Top secret consensual cuddles

Jul 12th, 2014
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  1. >Living in the middle of absolutely nowhere isn't too bad when you want solitude.
  2. >Solar panels keep you off the grid, and a small farm provides enough food to get by easily.
  3. >Life out here would have been great, if not for one thing...
  4. >Apparently top secret government agencys or something decided your particular patch of forest was perfect for testing in, and some crazy machine ended up sucking up you, your house, your farm and that one stump you could never get rid of and shoving you through a tiny hole in reality, leaving you god knows where.
  5. >At this point, you're not sure if you're alive or stuck in some technicolor limbo, but at least where you came out is nice.
  6. >A bright and colourful land filled with equally colourful ponies.
  7. >The wings and horns on some are odd, but they're pretty friendly, and there's usually at least one or two stopping by each day.
  8. >It all probably started with that bright pink one.
  9. >Seeing as you used to live in the middle of nowhere, books were your primary entertainment, though you do also have an old tv and Sega Genesis for some days.
  10. >Well, while reading one day, you were startled as a bright pink pony suddenly hopped up onto your lap, smiling at your face.
  11. >These ponies are quite clever, as most are able to open your door, though some just paw at it with a hoof a bit before you let them in.
  12. >This pony though, never came in through the door, so it was a real surprise since you heard no sound of her approach.
  13. >Her earnest smile and innocent look makes you smile back, and so your first response was to put your hand on her head and scratch behind her ears.
  14. >If you didn't know better, you'd swear she was a dog based on her reaction.
  15. >Eyes close, her tongue sticks out while still smiling and one of her rear legs starts twitching, before she relaxed onto your chest.
  16. >Switching from scratching her ears to petting her back, she nuzzled into your neck as you turned your attention back to your book.
  17. >Time passed like this, and as abruptley as it started, it ends, as she jumps up and runs out of the house.
  18. >It was a couple days before the next pony showed up, a quiet yellow and pink one who nudged under your hand for ear scratches while you were resting in your hammock.
  19. >She didn't take long before she fluttered up onto the hammock with you, nestling herself in the crook of your arm.
  20. >Most of the day went by like that, the snuggly yellow pony in your arms while naping.
  21. >As it is now, at least once a day, there is a pony stopping by, rain or shine.
  22. >The yellow one is a frequent visitor, along with a minty green one with a horn and of course, the pink one.
  23. >Today though, you'd get a new pony, one quite different from the others...
  25. ~The day prior, Canterlot Castle~
  27. >Royal court is brought to a close, and with all the grace and poise you have left, you slowly trot to your room.
  28. >Once inside, the stresses of the day are let out it a loud sigh.
  29. >The first thing you notice is a letter from your student on your desk.
  30. >She has been sending a lot lately, most requesting biology and behaviour sociology books.
  31. >Sinking into your favourite cushion in front of the fire, you float over the letter.
  32. " 'Dear Princess Celestia', Ah Twilight, you're always so formal."
  33. >*Dear Princess Celestia...
  34. >This letter is to inform you as to all I have learned about a new being living near ponyville.*
  35. >Quirking your eyebrow, all Twilight's previous requests start to make sense.
  36. >*After questioning ponies who have met the being, verbal communication is impossible, though unnecessary for what most ponies visit for.
  37. >Few revealed this to me, but some digging uncovered many ponies were going to it for... innapropriate acts.
  38. >Ear scratches and belly rubs abound, but worst of all, cuddles.
  39. >And it showed no signs of caring either, even though it has done such things with more than fourty ponys.
  40. [spoiler]>That's as many as four tens, and that's terrible.[/spoiler]
  41. >But still, with the lack of communication between it and us, it's not like it will use such information against us, no matter who it cuddles.
  42. >Pinkie feels it is a male, though we have no way to confirm as it wears clothing all the time.
  43. >With it being a whole different unknown species, at least there is no risk of anything, so I guess many ponies who have heard the rumor of it giving such lewd acts think of it as commitment free consentual cuddling.
  44. >Still, I felt at this time it was important you learned of this.
  45. >Your faithful student, Twilight Sparkle*
  46. "Commitment free consentual cuddles? Who'd have figured there'd be any of that in this day and age, but..."
  47. >Looking at your soft and comfortable, but at the same time, cold and lonely bed, you sigh.
  48. "But I am a princess, and such things are unbecoming of one in my position."
