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  1. <C><P /><Z><S><S L="10" X="214" H="100" Y="457" T="3" P="0,0,0,20,-40,0,0,0" /><S L="10" X="164" H="10" Y="344" T="0" P="0,0,0.3,0.2,45,0,0,0" /><S L="10" X="178" H="10" Y="344" T="0" P="0,0,0.3,0.2,45,0,0,0" /><S L="80" X="159" H="10" Y="350" T="0" P="0,0,0.3,0,0,0,0,0" /><S L="200" X="100" H="50" Y="375" T="0" P="0,0,0,0.2,0,0,0,0" /><S L="49" X="171" H="49" Y="213" T="0" P="1,50,0,0,45,1,0,0" /><S L="224" X="332" H="224" Y="578" T="0" P="0,0,0.3,0.2,45,0,0,0" /><S L="49" X="171" H="49" Y="143" T="0" P="1,50,0,0,45,1,0,0" /><S L="49" X="171" H="49" Y="75" T="0" P="1,50,0,0,45,1,0,0" /><S L="600" X="313" H="10" Y="-372" T="1" P="0,0,0,0.2,-50,0,0,0" /><S L="452" X="424" H="10" Y="-160" T="1" P="0,0,0,0.2,-20,0,0,0" /><S L="19" X="126" H="386" Y="42" T="0" P="0,0,0.3,0.2,0,0,0,0" /><S L="21" X="216.5" H="360" Y="90" T="0" P="0,0,0.3,0.2,0,0,0,0" /><S L="10" X="-4" H="154" Y="323" T="0" P="0,0,0.3,0.2,0,0,0,0" /><S L="133" X="120" H="20" Y="258" T="0" P="1,0,0,0,0,1,0,0" /><S L="68" X="85" H="10" Y="344" T="0" P="1,0,0.3,0.2,0,1,0,0" /><S L="10" X="114" H="101" Y="298.5" T="0" P="1,0,0.3,0.2,0,1,0,0" /><S L="40" X="129" H="20" Y="310" T="0" P="1,0,0.3,0.2,0,1,0,0" /><S L="554" X="737" H="10" Y="-459" T="1" P="0,0,0,0.2,30,0,0,0" /><S L="100" H="10" X="898" Y="532" T="3" P="0,0,0,20,0,0,0,0" /><S L="10" X="56" H="101" Y="298.5" T="0" P="1,0,0.3,0.2,0,1,0,0" /><S L="145" X="63" H="12" Y="241" T="0" P="0,0,0,0.2,0,0,0,0" /><S L="53" X="972" H="900" Y="110" T="0" P="0,0,0.3,0,0,0,0,0" /><S L="300" H="50" X="638" Y="298" T="0" P="0,0,0.3,0.2,0,0,0,0" /><S L="10" H="115" X="770" Y="498" T="1" P="0,0,0,0.2,-60,0,0,0" /></S><D><F Y="330" X="87" /><T Y="298" X="33" /><DC Y="321" X="87" /><F Y="267" X="638" /><T Y="72" X="638" /><DS Y="257" X="638" /></D><O><O C="14" P="0" Y="310" X="114" /><O C="14" P="0" Y="253" X="114" /><O C="14" P="0" Y="253" X="56" /><O C="14" P="0" Y="344" X="55" /><O C="14" P="0" Y="343" X="113" /></O></Z></C>
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