cleartonic Nov 4th, 2015 189 Never
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  1. Getting subscribers yesterday was very humbling, the whole thing is still kinda strange and surreal. However it gives me inspiration to keep streaming and speed run. I want to help the RPG speed run community grow so hopefully that comes across in time.
  3. JRTA has been a lot of fun to prepare for, very excited to play 2 great games.
  5. Afterwards I'm going to still play DQIII and work through FFVIj (but that won't be for awhile.) Not 100% for Mega Man plans, but I think I know what I'm doing. Though MM10 has been really fun to play for JRTA, I don't think I'll get back into RTAing it, maybe a race here and there.
  7. I think I'm done playing the FFVI casual hack, it already feels like a time sink and I'd rather speed run.
  9. Cya
  10. clearFacial
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