  49. "Still, it would be negligent of me to not make sure this unknown creature isn't dangerous."
  50. "Yes, an overnight test or two should prove it."
  51. >With your plan set, you begin preparations so nobody would notice you missing for the next few nights.
  53. ~Back at your house~
  55. >Today slowly crawls to a close, the most recent pony having left here around dinner time, and you prepare for bed.
  56. >As you head to the kitchen for a glass of water, you hear a soft knocking at the door.
  57. >Which is odd, considering the only pony that knocks so softly is the shy yellow one, and she always comes in the middle of the day, never near the end of the day.
  58. >Pondering who it could be, you divert from your water quest and head to the door.
  59. ~
  60. 'Oh goodness, this is it...' you think to yourself, nervously stepping in place, your bare hooves clicking against the stone path.
  61. >Footsteps approach from the other side of the door, and for a split second, you consider teleporting away.
  62. >The knob clicks then turns, and you find your gaze wandering down to pony height, where all you see is a pair of legs in pants.
  63. >Slowly looking up, you eventually meet it's eyes, at least a foot above yours, and you take a half step back, stumbling on a small ledge in the path.
  64. >This causes your rear legs to go out, making you land hard on your butt in a sitting position.
  65. >Wincing in pain, you miss the movements of the creature, it's hand suddenly meeting your head and rubbing down your neck.
  66. >Strange but soft and comforting sounds come from it as it pets your neck.
  67. ~
  68. >Kneeling in fron of the new bigger white pony, you gently stroke its neck, comforting it after it's fall.
  69. "There there, it's alright," you whisper, guiding it back to it's hooves.
  70. >As it does, you smile and scratch its ears, guiding it inside.
  71. >Leading it to the couch, you get it to sit down before examining it's hooves.
  72. ~
  73. >Following the creature's physical directions, you rest on it's couch, when it grabs your rear hooves.
  74. >About to protest, you realize it's touch is soft and probing, as if it's looking so see if you are alright.
  75. >Leaving it a moment to examine your hoof, it stops, satisfied you are fine, before going back to scratching your ears.
  76. >Oh what a heavenly sensation, like all your worries are being lifted away.
  77. >Your eyes close and you push yourself further into it's hand, relishing this feeling.
  78. ~
  79. >Like the other ponies, this one seems to be here to get some affection, though it's getting late.
  80. >As you yawn, the pony nudges you to rise, and they do as well.
  81. >Without having ever been in your house before, they nudge you along to your bedroom before climbing onto your bed.
  82. >Noticing your hesitation, she, as you can now see, pats the bed with a wing before laying on her side.
  83. >This pony wants to be spooned?
  84. >Shaking your head, you press a hand to your face for considering it.
  85. "Then again, it's no different from napping in my hammock, I guess..."
  86. ~
  87. >Lying on the bed, you fear for a moment it'll reject you, but then a shift comes from beside you.
  88. >It moves around on the bed a bit, before you feel its arm wrap around your chest.
  89. >You manage to make a squeak as it, no, he, definitely a he, pulls you close.
  90. >This is the warmth you sought, close without being intimate, like a long hug from a friend.
  91. >His chest against your back, his breath occasionally washing over your neck and his hand making small rubbing motions on your belly, you feel the safest and the most satisfied you have in decades.
  92. 'Maybe even centuries,' you think to yourself, letting the warmth slowly drag you to sleep.
  93. >Nestled in this male's grip, you can't help but smile as you drift to sleep.
  94. ~
  95. >Morning comes with you feeling better than ever, the large white pony still curled up firmly in your arms.
  96. >Trying to let her go ends up with you being held by the glowy magic aura thing the ponies with horns can do, keeping you held around her.
  97. >Your hands are free though, and after snuggling and petting so many ponies, you know how to make them bend.
  98. >Starting with the chest, you make slow circles, working your way down and picking up speed as you go.
  99. >Soon, she's squirming and kicking her leg in pleasure, and her magic fades.
  100. >Slipping away, you get up from the bed and head for the bathroom.
  101. ~
  102. >Your snugglebuddy, after spiraling your mind to bliss escapes from your grasp and the room while you recover.
  103. >Getting up yourself, you perform a few stretches, feeling bright, chipper and more energetic than you have in a long time.
  104. >Eagerly trotting from the bedroom, you follow your senses to where he went.
  105. >The search leads you to a door, but as you try the knob, it doesn't turn, likely locked.
