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  1. "There is Power in a Nation."
  3. -----------
  5. It seems like such a long time ago now, but it really has only been a couple years since the war started. I remember the day when something snapped inside me, and I decided it was time to wage a war against the US government. I no longer wanted to continue living like this. I preferred death by a hail of bullets to living in this sick, disgusting society any longer. I suspected back then that my own war against this society could be turned into a full-fledged civil war, as there must be other men like me with the exact same thoughts, but I never dreamed it would have materialized in the way it has.
  7. I had a few hundred dollars on me, just enough to give me some initial time to think over how to conduct my one man war against the System. The only military advantage I had against the System was that I looked like an ordinary citizen, as one of their pawns. The ability to blend into the society they control was the only real weapon I possessed. I could strike, retreat, and blend back into the crowd, like a Vietnamese peasant.
  9. The first thing I had to do was find a way to live off the land, and I don't mean hunting animals and farming. Most of the people in this society, including the whites, go along with it. Pick a random person, and 9 out of them 10 deserve to be killed (more in the metropilitan areas). Living off the land in hostile enemy territory means killing the enemy and taking his shit. I've found the average kill tends to net an easy $100 or so, more if you can convince them first to hand over information like pin numbers before plugging them.
  11. Murder-muggings were not the way to go, I quickly discovered. It was too unpredictable, and usually involved too much luring of the enemy into a location where a gun-shot wouldn't cause me too much trouble. I quickly discovered home invasions tended to net far more money, and were much easier to pull off. The best targets tend to be old people, the people who went along with the forced integration with niggers on our nation's youth 60 years ago. It's not hard to scout them out; pull up your vehicle into a promising looking neighborhood, look for houses with only a single car parked in the street or garage. Elderly old white women usually make the easiest targets, and it is usually easy enough to occupy the place for long enough to find information that will let you access their banks accounts
  12. online and start depositing their money into anonymous bitcoin wallets. This was how I scored my first major heist ($87,000 in some old Jewish bitch's checking account), that let me have the time to plan out larger military operations.
  14. 'Living off the land' gave me what I needed to focus on the war. I went out to the midwest and rented a place for cheap in the woods, giving the landlord the full year's rent upfront, in cash. From there I started looking into building bombs, and especially mortars. The Irish Republican Army used their own homemade mortars to great effect, and I wanted to see how easy it would be to make my own. I found the designs online, plus instructions on how to build the explosive, that allowed for an improved range of about 2,500 feet. The first test would involve going to a major city and firing it off. I naturally choose Washington DC, and I would aim the mortar in the general direction of the white house and hope for the best.
  16. I rented a motel room within the maximum range of the range of the mortar to the white house. I had trouble aiming this thing in test runs, but the mathematics behind setting up the aim wasn't too hard to figure out, and I was somewhat accurate. I though to myself, as I gained access to the motel rooftop at 2:30 in the morning, that I would be terribly afraid to have tried this a few months ago. I remember almost pissing in my pants a few times while I was 'living off the land' and had some close calls during the home invasions, but such incidents had hardened me. The media try to make you think police are everywhere and able to find you, but that is a bunch of bullshit. I was shocked at just how helpless the police were to solve crimes that didn't have obvious motives. But while they don't give a shit about the peons, surely they would have more security for something like this?
  18. I fired the mortar off, and quickly left the rooftop, leaving it behind. I couldn't exactly carry it with me, nor did I want to be found with the thing on me during my escape. I had used a fake name and disguise when getting the room, so I had no fear that when they eventually found it that they would be able to catch up to me. I went to my car and drove away on my pre-determined escape route. I drove about 10 minutes away before I ran into pigs. I turned on the radio and heard that there was a terrorist attack on the white house. The mortar hit the target! There were no casualties, but the government was setting up roadblocks everywhere, and now I was stuck in one.
  20. When it was my turn, it was some lazy nigger officer. He asked me a couple questions about where I was going, and then waved me through the checkpoint. I thought to myself “This is their national security?”
