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Derknitt's Crusade

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Jan 11th, 2014
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  1. Derknitt found his life turned upside down, quite literally. He hated the 60-Second Market. Do you KNOW how hard it is to stay hidden when everything changes every 60 seconds? "Dat Blue runt jus' ain’t right" he thought to himself. Not like Fizzgutz, now THAT was an ork he could get along with, until he started beating him with that damned book of his. Said it helped with "da lurning pro-cess" Whatever that was, it just taught Derknitt not to ask what was in the book. Derknitt jumped to a nearby cable as a cart of explosives and a screaming grot flew through the air, "Serves da git roight, not nailin down dat cart o' his, stoopid runt."
  3. Another step of Boris sent Derknitt off balance and crashing to the floor. Now, unlike those other kommando gitz, Derknitt carries a lot more bitz and britches, for an ork, that’s saying something. He spread out his "Cape o' not splatterin meself on da floor" (an orkified cameo shawl) and rolled into a jump grabbing another cable and crawling his way past "Fast red repairz". His brief appearance and lack thereof left a few grots stunned. "Now datz dextruz dat is" one mentioned "Dextruz ain’t very orky iz- Ow! What da zog?" Another said as a spherical object bounced off his head. Picking it up he noticed It was labeled "Not da sneaky wun" the gretchin was just about to question it before his lack of jaw, and coincidentally head left him speechless. The other grot quickly got back to work.
  5. Derknitt crawled through a ventilation shaft he found. "Dat blue fing ain’t gunna get da best o' me dis time. I brought me belt dis time I did! Me britches won’t be fallin’ down anytime soon!" he thought to himself as he reached the end of the shaft. He can hear the blue one tinkering with whatever she was building. He caught the words "cage" and "I can hear you coming" but didn’t think much of it. He WAS the sneakiest ork in all of Titanopolis after all. No one else was sneakier! Upon spying blue he grinned savagely to himself and leapt through the opening. With a cry of WAAAAAGH! he brought his knife "stikkemgud" down on her skull as hard as he could.
  7. Well, until Blue disappeared and Derknitt skidded across the floor. He glared at the hologram. A small beep was heard and a cage fell from above, trapping poor Derknitt. To make it worse, Blue herself stepped out with a grin. "Never learn do ya?" Derknitt howled and cursed at her before he reached for his belt and took out his trusty "throwy-fing" and chucked it at her. Blue, taken by surprise only barely managed to dodge it, leaving her a small cut on the shoulder. "Why don’t ye die ya damn dirty... not-ork!" Derknitt growled pressing himself against the bars. Blue responded by thwacking him across the face with her spanner, grabbing one of his teef. "Thanks for da fungus beer!" she said with a laugh as she left.
  10. Derknitt growled again. "Fizgutz aint gunna be happy about dis he won’t…"
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