  106. >The sound of water raining down suddenly comes from the room, and you blush, realizing that it's a bathroom, and you just about walked in on him without his clothing.
  107. >Searching around, you find his kitchen, and with a little fiddling, you get toast started.
  108. >His fridge contains little in the way of toppings save a few jams, so you bring out a selection.
  109. >Moments later, the toaster pops, and you set the toast on a plate.
  110. ~
  111. >After your quick shower, you head to the kitchen where you can hear the pony's hooves clicking against the floor, when your toaster goes pop.
  112. >With how clever these ponies have been before, one making toast shouldn't really surprise you, but still, seeing her floating a butterknife with jam on it while covering toast with said jam is still a little weird.
  113. >For her own toast, it seems she chose strawberry, and left yours to your own devices.
  114. >Spreading grape on your own, you take a seat next to her at the table.
  115. "Thanks for making breakfast," you say, giving her a quick scratch behind the ears, before digging in.
  116. >She replies with a strawberry jam frosted smile, which makes you chuckle.
  117. >After breakfast is done, she quickly tidies up before heading for the door.
  118. ~
  119. >As much as you'd love to spend more time here, snuggling and getting pet, duty does call.
  120. >At the door, you turn back to the kindly male, and nuzzle against his chest, a thank you for the night, so to speak.
  121. >In return, he runs his hand down your neck, before breaking the embrace.
  122. >Waving with a wing, you take off, heading back to the castle, back to your normal, plain life.
  123. "I will return, my new friend, that I promise."
  124. >Smiling to yourself, you speed up, eager to get through the day so you may return for more affection tonight.
  125. "He still hasn't proven himself safe yet after all."
  126. >And it will take a LOT of proving to convince you.
  127. >And a lot of snuggles, too.
  130. Part 2
  135. >Resting on your throne, you feel your hoof tapping as you wait for the day to end, the comfort that awaits you creeping up on your mind.
  136. >A twitch of your ears, the flesh longing for the touch of his fingers, an itch on your back that yearns to be scratched by his dexterous digits.
  137. >Your wings ruffle, feathers feeling off, but rather than the desire to preen, you wish you could have him running his hands through them, gently straigtening the feathers.
  138. >Then after, how his arms would engulf you, warming you to your core with care.
  139. >Intimate contact without fear of repercusions, the greatest pleasure for one with power and status.
  140. >Squirming and writing, you imagination takes over as you imagine all the things you could do with him.
  141. >More reach around bellyrubs, or perhaps some base of the horn rubbing, or maybe he'll even do face to face cuddling.
  142. >You let out a squee, before an outside cough snaps your attention back to reality.
  143. >Looking down, on of your advisors is there, head turned away, but a faint bit of red visible on his cheeks.
  144. >"If your majesty is back from her daydream, there is a pressing meeting you must attend."
  145. "Yes, my appologies, I allowed my mind to wander too far. Now, please, lead on," you say, rising to your hooves.
  146. 'Today is going to be abnormally long, isn't it...' you mentally sigh to yourself, following the advisor to the meeting room.
  147. ~
  148. >Shadows lengthen as the moon rises when you hear a soft tapping at your door.
  149. >Opening it reveals the same pony from last night, though she looks rather worn out, her wings drooping a little and her mane all fluffy and out of place.
  150. >Looking up, she notices you and smiles, that smile growing as you scratch gently under her chin.
  151. >She follows you inside without hesitation, climbing onto the couch as you motion her to.
  152. >What does confuse her is when you leave the room, as her head is tilted curiously when you get back.
  153. >This curiosity doesn't last long though, as she spots what you got from the other room.
  154. >A brush you got, designed for usage with ponies, for mane, tail and coat.
  155. >Sitting on the couch next to her, she instantly lowers her head into your lap, and you get to work.
  156. ~
  157. 'Oh, this must be what Elysium feels like,' you mentally sigh to yourself as the long coarse bristles of the brush slowly comb through your mane.
  158. >What made it all the better, however, is the hand that followed, running down the length of where the brush straightened, pressing it down into obedience.
  159. >Not that you or your mane would ever consider resisting such comfort and care.
  160. >Before long, he finishes with your mane, gently scootching you forward on his lap, your chest now resting on his legs.
  161. >The brush is flipped, and he runs the fine, expertly shaped metal teeth through your fur, removing all clumps with ease.
