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Fallout: Beyond Equestria, Session 16: Northern Blues p1

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  1. [2012-11-21 14:05:26] <Kkat> 3Fallout: Beyond Equestria, Session Sixteen: Northern Blues (Part One)  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aHjpOzsQ9YI
  2. [2012-11-21 14:05:38] <Kkat> 3Departure.
  3. [2012-11-21 14:09:15] <Kkat> 3Beyond the cavern lights of Darkness Falls, the blizzard-swept mountains of the Frozen Wasteland loom in wait for those brave or foalish enough to dare the dark peaks and fathomless chasms that separate the civilized world of Equestria from... everything else.
  4. [2012-11-21 14:14:37] <Kkat> 3Girded with supplies, a caravan group of ponies, two alicorns, a griffin and a hellhound begin their trek into the unknown.  Already, frigid wind greets them, lashing at their manes, tails and faces.  And within a couple hours, the old and broken road they follow begins to steepen, winding upwards.  White flakes of snow swirl in the gusts off the mountains.
  5. [2012-11-21 14:16:21] * Get_Lost is wearing her winter outfit, well closed and leaving just a small hole or the sunglasses... the mare tries her best to follow the group
  6. [2012-11-21 14:16:30] <Kkat> 3Above the cliffs, the sunlight that Equestria regained has again been lost, a heavy blanket of dark clouds obscuring the sky and shrouding the upper peaks.
  7. [2012-11-21 14:16:35] <Kkat> 3--- Session Begins ---
  8. [2012-11-21 14:18:12] * Noble_Heart stoically walks in the face of adversity and the elements! Or at least, does her best to do so, shivering just a bit without meaning to as the cold wind picks up. Even the large, tough pony wasn't particularly happy about trekking through frozen mountain passes.
  9. [2012-11-21 14:19:23] * Get_Lost mutters "speaking of elements, why didn't met something more friendly? like, the elements of harmony?"
  10. [2012-11-21 14:21:04] <Kid>     Kid hates the cold. If she had the opportunity to without removing her muzzle from the inside of her light blue foal's winter barding, she would scream her distaste from the top of the mountaintops. Haaaaate! "Mrfle mmph mmrple." She said behind the coat.
  11. [2012-11-21 14:24:06] * Bookwright shivers.
  12. [2012-11-21 14:25:09] * Shatara beats his wings against the frigid winds, trying to keep a watch from above
  13. [2012-11-21 14:25:15] <Kkat> 3Almost as if in response, a hunk of snow the size of a filly drops from a tree on the cliff above... and splats down just behind her, missing by less than a foot.
  14. [2012-11-21 14:26:18] * Bookwright steps around the snowplop, "It's probably not a good idea to provoke the fates, Kid."
  15. [2012-11-21 14:26:48] * CopyCat trots along quite happily, not feeling the cold at all thanks to Equestria's Love and the quilt tied around her neck that draped across her back. "I don't think it's quite that bad, Kid."
  16. [2012-11-21 14:27:59] * Get_Lost eeps and jumps aside, trying to not tread under falling weights
  17. [2012-11-21 14:29:55] * Kid goes head over hooves out of reflex and slowly ascends from the filly-deep snow with an extremely cross look in her eye and a small lump of snow on top of her hood. "Umph, Mmmf ffm." She said to Bookwright, eye wandering towards Copycat. How the hell did she understand her? Heck, she didn't even understand her.
  18. [2012-11-21 14:30:57] <Kkat> 3Ahead, a couple large, dead trees and a few rocks have fallen across the road.  Not by any means an insurmountable obstacle -- just a momentary inconvenience.
  19. [2012-11-21 14:31:56] * Bookwright turns his head and asks, "How often is this trail used, again?"
  20. [2012-11-21 14:32:49] <Kkat> 3From her overhead vantage, Shatara spots a pony crouched behind the trees, clad in dusty white winter barding.
  21. [2012-11-21 14:33:19] * Get_Lost "i think something in between from never and 'is this a trail? really?'"
  22. [2012-11-21 14:34:58] * Kid shakes the snow from her head and huffs, making it to the blockage. She folded her legs. Well, crap. Normally she would just climb over this sort of blockage, but this time she's risking slippage. Stupid snow. She needed a grappling hook. She retrieved her rope, then looked at the group. Pickaxe. She needed a pickaxe. "Mmph meef fmm mfrm mrr mphm."
