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  1. Fuzz
  2. #3086
  4. [11:20 AM]Ganen:With Sunah bumping up from class lead to officer, would anyone be opposed to promoting Cheese to class lead in his place?
  5. [12:08 PM]Fuzz:Did someone nuke the whole message history?
  6. [12:08 PM]Fuzz:in this channel
  7. [12:08 PM]Ganen:appears so
  8. [12:08 PM]Fuzz:That's... weird
  9. [12:09 PM]Fuzz:I'm good for bumping Cheeze as long as he knows the other specs, but I think he's our best bet
  10. [12:09 PM]Ganen:
  12. [12:10 PM]Ganen:from the audit logs^
  13. [12:10 PM]Fuzz:@Dagnabbit Why did you delete all the history?
  14. [12:10 PM]Braids:I suggest Suna
  15. [12:10 PM]Fuzz:Sunah: Officer, Suna: Class Lead?
  16. [12:11 PM]Ganen:I think having Cheese as a class lead makes sense because even if he doesn't know the other specs fully, he has Suna to lean on as well. And ya, #1 boomie
  17. [12:12 PM]Fuzz:I agree
  18. [12:12 PM]Braids:I think Cheese is the right man for the job
  19. [12:27 PM]Dagnabbit Phone:@fuzz I was instructed to
  20. [1:18 PM]Entreri:Yea cheese wiz is the best boomy
  21. [1:58 PM]Mendel:Cheese is my vote
  22. [1:58 PM]Mendel:How about rogue?
  23. [1:59 PM]Ganen:@Entreri who ya got?
  24. [1:59 PM]Mendel:Entreri is an officer now
  25. [1:59 PM]Braids:Kiaree?
  26. [1:59 PM]Mendel:So
  27. [1:59 PM]Mendel:Yeah
  28. [1:59 PM]Mendel:Who ya git
  29. [1:59 PM]Ganen:edited to reflect the real question*
  30. [2:00 PM]Mendel:Rogues are a bunch of troublemakers
  31. [2:00 PM]Mendel:Let's let em run loose
  32. [2:00 PM]Mendel:Headless and listless
  33. [2:04 PM]Entreri:i think kiaree would be a solid choice on knowledge of class he also helped me with seeing rogues doing shit theyre not suposed to
  34. [2:04 PM]Entreri:honestly i dont think there would even be a good other option than him
  35. [2:04 PM]Ganen:My vote's also kiaree, he's around enough and is knowledgeable
  36. [2:05 PM]Entreri:lol
  37. [2:05 PM]Entreri:just read @Mendel  comment
  38. [2:06 PM]Entreri:my last 3 1v1s with mageflex i smoked him
  39. [2:06 PM]Ganen:I would just check in and see if he wants it also.
  40. [2:06 PM]Entreri:yea for sure
  41. [2:07 PM]Entreri:def i will talk to him if everyone agrees
  42. [2:10 PM]Advan:Kiaree has also been openly insubordinate to leadership several times and has made it clear that personal gear is the most important thing to him, so I would be careful about that choice
  43. [2:19 PM]Advan:And you might also want to consider Arboreous for druids, as he has been raiding from the beginning. He may not be into it, I know hes not on voice a lot, but he should at least get consideration
  44. [2:22 PM]Ganen:Of note, cheese has been in since week 2 of raiding as well. They're both decent choices.
  45. [2:22 PM]Ganen:
  47. [2:23 PM]Mendel:Glad to see you back around D
  48. [2:23 PM]Mendel:And that you're work schedule is finally set
  49. [2:23 PM]Advan:I'm not making a strike against cheese, I'm saying there is someone else that also deserves consideration in that discussion
  50. [2:23 PM]Dagnabbit Phone:Advan brings up a valid point. Knowledge and presence is an important part of the role but we also have to consider suitability in all potential areas of the role and every viable candidate should be considered and spoken to about interest
  51. [2:24 PM]Mendel:So advan
  52. [2:24 PM]Mendel:You gonna try to raid tonight?
  53. [2:25 PM]Advan:Im going to try, but im not sure if I'll be up for it yet.