  162. >Unlike with your mane though, his hand softly massages the paths he has brushed.
  163. >Stress vaporizes like sweat on a hot day as he works, your body melting into his lap.
  164. >As he reaches your tail, you sit up in his lap, resting your head on his shoulder as he takes the brush through the pink poof that is your tail.
  165. >It makes it much easier to handle, after all.
  166. >A brief tugging at your tail later, and you hear the brush set aside.
  167. ~
  168. >With the big pony brushed and tidied, you grab her around her waist and heave her up.
  169. >There's a loud squeak as you do, and you turn her around, nestling her along your side in one arm.
  170. >Grabbing the remote in your free hand, you click on the TV and start up the VCR.
  171. >Her attention is immediately grabbed by the sights and sounds, eyes widening in facination, but not leaving your grip.
  172. >Indiana Jones rolls on screen, and you realize you wish you grabbed some snacks first.
  173. >This turns out not to be a problem, though, as the pony in your grip floats over a bowl of popcorn, popped, buttered and steaming.
  174. >For being a useful pony, you decide to reward her the best way you know how.
  175. ~
  176. >The moment the bowl of popcorn hits the table, you feel him shift, before ten spots of pressure appear on your stomach.
  177. >There's barely a moment to brace yourself before they go crazy, scratching and rubbing like there's no tomorrow.
  178. >A small fragment of you wishes you could fight these base instincts, but the majority has taken control, and they are enjoying every second of the pleasure.
  179. >From your twitching rear hooves, to your mouth nipping at the air in euphoria, you lose yourself in the raw, base joy that is this creatures fingers rubbing your belly.
  180. >It shouldn't be possible for a pony to feel this good, but you are, snuggled up with pretty much a complete stranger in his house and the world will never know.
  181. >The rubbing only lasts a short time though, and as it fades, you can turn your attention back to snuggling and watching the magic picture box.
  182. >While interesting to watch, not understanding the dialogue does detract from it a bit...
  183. ~
  184. >With the pony settled and comfortable, you get into the movie, though having seen it several times does make it less interesting.
  185. >And as they say, idle hands are the devils playthings, and they soon wander to the pony's fluffy white wings.
  186. >As they touch the soft feathers, the pony tenses up, before melting even further into your arm and the couch.
  187. >Fondling the facilitators of flight, you feel some of them off as you brush down her wing, and with only minor effort, they come loose in your hands.
  188. >It's not long before her wings are straight, aligned and ready for use, and you have a small collection of feathers.
  189. >Setting them aside, you keep one and stick it in behind your ear so it sticks up like from a hat.
  190. >The pony looks up at you, and their reaction you could only call laughing, the sound soft and sweet.
  191. ~
  192. >Looking up at the male, you see one of your freshly preened feathers behind his ear, sticking up like a flag, and without thinking, you laugh.
  193. >He doesn't seem offended by it though, instead, his jaw curves into a smile as well.
  194. >Below your perception, one hand approaches your face, when a sudden pressure pushes against your nose, and a sound that sounds very much like "boop" comes from him.
  195. >Your eyes cross as you look at the thing pressing in your nose, and you see it's one of his fingers.
  196. >You feel yourself blushing bright, but at the same time, you feel compelled to act.
  197. >Reaching back up with one of your hooves, you press against what you're pretty sure is his nose and make the same sound back.
  198. >The ancient Alicorn wedding ritual of nose booping.
  199. >It feels surreal that you just did it, but then, it's not like anyone would know, so it's not binding either.
  200. >Oh, you feel so naughty right now, snuggled up to a stranger that you just married on a whim.
  201. >A thousand years of celibacy, thrown away with just a touch, the scandal it would cause.
  202. >But right now, you don't care, you're snuggled in, warm, happy and not wanting to move.
  203. ~
  204. >Man these ponies are silly.
  205. >This one just booped your nose after you booped it's.
  206. >It was probably just immitating the action, but it's still silly.
  207. >Giving her a brief belly rub, you turn back to the movie and popcorn, which has cooled to an acceptable level.
  208. >Munching down with you, her popcorn floats over in a white aura.
  209. >A naughty thought comes to you, and you set a piece of popcorn on the pony's nose.
  210. >For a moment, it sits there, unmolested as the pony looks at it, before her long pink tongue reaches up for it.
  211. >Like a dog going for a treat, her tongue flails and worms around, trying to get the treat, despite the bowl of it within her crazy magical grip.
