Anonymous in Celestia 5Ⓐ

May 9th, 2013
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  1. AiC 5Ⓐ
  3. >The months pass uneventfully, and you give Twilight regular updates on your transformation.
  4. >As your body grows accustomed to using the nutrients your bearer supplies to you, you find yourself spending much more time awake.
  5. >While you enjoy the carefree existence you have been living, and being swaddled by warmth, love, and safety that can only be provided in utero, you are ready to be born.
  6. >You've been looking forward to being able to see Equestria through your own two eyes for the first time.
  7. >Therefore, when Twilight and Celestia inform you that the transformation has completed, you are ecstatic.
  8. >You still want to clearly remember your time inside Celestia, so you spend the next few weeks carefully savoring and memorizing every sensation available to you. As to do this, you subconsciously begin to orient your head towards Celestia's birth canal.
  9. >Celestia doesn't seem to mind you taking your time coming out.
  11. >Finally, you decide you're ready. An hour or so after you decide this, you're startled by a rippling around you as Celestia starts to go into contractions.
  12. >Suddenly, the amniotic sac enveloping you bursts, and you are held more tightly by the walls of Celestia's womb as her water breaks the cushioning fluid around you leaks out.
  13. >Slowly, your whole body is squeezed and massaged as you are pushed towards Celestia's cervix.
  14. >Already dilated, you feel little resistance as your head slides through. You fold your forelegs against your chest to ease them through, and after several minutes they do slip into the birth canal.
  15. >As your legs slip all the way out of her womb, you have to squint your eyes. A sliver of light slips through her widening vagina, and your eyes, having not been used in almost a whole year, need time to adjust before you can process it as anything more than a harsh white blur.
  17. >You almost consider crawling back in to escape the light, but you're too far out for that. Instead, you shut your eyes against its glare and focus on helping Celestia deliver you.
  18. >You begin to crown, and suddenly your head and ears feel freezing cold as moisture evaporates off of them.
  19. >Everything sounds eerily quiet now that Celestia's steady heartbeat isn't constantly filling your ears.
  20. >Your snout passes out into the open air, and her opening relaxes, wrapping around your neck.
  21. >Celestia pauses, panting, and your progress halts for a moment.
  22. >You hope she isn't in pain. She had done so much for you over the past year, given you everything you needed you can't stand to think that you could be causing her the pain of childbirth.
  23. >As if reading your mind, Celestia pants out, in as comforting a tone as she can manage, "I'm fine, Anon. Childbirth pain in humans is anomalous. It's to be expected with those bipedal hips. Just let me catch my breath.
  24. >You continue to be pushed along, albeit more slowly, by involuntary contractions, until, sure enough, she starts pushing again.
  26. >As she pushes and your shoulders clear her netherlips, you begin to work your forelegs out.
  27. >"Not yet, Anon." Celestia says between breaths. "I know you want to help, but I'm a big filly. I can do this by myself. At least wait until you're further out."
  28. >You squeeze your forelegs against your chest to make yourself into a smaller package. Slowly but surely, you slip out to the point that you can remove your forelegs easily.
  29. >They stay mostly folded up close to you, having been bunched up for so long.
  30. >You try to pull yourself out further with your forelegs, but find that they're stiffer than you'd anticipated.
  31. >As your belly squeezes through her cervix, you can feel your umbilical cord pressed up against your fur, and that reminds me you should probably get ready to start breathing.
  32. >You extend your rear legs as far as they will go, and manage to push off the back of Celestia's womb to get your belly outside.
  33. >Celestia gasps. "You sure are eager to get out!" she says with a gentle chuckle. "Was I not doing a good enough job carrying you?" she asks in mock disappointment.
  34. >You roll your eyes behind your closed eyelids as gravity starts to take over and your legs slide out more quickly than the rest of you, until you're finally all the way out of her, laying on a hard tile floor.
  36. - – — – -
  38. >Celestia takes deep breaths and lays on the floor next to Anon, letting the both of them rest as she waits to deliver the afterbirth.
  39. >She looks over at Anon, fully equinized, and curled up on the floor, shivering.
  40. >Slowly, Celestia makes her way closer to him and begins to lick him clean.
  41. >Anonymous doesn't respond, probably still adjusting.
  42. >After she finishes licking him off, she focuses her attention on his legs, massaging the joints to relieve the stiffness and allow him to extend them.
  43. >Slowly, one by one, he stretches out his legs.
  44. >"You should start breathing soon." she notifies the stallion laying in front of her. "You'll be disconnecting pretty soon."
  46. >Sure enough, she finishes delivering the afterbirth, and Anon starts to cough the fluid out of his lungs.
  47. >"Don't rush yourself too much, Anon." she says in a motherly tone. "There's still plenty of oxygen in your placenta."
  48. >Still, Anon continues, and is soon breathing on his own.
  50. - – — – -
  52. >You take in the first breath of air, and let it fill your lungs.
  53. >It feels strange and unfamiliar. For a few minutes, you focus on getting used to breathing again, until it is second nature again.
  54. >You clear your throat and begin to hum, checking your vocal cords. They appear to be working just fine. "Happy Birthday!" you mumble to yourself.
  55. >"Can you stand?" Celestia asks, gently nuzzling you.
  56. >Carefully, you get up on your hooves, wobbling slightly.
  57. >"Good. I'll darken the room so you can open your eyes."
  58. >Through your eyelids, you see the harsh glare of lights dim, and sure enough you can comfortably open your eyes.
  59. >The first thing you see is Celestia's proud smile as she looks down at you.
  60. >"Would you like some milk?" she asks, gesturing back with her head.
  62. >Now that she mentions it, you are a little hungry. She lays on her left side to allow you easy access to her swollen teats.
  63. >You make your way over to her on wobbly legs. Somehow, you already know how to walk on four legs.
  64. >Once you make it over to her, you fold your legs under her and wrap your lips around her right teat.
  65. >It barely takes any suction at all before your mouth is flooded with the sweet taste of mare's milk. It could be because it's the first thing you've tasted in almost a year, but it tastes DELICIOUS. You eagerly gulp it down, but quickly find yourself feeling full.
  66. >You notice the stub of your umbilical cord dangling under you, cut cleanly and clamped presumably with magic.
  67. >"Where's the rest of it?" you ask.
  68. >"Hmm? Oh, the afterbirth?"
  69. >You nod.
  70. >"I ate it." she states matter-of-factly.
  71. >"What‽" you ask incredulously.
  72. >Celestia sighs. "Humans are weird. You know that, right?" She shakes her head slowly. "Rest assured that it is a perfectly natural part of the process."
  73. >You take her word for it, but you're still pretty squicked by the idea.
  74. >"Feel free to walk around for a while and get used to using your new body. I'll slowly brighten the room."
  76. >As you pace the room, mumbling to yourself to practice talking, the room comes into better focus as it is lit gradually enough for your eyes to adjust.
  77. >You blink several times. The room isn't one you recognize from the show, but you quickly deduce that it is the Royal Pony Sisters' bedchambers.
  78. >Having quickly got a handle on walking and talking, you approach Celestia in the now fully lit room. What now?" you ask.
  79. >"Follow me to a mirror. You must be dying to see how the transformation turned out."
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