  54. [2:26 PM]Advan:I ended up not going home and instead driving to the union hall to sleep in the parking lot until class
  55. [2:26 PM]Mendel:damn man
  56. [2:26 PM]Mendel:that schedule is rough as hell
  57. [2:27 PM]Advan:It was gonna be 3 hours driving home and back out to maybe get 4 hours of sleep if I could fall asleep right away
  58. [2:28 PM]Advan:Our final is in 2 weeks, so all goes well that part will be done
  59. [2:28 PM]Advan:Then it's just trying to adjust to the schedule, leaving at 845pm home around 930a
  60. [2:29 PM]Entreri:eesshhh
  61. [2:29 PM]Entreri:i hate overnights
  62. [2:29 PM]Entreri:hopefully oyhur body adjusts quick
  63. [2:31 PM]Advan:I think it will be easier for me than it was for Ryan since im used to going nights for a few weeks at a time from the last job
  64. [2:31 PM]Advan:But the 10 hour instead of 8 makes a huge difference when you're already tired at the end of the night
  65. [2:34 PM]Entreri:yea and you have hour commute alrdy?
  66. [2:35 PM]Advan:It's closer to an hour and a half in the morning, for some reason the traffic leaving DC was heavier at 8 than I expected
  67. [2:37 PM]Advan:And it's like 1hr 5-1hr 10 coming in because they are doing a lot of highway construction at night. And then having to get screened into the building sucks, but at least it's basically only us and the security guards, and 2 of the main 3 were the same each night and they have been pretty cool, they are interested in what we are doing so we can kill some time BSing with them
  68. [2:39 PM]Advan:
  70. [2:40 PM]Advan:That's where we are after 2 nights
  71. [2:40 PM]Advan:And that blue circle is where I found this
  72. [2:40 PM]Advan:
  74. [2:41 PM]Ganen:sweet, free lunch lol
  75. [2:41 PM]Advan:Yep!
  76. [2:45 PM]Advan:I'm happy to see that it seems that you guys have gotten the guild back on track and having a more positive identity
  77. [2:49 PM]Ganen:Yea the guild size has nearly doubled over the last month. Needed some response to the new people and some changes to keep things together imo
  78. [2:50 PM]Ganen:Good news is that transfers end on friday so from my perspective, the guild is fairly locked in with what we have now.
  79. [2:51 PM]Entreri:its classic will always be shifts with guilds disbanding breaking up stuff like that theres a good amount of raiding guilds /pugging guilds currently
  80. [2:51 PM]Entreri:so always shift andsupply of new raiders
  81. [2:52 PM]Entreri:but we are shaping up nicely
  82. [3:00 PM]Mendel:I'm not taking this outside here yet
  83. [3:02 PM]Entreri:for class lead? yea def gotta brainstorm and look at all options
  84. [3:39 PM]Ganen:From going through the list of people who are in discord + comparing to what we have in game I have two observations:
  85. 1. There are a lot of people who don't use their in-game main's name as their discord nickname
  86. 2. There are a lot of people from group 2 that are not in this discord.
  87. [3:39 PM]Mendel:@Alcaraz
  88. [3:40 PM]Ganen:To streamline some of the visibility for people, I've created roles for group 1 and group 2 to set up a quick reference in discord for who's in what raid. It's hard to complete with the above two issues
  89. [3:40 PM]Mendel:please see number 2 on ganen's list
  90. [3:40 PM]Mendel:and have all members of your raid core sign up on this discord server
  91. [5:11 PM]Fuzz:@Advan  can you pass server ownership over to me? Ganen and I have been working on infrastructure and we need full rights
  92. [5:12 PM]Advan:I dont have it, Ash does
  93. [5:13 PM]Fuzz:@Shandor can you pass server owner over? Ganen and I are working on infrastructure and we need full rights
  94. [5:14 PM]Advan:Hes at PAX unplugged for the weekend, dont expect to hear from him
  95. [5:16 PM]Advan:Should be able to do it with that now though
  96. [5:17 PM]Fuzz:Thanks! That helps a bit, at least can modify almost all roles
  97. [5:18 PM]Advan:Ganen has it now as well
  98. [5:33 PM]Ganen:Gonna post an announcement asking people to switch their discord server nickname to their in-game name to make life easier
  99. [5:34 PM]Ganen:if everyone's cool with that
  100. [5:37 PM]Dagnabbit Phone:I think that's  a good idea
  101. [5:43 PM]Ganen:anybody disagree with that decision @everyone ?
  102. [5:43 PM]Mendel:yes please do
  103. [5:43 PM]Mendel:we tried that a long while ago
  104. [5:43 PM]Mendel:but its time to do it again
  105. [5:44 PM]Advan:I've meant to do that from a long time back
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