  23. [2012-11-21 14:35:18] * Bookwright whistles a cheery tune slightly off-key as he crunches up to the trail snags. "Well, if we don't shift 'em someone else will. Anyone wanna lend a hoof?"
  24. [2012-11-21 14:42:46] * Shatara shouts a warning to the others, pointing out a pony amongst the fallen branches.
  25. [2012-11-21 14:44:14] * Noble_Heart moves up behind Bookwright and looks up and down the logs. "We believe We may be able to move these. Would you like Us to try?" She looked down to regard Bookwright curiously. "We would be surprised if any of Our friends were capable of moving them through brute force. Save perhaps Mitzi."
  26. [2012-11-21 14:45:05] * CopyCat turns to Bookwright. "I think Kid is after a pickaxe. Do you have one in your bags?" but her attention is caught by the sudden warning from above and she casts a spell reflexively.
  27. [2012-11-21 14:46:58] * Bookwright jumps backward at Shatara's warning.
  28. [2012-11-21 14:47:14] <Kkat> 3Snow continues to fall.
  29. [2012-11-21 14:47:21] * Get_Lost rises her head in alarm "he could be wounded!" without even thinking, the mare startes trotting towards the barricade
  30. [2012-11-21 14:49:20] * Kid holds Get_Lost back and nods at CopyCat. I'll handle getting that pony, don't you worry.
  31. [2012-11-21 14:50:04] * Noble_Heart steps up as her horn glows brightly, the traditional purple coat of energy encompassing the trees as she strains a few moments. Bit by bit they begin to move and shift, pulled from the ground as she shoves them to the side of the path, making a way for her friends to reach the pony on the other side.
  32. [2012-11-21 14:50:06] * Get_Lost frowns "but he could be dying of cold, or bleeding, or both! i'm a doctor!"
  33. [2012-11-21 14:52:19] * Noble_Heart spreads her wings and takes to the snowy air, flying up over the barricade some distance into the snowy skies to get her own look at the pony on the far side. She was certainly not strong enough to move the logs on her own.
  34. [2012-11-21 14:57:24] <Kkat> 3The body that Noble_Heart finds on the other side of the logs is that of an earth pony, clad in winterized Ranger Patrol Armor.  From the frost built up over his coat and the little icicles hanging from his muzzle, the corpse has been here for some time.
  35. [2012-11-21 14:57:58] * Bookwright calls out to Noble_Heart, "Is it clear?"
  36. [2012-11-21 14:58:19] * Get_Lost adds to the previous question "is he alive?"
  37. [2012-11-21 14:58:33] * Noble_Heart frowns and shakes her head, shivering a little in the cold air. "This pony has been dead for some time. We are uncertain how to clear the path. But there is no danger on this side." She glances around at the area around the 'path'. "At least that We can see."
  38. [2012-11-21 14:59:45] * Get_Lost approaches the corpse, or atleast tries to do that
  39. [2012-11-21 14:59:51] * Bookwright crunches steadily around the logs, suddenly sucking up a breath as the corpse comes into view. "That poor pony..." He approaches, and uses his telekinesis to sift about for identification tags.
  40. [2012-11-21 15:00:25] * Mitzi has totally been here the entire time
  41. [2012-11-21 15:01:43] * Kid wants to get a better look on what was on the body. "Mrrph mmmph mrrphamrrph." She said, waiting for the cue to pull the corpse out of the logs.
  42. [2012-11-21 15:01:45] * Get_Lost puts a hoof on the neck of the corpse and counts in her mindup to twenty, performing the usual diagnostics to determine if a pony is still alive
  43. [2012-11-21 15:01:45] * Noble_Heart shakes her head sadly and looks down at the remains. "We are sorry that We could not get here sooner. But We are also concerned about what may have caused this poor pony to remain here so long. No pony would remain in the cold so long it would kill them willingly, would they?" She looked to Bookwright with a worried expression, as if she really weren't entirely positive.
  44. [2012-11-21 15:03:19] * Get_Lost frowns "he died of cold... but he was wounded with plasma weapons, this slowed him and he couldn't make it to a safe and warm place..." the medic pauses for a moment, then put a hoof on the corpse's eyes "poor little pony..."