  212. ~
  213. >Looking at the popcorn kernel on your nose, you ponder for a moment if it's worthwhile doing what you think he wants you to do, before mentally shrugging.
  214. 'Who will know, even if I do,' you think to yourself, before sticking your tongue out and attempting to snag the errant snack.
  215. >Despite your higher faculties, it proves to be a more difficult task than you thought, and you brow quickly scrunches as you focus entirely on the treat.
  216. >So much so that you lose any perception of the outside world.
  217. >Only getting this accursed popcorn and proving you are capable to your "husband".
  218. >A touch of salty, buttery taste hits your tongue, and with a final push, you envelop it and suck it into your mouth.
  219. >Your victory is sweet, as is your reward, as fingers come up under your jaw and softly scratch your chin in that one spot you can never get very well.
  220. 'So worth it,' you think, a content smile on your lips as he rewards you.
  221. >His affection doesn't last long though, as an explosion suddenly goes off, and you practically jump in your seat.
  222. >He swiftly calms you with a hand rubbing your head, and points to the magic picture box, where the aftereffects of the fake explosion can be seen.
  223. ~
  224. >Calming the startled pony, you rub her head and pull her closer with your other arm.
  225. >You've noticed it several times, but this pony is extra soft compared to other ones, perfect for hugging like a big teddy bear or body pillow.
  226. >And hug you do, making sure the pony has no way to escape your grip while you watch the movie.
  227. >Not that she minds; in fact, it seems like she has no desire to move either.
  228. >The movie rolls on, and while still enjoyable, it loses a little something after the fourth time.
  229. >But now, it's time for bed, and the pony in your arms deffinetly knows it.
  230. >The moment you make a move to rise, she hops off and trots towards the bedroom, looking at you expectantly.
  231. "Yeah, just a minute, I have to clean up first," you say, indicating the bowl of popcorn and feathers, "go on ahead, I'll be there shortly."
  232. >She tilts her head a moment, before nodding and walking to the bedroom.
  233. >Putting the bowl in the kitchen, you take the feathers and dig out your album.
  234. >Occasionally the winged pony's lose a feather here, and you've started collecting them, storing them in your book with a quick sketch of the brand on their flank.
  235. >Hers is the newest, and by far the largest to be added, joining yellow quiet's and three dragonflys's ones, along with a few others.
  236. >Sliding it and a sketch carefully into the pouch, you seal it, and put the album away.
  237. >Time to spoon a horse with a sun on her butt.
  238. >Again.
  239. >Sometimes, you love your life here.
  240. ~
  241. >Minutes tick by while you wait for your bed buddy to come, and like yesterday, you start to fear he rejected you.
  242. 'Was I not satisfactory yesterday? Did I smell unpleasant? Did I accidently poke or kick him?'
  243. >These questions and more run through your head, till you hear the sound of a book closing, and his footsteps approaching.
  244. >Quivering in anticipation, you roll over to face the open side, hoping he will do face to face spooning.
  245. >At the door, he sees you and pauses a moment, before quickly runnning off.
  246. >He returns a moment later with a cork, which confuses you.
  247. >Sliding into bed, he rests a hand on your cheek, gently rubbing and drawing your attention away from the other hand.
  248. >To say you're shocked is an understatement, as the other hand suddenly pushes the cork onto the tip of your horn, it getting embedded there.
  249. >You have no time to react though, as his arms are around you in the next moment, and you're pulled in tight to his chest, the two of you laying down.
  250. >Your horn rests close to his ear, which explains the cork, and with that, you feel satisfied you can sleep.
  251. >Especially since you're practically stuck breathing in his deep, masculine and comforting scent.
  252. >His body slowly pulls you closer, wrapping around you comfortingly, to the point you can even feel his man parts against your lower belly.
  253. 'Such an intimate position,' you mentally squeal, nosing in tighter, 'If only I could take him home with me, and use him wherever.'
  254. "Ah well, this will do for now," you sigh quietly, "this will do nicely."
  255. >Life is wonderful now~<3
  258. >That morning, when you walked into the throne room, you got a peculiar look from your sister.
  259. >"Sister, why is there a cork on your horn?"
  260. "Oh, it was something to help me sleep, and it worked wonders, I guess I just forgot it was there."
  261. >Her look continues to be strange, but she doesn't question further.
  262. >If she did, she might have to take a vacation on the moon.
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