Magik's thoughts about ptr update

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  1. Role Queue: Really awesome and I love the idea of having different sr per each role. In the interview with Seagull and Jeff, Jeff stated that this is a mmr reset in a way since they've been tracking our stats on each role for a year now. Only problem that really pops up is in lower ranks when the tank players can both only play off tank or main tank. Dps really isn't an issue nor is support since most of those are roughly the same.
  3. Global Ultimate increase: I think it helps that this is in the game. Playing ptr I don't notice to much of a difference compared to live, however this helps with just not having ults every fight. EX: Being able to be get tranq and square per fight is kinda ridiculous.
  5. Slowing Effects: God mei is annoying, NEXT
  7. Bug in which full damage was no dealt: Man, this is actually great. I love being able to land every single one of my shots on any hero I play :)
  9. Ashe: There could've been more to this than just a light reload time decrease tbh. This does help Ashe become a little more prevalent but it's still not enough.
  11. Brigitte: I honestly think this helps make brig not just a "we can't have ana/mercy brig, this isn't enough healing". This change just makes her less of a dps/tank and more of a support. I legit had fun testing her out, wild.
  13. Doomfist: QoL, not much to talk about.
  15. Moira: Another QoL, but this makes it better for in case you don't see a stun coming, you can still get out of it and hopefully win the team-fight.
  17. Orisa: Helps with making her not as strong, but honestly if you have a shield down and throw one in the air before the enemy shows up. You'll have three shields for that fight since shield is coming off cooldown during the fight.
  19. Reinhardt: A million times yes, finally something that makes Reinhardt bearable to play instead of just being CC'd.
  21. Sombra: This might not seem like a huge nerf, but if your playing zen and you got tranq it's now so much easier to tranq instead of needing to be out of LoS or out of range of EMP. Also easier to stun her with any character now, so that's cool.
  23. Symmetra: She's more annoying now, it's great that tp is getting so much better. But if you're playing against her and you don't destroy tp right away you're fucked.
  25. Tracer: Most people wanted the 400 back, but honestly why would you. You don't need to be killing tanks as tracer, just one clip the supports in the backline so your team wins the fight. This change will not make dive meta again, there's way more ways to counter dive now.
  27. Wrecking Ball: Pretty cool buff gotta say, makes him more of a viable tank instead of just in triple/quad dps style comps.
  29. General Bug fixes: Always great to have small changes like these.
  31. Doomfist Bugs: Pretty good, more annoying for supports, but still pretty good.
  33. Bugs: Didn't even know this was a thing, but is the bug that just cancels dm's ability while touching walls gone yet?
  35. Lucio Bugs: QoL
  37. Zarya Bugs: QoL
  39. Overall: I think this update is the most game changing update since they added hero lock in season 2. This is something that will take time to think of more compositions and will allow people with more understanding of it to shine before everyone else.
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