  45. [2012-11-21 15:04:19] * Bookwright cocks his head, musing. "You'd think that would be the case, but not all things are as you might think. When the body cools down and experiences hypothermia, the brain is fooled... He didn't last long enough to reach the most lethal stage. The wounds he sustained and the blood he lost probably means he just felt himself suddenly get warm and tired, so he lay down to rest... and never woke up."
  46. [2012-11-21 15:04:34] * Kid attempts to pull the corpse out, then starts patting it down for supplies, maybe some sort of clue of what it was doing here.
  47. [2012-11-21 15:04:58] * Mitzi looks at the roadblock; "Yu want me to clear dis?"
  48. [2012-11-21 15:05:55] <Kkat> 3Bookwright's search pulls up the pony's NCR tags as well as a small box of .44 ammo.  The gun which the ammo goes to is probably somewhere under the snow.
  49. [2012-11-21 15:05:55] * Kid nods. "Mmmph."
  50. [2012-11-21 15:06:51] * Get_Lost nodnods slowly at bookie's words, then adds "doesnt' change the fact that he died a lonely death..."
  51. [2012-11-21 15:07:16] * Noble_Heart looks up towards the still-stormy skies with a frown. Turning in place briefly as she seemed preoccupied with something.
  52. [2012-11-21 15:07:19] * Mitzi tunnels underneath the blockage, coming up on the other side before trying to shift any of it. This way, if it started to collapse, it would roll away from the group of ponies.
  53. [2012-11-21 15:08:12] * Bookwright holds the dogtags up to his eye, attempting to read the stamped metal characters in the dull light of an overcast, snowing sky.
  54. [2012-11-21 15:09:12] * CopyCat breathes slowly, trying to calm herself down. Shatara's initial cry of alarm had left her a little jumpy. She idly steps to the side and avoids a falling clump of snow.
  55. [2012-11-21 15:09:37] <Kkat> 3Kid digs around in the snow until her efforts are rewarded with a scoped 44 revolver with a heavy frame.
  56. [2012-11-21 15:11:39] * Kid digs around some, then smirks as she finds the revolver. Ooh! Well, wasn't a sniper rifle, but it would do. "Huddah huddah huh!" Said Kid, holding it up. It was like Little Macintosh! Except it was actually in front of her!
  57. [2012-11-21 15:13:57] * Get_Lost "ah, don't dig with your hooves in the snow... i have a shovel if you want... it's foldable"
  58. [2012-11-21 15:15:25] * Mitzi has to resist playing fetch with her three dogs. Sure she could lift an entire tree, but they wouldn't be able to bring it back
  59. [2012-11-21 15:17:36] * Noble_Heart lowers her head slowly, staring down the path ahead, then looking up to Shatara. "We are worried for attacks from the air. Be certain to keep an eye on the clouds!"
  60. [2012-11-21 15:18:04] <Kkat> 3The NCR tags identify the pony as Sergeant Donner, NCR border patrol.
  61. [2012-11-21 15:18:30] * Shatara nods to the alicorn, perching on a rocky outcrop and keeping an eye out.
  62. [2012-11-21 15:20:42] * Kid churned a thought in her mouth. Aww. She'd have to ask if anypony wanted it first, wouldn't she? She held up the revolver, first making the gun was unloaded. Revolver going once! "Ummpf!" Twice! "Rwff..."
  63. [2012-11-21 15:21:41] * CopyCat flutters over to the group and looks down at the frosty ranger sadly.
  64. [2012-11-21 15:21:42] * Bookwright lowers his eyes for a moment. "Before we continue, I think we should have a moment for poor Donner here."
  65. [2012-11-21 15:23:36] * Mitzi continues shifting the fallen trees. Just big sticks is all they were
  66. [2012-11-21 15:23:47] * Bookwright . . .
  67. [2012-11-21 15:24:24] * Bookwright "Does anypony have a shovel or something? We can't just leave poor Donner out here. He deserves a proper burial."
  68. [2012-11-21 15:24:56] * Shatara takes a moment from overwatch to wave a shovel.
  69. [2012-11-21 15:25:51] * Kid rose an eyebrow. Right. This guy was actually probably a good pony. Well, now she felt like crap for wondering who wanted his stuff.
  70. [2012-11-21 15:26:34] * Bookwright thanks Shatara silently, and finds a good spot a few yards off the trail. He begins to dig a shallow grave.
