The Chronicles Of Alexstrasza CH1EP2 Walkthrough

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  1. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
  2.                                 BEGINNING
  3. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
  4. 1 Start up a new game and after the cutscene, go right and exit the building
  6. 2 Go straight down the path to the bottom
  8. 3 Go through the gate and turn left through the two rocks, then turn right and go up to the house
  10. 4 After all the dialog, say "What kind of a movie are we talking about?"
  12. 5 After more dialog, take the clothes in the chest with the purple stuff floating off it
  14. 6 Now go into the house and walk up to the chair with the same purple stuff floating off of it, then say "Okay, let's do it" for a SCENE
  16. 7 Run back to the Museum, but don't go in. Instead, go to the left of the entrance and talk to the Orc. Say "You're Right" for a few SCENES
  19. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
  20.                               JENNY PART 1
  21. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
  22. 8 When you get control of Jenny, walk down the stairs, turn right, then right again into your fathers room
  24. 9 Talk to him and say "We were just having a bit of fun with Dave. He has such a big dick!" for a SCENE
  26. 10 OPTIONAL: Use the book on the table for a little back story on this ship and Daemia's Dad (There are multiple pages)
  28. 11 Follow your father outside and talk to him again when he stops moving
  30. 12 Run forward across the bridge and into the town for a little cutscene
  32. 13 When it's over, keep going straight and go into the last house on the right
  34. 14 Continue in after meeting Edward and talk to the lady behind the desk
  36. 15 Head out of the building and go left back to the ship. Talk to the people there.
  39. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
  40.                                JENNY PART 2
  41. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
  42. 16 Leave the tavern by going downstairs and out through the door
  44. 17 Go through a little opening beside the rock and lamp post to your right ---
  46. 18 Continue forward, passed the stables, and talk to the Blood Elf behind this tree for a SCENE ---
  48. 19 Next, run back to the ship and talk to the two Humans standing on the deck and say "But we, too, can have fun..." for a SCENE
  50. 20 Leave the ship and run forward until you're out of the town
  52. 21 Turn left and follow the rocks until you find David standing by the shore. Talk to him for a SCENE (During the fourth part of the scene you can move the camera around to see something... creepy :P)
  54. 22 Go under the overhanging rock and follow the shore a bit until you come across a bottle lying in the sand. Pick it up for a scene later --- ---
  56. 23 Turn around and go back under the overhanging rock
  58. 24 Keep following the shore for a bit until you pass a dark colored rock to your right. Turn right after passing that rock ---
  60. 25 Go straight towards the house, but turn left into the pool surrounded by all the rocks. Talk to the Gnome hiding in the bushes and say "Well, if you're that horny, let me help you..." for a SCENE
  62. 26 After, run around to the other side of the rocks and head to the gate to the museum
  64. 27 Go left of that. You'll see a troll and a giant ship behind him
  66. 28 OPTIONAL: Go into the ship behind him and work your way to the bow of the ship where you'll find a captain's log. Press I and click the captain's log to read it. Then jump off the ship and go back to the troll --- --- ---
  68. 29 Beside the Troll, you should see Hemet (The dwarf). Talk to him, then walk passed him onto the small island for a small SCENE
  70. 30 Turn around, run passed the troll and up the hill path and into the Museum. Talk to the Draenei for a quest to find the paintings
  72. 31 PAINTING 1: Leave the building and run down the hill a little bit. Jump off the hill passed the tree on the left of the hill ---
  74. 32 In here you'll find a small cave. Walk in towards the pool for a SCENE
  76. 33 After, turn left and walk a little further into the cave to find a painting. Pick it up ---
  78. 34 PAINTING 2: Now go back towards the Troll, you'll see a cave behind him with a painting inside. Pick it up ---
  80. 35 Talk to the Troll and say "Really? Damn, let's carry this ritual." for a SCENE
  82. 36 PAINTING 3: Run all the way back to town. Go into the first building on your left, the one with the mayor in it. You'll find the last painting inside, pick it up ---
  84. 37 Leave the building and go left and into your ship. Inside you'll find a corkscrew. Pick it up
  86. 38 Now use it on the Bottle you found earlier (Press I, click on both the bottle and the corkscrew, then click on the piece of paper passed the = sign) You can read the note if you like
  88. 39 Leave the ship and the town. Go back to the murloc village (Where Hemet was), and swim across the water to the island on the other side --- ---
  90. 40 Run through the path and take a right. Go into the left tent for a SCENE
  92. 41 Leave this island and swim back across to the Murloc village
  94. 42 Continue on and go to the entrance to the Museum. Talk to the Orc for a SCENE
  96. 43 Go inside and return all the paintings. The Draenei will give you yet another quest. You also get a small comic. Press I and select it in your inventory, then press the Hand icon to view it (Go to for more from this great artist)
  98. 44 Leave the building and run all the way back to town
  100. 45 POSTER 1: First poster is placed on the first building on your right as you enter ---
  102. 46 POSTER 2: Second poster is placed on the tree beside the wheel barrel close to the ship ---
  104. 47 POSTER 3: Third poster is placed in the Inn. turn around and go into the house right behind you --- ---
  106. 48 Now run ALL the way back to the Museum and talk to the Draenei for a scene later on
  108. 49 Run ALL the way back to the Inn, and talk to the lady behind the counter
  111. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
  112.                              NIGHT TIME PART 1
  113. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
  114. 50 When you wake up, turn the camera around and walk forward for a few SCENES
  116. 51 Go downstairs and leave the Inn. Go around the building in front of you to get to the stables for another small SCENE
  118. 52 Go back to the road, but go right and into the Mayor's house for another SCENE
  120. 53 Leave the house and talk to Edward. Then go to your ship. Go to the captains room and talk to Edward
  122. 54 Say "Let me show you what I do to men." for a SCENE
  125. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
  126.                              NIGHT TIME PART 2
  127. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
  128. 55 After speaking to Edward, pick up the sharp bone off the skeleton to your right
  130. 56 Turn around and use the sharp bone on the wall (Press I, select the bone, then press the hand icon to use it on the wall)
  132. 57 Turn left outside of the cell and talk to your father, then turn around and take the Hammer off of the well
  134. 58 Turn right and run up the stairs. Run to the end of the cave and pick up the Chisel
  136. 59 Press I and click on both the Hammer and Chisel, then the new icon to the right of the = sign to combine them
  138. 60 Go back to your father and use the Chisel and Hammer on the lock
  140. 61 Go right beside the cells and up the wooden planks. Keep going forward and use the Chisel and Hammer on the door up there, then leave
  142. 62 OPTIONAL: Get caught by one of the Worgen (There is one immediately to your left, walking away from the cave entrance) for a SCENE. However, it means game over. So save before!
  144. 63 Go right and run all the way to the Museum. Go inside and talk to the Orc/Draenei. Say "Yes! I want to join!" for a SCENE
  146. 64 Leave and go to the Troll (To the right) for another small SCENE
  148. 65 Now run to the other side of the Museum, where the Female Night Elf and the first painting was, and talk to her
  150. THE END
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