never one to look a gift horse in the mouth, so you jump right onto her bared chest
  44. >as you're rocking your hips into her firm boobs, she stifles her moans as you take her on a trip down memory lane on prom night
  45. >she starts losing control of her lips as full-blown quenya starts leaking out of her mouth, you were never really fluent enough to tell what she was moaning at you
  46. >you oblige regardless, and after a good three-ish minutes after your eruption the backseat (and her face) look like they had an unfortunate accident in a glue vat
  47. >The elf, struggling to catch her breath, whispers something in plain english to your ear
  49. "You're terrible, blackmailing me into this like back then... if you wanted sex, you could have just asked me during lunch."
  50. >You peck her on the forehead, zipping your fly and moving into the driver's seat
  51. >To think they said you can't fall in love high school
  52. >You fell for a closet-masochist elf who needed a good grip to set her on the right path
  53. "I still want those pictures burned, you pervert."
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