  71. [2012-11-21 15:28:25] * Noble_Heart lowered her head and moved towards Bookwright. "We could offer to cremate the body, if that would make it easier?" She wasn't sure that was the best idea, but then she'd never been to a proper funeral either.
  72. [2012-11-21 15:29:09] * CopyCat borrows Get_Lost's shovel and joins Bookwright in trying dig through the frozen earth.
  73. [2012-11-21 15:29:16] * Bookwright looks up at Noble_Heart, his eyes flint. "No. A burial."
  74. [2012-11-21 15:30:16] * Noble_Heart looks back down to Bookwright and nods her head briefly.
  75. [2012-11-21 15:32:37] * Kid shifts around uncomfortably in her barding and puts away the revolver. It seemed a tad bit more heavy than usual. She was used to the scavenger's mindset, nothing against the ponies that lived so long ago, it's just, well. Some ponies die and then the ponies that still live need their supplies to live. She looked away as they were making his grave.
  76. [2012-11-21 15:35:29] * Kid rolled her eye and looked at princess. She was right, though. They weren't going to breach past topsoil in this environment. If not for the icy impacted soil that would be rock-hard at this point, then for the fact that they were on a mountain range. She wished she could've told them about, but well. Kid hated the cold.
  77. [2012-11-21 15:35:58] * Mitzi wonders exactly how long she's going to take shifting the roadblock
  78. [2012-11-21 15:36:13] * Bookwright 's shovel finally stops trying. He looks up. "Mitzi, would you mind excavating the rest of this hole for us?"
  79. [2012-11-21 15:36:38] * CopyCat "He should be allowed to lie in the Equestria that he died to protect. We can leave a marker so that others will not forget him either."
  80. [2012-11-21 15:37:04] * Bookwright nods, "Yes."
  81. [2012-11-21 15:39:34] * Mitzi walks back over after she finishes shoving the felled trees then rapidly digs a six foot deep hole, then pulls herself out of it; "Dat gud?"
  82. [2012-11-21 15:39:39] * Kid pops her head out of her hood. "Dun' think that's yer decision t' make, Bookie." She said, approaching Copycat and Bookwright.
  83. [2012-11-21 15:40:42] * Noble_Heart looks back down to Kid curiously. "We did not think you would care what happened to the dead?" Tilting her head to one side slightly. "You continue to surprise Us."
  84. [2012-11-21 15:41:10] * Bookwright nods again, "Yes, thank you." Addressing Kid: "What is your objection?"
  85. [2012-11-21 15:41:17] * CopyCat beams. "That's wonderful Mitzi! We were hardly making any progress at all."
  86. [2012-11-21 15:41:58] * Mitzi shrugs; "Deegeen eez wut Ur kind du best."
  87. [2012-11-21 15:42:24] * Kid shakes her head. The blustery cold hit her nose like a bad head cold. "I dun' mean that. Jus' another corpse t' me. But he ain't just a corpse t' somepony, right? An', well. If ah heard that it was some strangers that did m' brother his last rites, might not be able t' forgive m'self."
  88. [2012-11-21 15:43:29] * Mitzi looks to Kid curiously.
  89. [2012-11-21 15:44:08] * Bookwright states coldly, "So we should just leave him out here? I'm taking these tags and his armor besides. I plan to inform his post of his demise."
  90. [2012-11-21 15:46:06] * Kid frowns. "Naw, I'm jus' sayin' I ain't gon' be the one t' get teary-eyed here. He's dead, I ain't. But ah am sayin', dump th' corpse n' th' hole an' bury him n' move on. When we run int' a patrol, hoof 'em th' tags and let 'em handle it. No need t' take it any more personal."
  91. [2012-11-21 15:47:18] * Bookwright carefully undresses Donner and gently floats his body into the hole. "If no-one objects, I'm going to use this armor myself. My own barding isn't terribly tough..."
  92. [2012-11-21 15:48:10] * Noble_Heart frowns a little bit as she looks down to Kid, before raising her head again. "We cannot agree. No pony deserves to be forgotten or cast away or spent without reason. Though We have never attended such a function, We lost many sisters to our old mother's callous disregard for their lives." She gives a sad grimace. "We would like to leave a marker, at the least, of where this pony now rests."
