Battle Brothers - Lone Wolf Ranger

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  1. Main menu text:
  3. You are your village\'s forester. Lately you've started encountering more bandits and strange beasts in your woods than ever before. After a few close calls you've begun to wonder if you are still able to ensure the safety of your people all by yourself. It may be that it\'s time to seek some help.
  5. [color=#bcad8c]Ranger:[/color] Start as a lone, experienced hunter.
  6. [color=#bcad8c]Pathfinder\\Tracker:[/color] You travel faster and see footprints from further away.
  7. [color=#bcad8c]Travel Light:[/color] You can carry fewer items in your company\'s inventory.
  8. [color=#bcad8c]Forest guardian:[/color] Hates poachers and raiders.
  9. [color=#bcad8c]Wolfpack:[/color] Can never lead more than 18 men.
  10. [color=#bcad8c]Avatar:[/color] If your ranger dies, the campaign ends.
  14. Char background:
  16. The Lone Wolf, a Ranger acting as guardian and sole protector of both your people and the woods. You have kept them safe for years; most often from each other. Something wrong is happening with the world lately and you don\'t think you can do it all on your own anymore. As much as you may hate to admit to it may be time for this lone wolf to form a pack.  Maybe it\'s all just an excuse to finally find some good company.
  20. Intro:
  22. The fletcher\'s boy saw some \'monsters\' roaming the forest not far from the village. Normally you wouldn't take him seriously as he\'s not one of the brightest kids out there and the last monster he saw turned out to be nothing more than wild boar. This time though something was different.
  24. You ventured into your woods to check it out. You\'ve long ago taken it upon yourself to keep the village safe and the forest safe from the village. During that time you\'ve caught countless poachers and rewarded many a raider with a arrow through the throat when they've strayed into your woods. Last winter you even had to put down a pack of frenzied dire wolfs and have the scars to prove it. All of this you\'ve accomplished on your own.
  26. But this time would turn out to be different. That boy\'s terrified words planted a seed of doubt in your stomach. You have never seen anyone that scared, not even the poachers or raiders showed such primal fear.  In between the uncontrolled sobs and unceasing shudders all he managed was the word \'monsters\' and to point in the direction you\'re currently heading. Running through your mental bestiary of these woods you wonder would you'll find. A small part of you hopes it isn't Webknechts. You shudder at the thought of those disgusting eight limbed monstrosities and find comfort in the fact they haven't been seen around here for years.
  28. You are ripped from your thoughts as you come across your first sign of your quarry. You squat down to examine the set of tracks and let out a sigh of relief as they appear to be human. There is something odd about them, but they're definitely human. Perhaps a group of poachers thinking themselves clever with attempt to mask their tracks or some raiders who wandered a bit too far for a piss.  You set off after the tracks and imagine the trouble the boy will find himself in when you his father hears of the \'monsters\' you've found.
  34. The tracks weren't difficult to follow and soon you find find the owners. In the distance you spot two dark figures that are clearly human. As you draw closer and ready yourself for an easy kill you suddenly stop. That seed of doubt in your stomach returns and begins to grow.  These may once of been human but you now see they are beyond that.  These are something twisted and evil. As you ready your first shot you realize you are afraid, perhaps for the first time since childhood.
  36. As you loose your shot and fell one the other gives out a guttural scream and you hear movement all around you. The one in front stares at you and it\'s dead evil eyes hold your gaze before you can shake loose and throw yourself into action. That dead stare cultivated the seed of fear inside you leaving you paralyzed for previous seconds. Seconds were all that were needed for the others to burst from the undergrowth around you.
  38. Luckily the muscle memory and instincts built by these long lonely years as a Ranger took over.  Soaked in the creature's black stinking blood as well as your own your crimson you stand victorious but only just.  
  40. You manage to drag yourself back to your village and recover from your injuries with the aid of your people. This new threat and your first real brush with death has sewn new doubts.  What if there\'s more of them? You\'ve been the Lone Wolf for so long and always managed if not thrived on your own...  But now?
  42. Perhaps it is time for the Lone Wolf to find a pack.
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