  22. I got back to my place in the midwest, feeling overwhelmed at how easy it was to bomb the symbol of the System's governance. What was more interesting to me when I got back and looked on the internet, that a few groups were already claiming credit for the attack. One was your typical Muslim terrorist group somewhere in the middle east, but the one that interested me the most was calling itself the White Liberation Army.
  24. As I did some research into the WLA group taking credit for my handi-work, I found they had also taken credit for a number of other incidents. The last thing they took credit for was a young white kid shooting up a bunch of niggers in a church somewhere. The kid was taken alive and never claimed to be a part of this group, and most people were
  25. sure they were lying. Just a bunch of angry white men online anonymously pretending to be starting the race war we all know is coming one day.
  27. I guess I was a little peeved at first by the WLA taking credit for my hard work, but as read their website, I agreed with almost everything they were saying. White people in this society are enslaved to jews and their agenda. The jewish media and their non-jewish Zionist lackeys have forced integration with blacks on this nation, and have warped the
  28. minds of the white nation youth to go along with it. White men were being recruited to fight in wars to die for the lies of jews. The media was trying to turn young white men into faggots, and make white girls grow up to think their best chance for success in this life is to miscegenate with niggers the System has decided to make rich for playing
  29. basketball or creating coon-music for the white youth to consume.
  31. While I initially saw them as cowardly, I realized they were the people I was hoping for. I only started my one man army to wage war against the System because there was no army like this one to join. The WLA were generals in our liberation war, but what they needed was soldiers, and a method to command them.
  33. I initially decided against trying to contact them online. After all, it could just be some sort of government trap, to lure in people who think like me. Looking at the website further, I saw they had a list of targets that needed to be exterminated. Many of these were obviously high-profile targets that would either be difficult or impossible to get
  34. close to. But many of them were actually fairly ordinary people, low down on the System food-chain.
  36. One was a washed up old jewish actress, who had taken to social media to spew lots of garbage. The WLA people got wind of her and put her on this list, and even provided the address where she was currently staying. For a guy that just got away scot-free launching a mortar shell at the White House, I figure another home invasion would be a cakewalk in comparison. I just needed a way to let the WLA know that this time, they really could take credit for it.
  38. I decided to use internet proxies and a disposable email service to send them a message. I used their public PGP for extra security. I told them within the next few days, a certain person on their list would dead, but for now I wouldn't tell them who, just in case they were a government trap and would alert them before I could get to them.
  40. I sent off the encrypted email, and started making my way to the address given on the WLA's list of targets. It wasn't too far, about a 10 hour drive to somewhere in southern California. I took with me one of my old USPS uniforms. Pretending to be a postal carrier I found was an easy way to conceal a weapon on you, and have people lower their guard and open the door for you.
  42. When I got there, I changed into the uniform in my car, and parked it about half a mile away. I rang the doorbell. I was surprised to see the old washed up jew-hag herself open the door. I said “Package for xxx, could you please sign here?” As she was signing, I took the liberty to pistol whip her back into the door, and closed the door behind me. She
  43. was knocked out. I quickly went around, looking to see if anyone else was in the house. I found a nigger in the bedroom. The night stands were covered in malt-liquor bottles, and it appeared the guy was still out like a light. I took the pillow from the other side of the bed, put it on his face, pressed my pistol against the pillow and fired. I looked
  44. for more people in the house, but couldn't find anyone else. The jew-hag was still laying on the floor, knocked out cold. I took a cushion from the loveseat and pressed it against her face as well, and pulled the trigger.
  46. From my previous experience, I knew I had enough time to loot some valuables. I found a few thousand dollars on the nigger, as well as a lot of drugs that he was probably selling to the jew-hag. I found some jewelry that I might be able to sell later, but not much else. I left the house and quickly walked back to the car, and drove back to my safe
  47. house.
  49. I was going to make contact with the WLA again, but it seems I already had a reply from them. “Did you kill that jew-bitch xxx? We will be taking credit for this in our media. We need to get in touch with you ASAP. You are the sort of guy we have been looking for. We're going to need you to command some of the new recruits we have made.”
  51. That was how it all began...
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