  93. [2012-11-21 15:51:52] * Mitzi heads back over to the cleared trees and breaks off a thick chunk, carving a rudimentary cross out of it, then offering it to the ponies
  94. [2012-11-21 15:52:50] * Kid buried her muzzle back in her winter barding. No objections to looting the body. She didn't even bother trying to argue against Noble_Heart, any point she made would just bounce off of her self-righteous hide. That it wasn't their jobs to celebrate his life or put him in the ground because they knew nothing of the kind of pony he was.
  95. [2012-11-21 15:52:52] * Bookwright accepts it carefully. "Mmm... Oh, I know."
  96. [2012-11-21 15:54:12] * Kid looks at Bookwright. He looked warmer. "Yff goff tff fo'fo'?" She asked, pulling out the pistol and checking the cylinder. Did he die fighting? If so, then he would've shot a few bullets at whatever was doing it."
  97. [2012-11-21 15:54:51] * Bookwright distractedly tosses the box of .44 he got at Kid. "Its yours, if you want it."
  98. [2012-11-21 15:55:22] * CopyCat nods at Bookwright. "That sounds like a good idea. I'm sure he'd prefer that his old things were still helping ponies."
  99. [2012-11-21 15:55:31] * Bookwright gets out a small paintbrush and a tiny tub of white paint. Very carefully, he writes "Donner" across the horizontal spar. "There. That will have to do."
  100. [2012-11-21 15:56:39] * Bookwright carefully shoves the dirt pile atop the grave, and buries the cross deeply into the soft dirt at the head of the grave. "Be at peace, Donner."
  101. [2012-11-21 15:57:19] * Mitzi gently pats Bookwright on the head; "Gud ponies go to yur Pony Princesses in ded, right?"
  102. [2012-11-21 15:58:25] * Bookwright glances into the sky briefly. "That's what they say. Personally, I've never heard of Celestia or the Lightbringer confirming or denying it, so I can't be certain. All I can say is that it's probably better than here."
  103. [2012-11-21 15:59:01] * Mitzi nods; "Ded hounds dey say go up to dig in da blanket of gems und find da best diamonds yu cun imagine."
  104. [2012-11-21 16:01:13] * Noble_Heart shakes her head. "Whether they go to the princess or not We do not know. But their souls are real, and travel to places yet unseen. Of this We are sure."
  105. [2012-11-21 16:03:01] <Kkat> 3The revolver is empty, but there are 18 bullets in the box that Bookwright found.
  106. [2012-11-21 16:05:01] * Bookwright gets out a tiny tub of red paint and carefully renders a crude, simple replica of the NCR symbol on the top of the cross.
  107. [2012-11-21 16:10:16] * Mitzi breaks off some twigs and plays fetch with her dogs while waiting for the others to finish attending the dead pony
  108. [2012-11-21 16:10:24] * Kid frowns. The revolver had brass in it. He was fighting somepony and ran out of ammo, then got collapsed on. Suddenly, she had a lot more sympathy for the poor bastard. She shakily reloaded the ammo one at a time into the cylinder, keeping the brass casings for herself. Dexterity was hard to pull off when you had to use hooves and it was this cold out here.
  109. [2012-11-21 16:10:56] * Bookwright puts away his art supplies and folds away the armor for now. "Alright. Let's be on our way."
  110. [2012-11-21 16:13:31] * Noble_Heart lowered her head briefly and closed her eyes, before Bookwright's words brought her back to reality. "Yes. Let us go." Turning to continue on the path, trying to put that horrible unsettling feeling behind her.
  111. [2012-11-21 16:14:04] * Kid nods and presses onward, looking slightly lost as she found herself wondering what could've happened to that pony. She couldn't help but feel worried that was what was up ahead.
  112. [2012-11-21 16:15:24] * Shatara tucks away his shovel before taking to the air again, managing to make lazy banks back and forth despte the cold winds.
  113. [2012-11-21 16:16:39] <Kkat> 3The snow begins to fall more steadily, the road winding along the mountainside, the wind moaning through the canyon.  The ambient light gets brighter as the day approaches noon, but the air is not warmed by it.
  114. [2012-11-21 16:18:45] * Bookwright groans, and gets out the scavenged armor. "I had hoped to get the NCR decals off this before wearing it, but oh well." He shrugs off his old clothing and shrugs on the (still very cold) armor. "Brr. This stuff can't warm up fast enough."
  115. [2012-11-21 16:19:01] * CopyCat trots alongside Noble. "Isn't this exciting, it's like a real adventure!"
  116. [2012-11-21 16:19:35] <Kkat> 3Ahead, part of the cliffside has crumbled into the canyon, taking a section of the road with it.  The broken section is a dozen feet across, but it might be possible to jump.  Just enough of the road remains to form a narrow ledge, but that would be tricky to navigate.
  117. [2012-11-21 16:19:36] * Kid slumped into her coat. Dead ponies and freezing cold. Yup. Adventure time.
  118. [2012-11-21 16:20:24] * Mitzi sniffs around, along with her dogs, keeping alert for any trouble that might have been the cause of death for the other pony.
  119. [2012-11-21 16:20:35] * Noble_Heart looked to CopyCat with a smile. "Adventures come wherever you find them." Gently wrapping one of her wings around the other Alicorn as the plodded onwards through the cold and snow. The collapsed section of terrain was not very pleasant at all, as she looked down into the valley below.
  120. [2012-11-21 16:22:01] <Kkat> 3Alternately, below, the cliffside remains steep for only about thirty feet before the incline shifts to a more reasonable, tree-spotted slope that slides into the canyon.
  121. [2012-11-21 16:23:43] <Kkat> 3As the caravan ponies near, one of Mitzi's dogs stops, sniffing.  The dog seems to have picked up a scent, and follows it to the edge of the cliff, staring down.
  122. [2012-11-21 16:25:01] * Shatara sizes up the gap, shifting his position to try to get a better look at what seems to have gotten the dog's attention.
  123. [2012-11-21 16:26:13] * Noble_Heart moves up and looks down that long fall towards the bottom. Curious about it as well.
  124. [2012-11-21 16:27:25] * Mitzi follows her dog; "Wut yu smell Violetta?" She enquires.
  125. [2012-11-21 16:27:32] * CopyCat lifts off from the ground and peers over the edge, sharing the group's curiosity.
  126. [2012-11-21 16:29:37] * Kid lifted an ear and looked at Mitzi. "Wff uff?" She asked, wondering what was indeed up.
  127. [2012-11-21 16:31:05] <Kkat> 3Violetta sniffs more, gives a whine and a small bark.
  128. [2012-11-21 16:31:38] * Bookwright stops sketching the view and ambles over to Violetta, looking about for what she's spotted.
  129. [2012-11-21 16:34:09] * Mitzi sticks her nose to the ground and tries to follow the scent, as well as identify it
  130. [2012-11-21 16:36:31] * Mitzi looks back to the group; "Some beast. Violetta tinks we can hunt eet."
  131. [2012-11-21 16:36:34] * CopyCat finds herself momentarily blinded as the wind blows her quilt over her head. "Ahh! Who turned out the lights?!"
  132. [2012-11-21 16:36:43] <Kkat> 3Bookwright and Mitzi both spot the lumbering form of the yao guai amongst the trees, a good eighty feet away.
  133. [2012-11-21 16:37:33] * Bookwright suddenly shivers harder. "Oh... oh dear." He turns his head slightly and whispers, "Yao-Guai..."
  134. [2012-11-21 16:38:21] * Mitzi looks up; "Yao Guai?"
  135. [2012-11-21 16:40:03] * Bookwright thinks for a moment. "Uh. Big, hairy, strong, dangerous. Not as dangerous as you, but still, not something to be treated lightly."
  136. [2012-11-21 16:40:39] * Mitzi shrugs; "Den why worry eef eet's not as strong as Ur?"
  137. [2012-11-21 16:41:01] * Shatara hmms. "It's down there though, right? I'm not much a wasteland...ist...but I don't think they can climb cliffs well..."
  138. [2012-11-21 16:41:21] * Noble_Heart blinks and stares out at the woods a few moments, peering through the snow and having difficulty picking out the form of the Yao-Guai. "We have never seen such a beast that We can recall. It sounds... Dangerous."
  139. [2012-11-21 16:42:58] * Mitzi sniffs again; "Eet smells tasty. Uh can't stand ponee fud. Uh cud use uh gud hunt."
  140. [2012-11-21 16:45:42] * CopyCat flattens down her quilt again and lands beside the others. "A big bear? Oh dear, I hope we don't make it angry."
  141. [2012-11-21 16:46:37] * Kid rose an eyebrow, then pulled out her new revolver and scanned the area with the scope. She didn't want to fight a bear. She would rather just avoid the whole situation.
  142. [2012-11-21 16:51:37] * Mitzi looks down into the valley. She could smell the beast and was itching for a chance to defeat it and prove her strength.
  143. [2012-11-21 16:54:11] * Shatara checks his rifle. It seemed pointless to antagonize the beast, but moar meats sounded tasty...
  144. [2012-11-21 16:56:19] * Bookwright sighs. "Well, I suppose if I can't stop you I can at least armor you. I can cast a spell on you that will let you ignore pain and even crippled limbs. It will make you tougher. Would you like that?"
  145. [2012-11-21 16:57:03] * Mitzi digs a claw into the cliff face and looks like she's going to try and slide down it; "Uh'll go first wit ur dogs. Don't shoot unless Uh'm really een truble. Uh need to test ur own strength."
  146. [2012-11-21 16:59:20] * Mitzi stops before sliding down; "Help from ponies eez someting hound need to accept more. Uh'll du eet."
  147. [2012-11-21 16:59:47] <Kkat> 3Mitzi's dogs move about.  They can't go down the cliff the same place Mitzi is, so they start looking for a good way down.
  148. [2012-11-21 17:01:18] * Bookwright nods, then focuses. "Acetylsalicylic acid. Paracetamol. Ibuprofen." His magic coats Miti, and then suddenly, Mitzi feels... less.
  149. [2012-11-21 17:02:24] * CopyCat flattens her ears. Even though Mitzi wasn't a pony she found hellhound's determination almost palpable. "Um, please be careful!"
  150. [2012-11-21 17:04:27] * Mitzi picks up Lupa and tucks him under her free arm, the motions for Violetta to lead Rey down after them. She then slides down the steeper part of the cliff face, using her claw as a both brace and brake to keep from simply falling.
  151. [2012-11-21 17:06:33] * Noble_Heart looks down with moderate worry. "Are you certain you do not wish to use your weapon? We know well that Hellhounds are not stupid animals, but clever and dangerous for it."
  152. [2012-11-21 17:07:20] <Kkat> 3The huge bear stops, sniffing.
  153. [2012-11-21 17:08:43] * Mitzi touches down, then sets Lupa down and motions for quiet. Even if the bear could smell her, she planned on getting the first blow. From underneath if she could.
  154. [2012-11-21 17:13:42] * Mitzi digs into the earth and uses her keen hellhound sense for vibration to feel her way to the bear before tunneling up beneath it. The thing was big, but one good blow before it knew she was there and it would be a lot more even.
  155. [2012-11-21 17:14:32] <Kkat> 3The yao guai is slightly on the smaller side for a full-grown, adult bear of death.
  156. [2012-11-21 17:15:01] <Kkat> 3But he seems all muscle.
  157. [2012-11-21 17:16:46] <Kkat> 3The earth erupts under the bear, the world becoming and explosion of dirt and claws and fur and blood.  The yao guai roars in pain, stumbling back, facing off against the hellhound.
  158. [2012-11-21 17:17:55] * Mitzi rears up to her full impressive height and snarls viciously at the now wounded bear.
  159. [2012-11-21 17:20:12] <Mitzi> Lupa siezes the opportunity to lunge at the bear after Mitzi staggers it, charging and then lunging at it, trying to get a solid bite.
  160. [2012-11-21 17:20:27] <Mitzi> Violetta and Rey meanwhile, hurry to join the fray as much as they can
  161. [2012-11-21 17:22:57] <Kkat> 3Lupa charges the yao guai, sinking teeth into the wasteland animal's hide.. but only pulls back a mouthful of mangy fur, her teeth not drawing blood.
  162. [2012-11-21 17:26:05] * Mitzi smiles at Lupa, as even if he didn't land a solid bite, he provided an opening. She steps into the Yao Guai's reach and slashes at any part of it she can reach.
  163. [2012-11-21 17:29:27] <Kkat> 3Mitzi's flurry of claw-swipes tear grievous gashes in the creature's hide, causing it to roar in pain, bleeding heavily.
  164. [2012-11-21 17:36:34] <Kkat> 3The bear responds with equal ferocity.  With a paw, it slaps away Lupa with a bone-crunching swipe.  The mongrel flies, tumbling through the snow to thump against the base of a tree.  Snow, shaken free, showers down from the branches.
  165. [2012-11-21 17:37:12] <Kkat> 3The yao guai turns its full attention on Mitzi, tearing into the young adult hellhound with the fury of irradiated nature.
  166. [2012-11-21 17:38:26] * Mitzi gives a whistle and signals for the other two dog to go to Lupa and help, partially to avoid them both getting sliced up as well. She then lets out a howl to alert the group that she was in trouble, hopefully allowing them to act with her this time.
  167. [2012-11-21 17:38:38] <Kkat> 3Violetta and Rey come racing down through the trees, eager to engage in the hunt.
  168. [2012-11-21 17:38:47] * CopyCat winces at the sight. "Shouldn't we help her?"
  169. [2012-11-21 17:41:24] * Bookwright swears colourfully (it's one more than "colorfully") and with feeling, while hurrying down the hillside as fast as he can go without losing his footing.
  170. [2012-11-21 17:46:30] * Noble_Heart stared down into the valley at the sudden explosion of violence. The howl from mitzi was all the call she needed. An instant her horn flashed as the crack of lightning echoed through the snow and wind, violent white spear cutting its path to the injured Yao-Guai.
  171. [2012-11-21 17:47:34] <Kkat> 3The lighting strikes the yao guai, burning and crackling over the creature, causing it to again howl in pain.  It looks seriously wounded now...
  172. [2012-11-21 17:54:09] <Kkat> 3CopyCat floats out a pistol, opening fire into the raging fight, unfortunately hitting friend and foe alike.  
  173. [2012-11-21 17:54:29] * CopyCat is spurred into action by Noble's attack and draws her old friend to try and help. Nearby her allies find themselves imbuned with surprising haste.
  174. [2012-11-21 17:54:31] * Bookwright picks his way down the slope, using every curse he knows and silently praying to Celestia for succor.
  175. [2012-11-21 17:55:19] * Bookwright arrives over Lupa's prone form, angry tears in his eyes.
  176. [2012-11-21 17:57:05] * Mitzi lets out a yelp as something jumps up and bites her posterior, but shrugs it off, noticing that her target was now more greviously wounded, enough perhaps for her to finish it off. She takes her swings one at a time, seeing how much the beast can take.
  177. [2012-11-21 18:00:27] * Mitzi notices that the beast was more resilient than she gave it credit for, and decides to live and might another day, the test of her strength having served its purpose. She tunnels back underground and out of the creatures reach.
  178. [2012-11-21 18:16:06] * Shatara goes into SATS with a *kershuk*, carefully squeezing two rounds from his battle rifle, watching them both thud home in magically-induced slow motion.
  179. [2012-11-21 18:21:15] <Kkat> 3Shatara's first shot rip into the wounded yao-guai, dealing fatal damage.  The second tears the dying creature's head off in an eruption of gore.
  180. [2012-11-21 18:26:34] <Kkat> 3--- End of Session ---
  181. [2012-11-21 18:28:00] * CopyCat nearly drops her pistol and lands on the ground trembling. She had shot Mitzi!
  182. [2012-11-21 18:28:25] * Noble_Heart gently lowered herself and wrapped a wing around CopyCat. "You did well, Sister. Helping to slay a beast which may have killed Our friend."
  183. [2012-11-21 18:29:10] * Mitzi pulls herself out of the hole and scratches her butt where the bullet bit her, barely seeming to notice compared to the gashes from the Yao Guai.
  184. [2012-11-21 18:29:34] * Mitzi turns around, somewhat surprised that Noble_Heart had bothered to consider her a 'friend'
  185. [2012-11-21 18:34:11] * Bookwright touches his horn gently to Lupa's breast. "Be calm, be calm."
  186. [2012-11-21 18:34:55] * Mitzi ignores her own injuries and goes over to check on her wounded dog; "How bad eez she?"
  187. [2012-11-21 18:36:50] * Bookwright looks up. "She was severely wounded, but she should be much better now. The rest will heal with time."
  188. [2012-11-21 18:41:06] * Mitzi nods; "Thanks book ponee." She pats him on the head.
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