Eon Ticket - Streetpass Relay

Nov 15th, 2014
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  1. Eon Ticket - Streetpass Relay
  3. Since the Eon tickets are going to be available through StreetPass and many people, like me, will unlikely have the chance to get it in that way for whichever reason I want to make you all aware of the system dubbed "HomePass" (more officially called Steetpass Relay) .
  4. TL;DR: A method that is fairly easy to use and enables "streetpassing" over WiFi with other people using it. And there are a lot of users.
  6. Still interested? Cool! First of all you will need to read through this article on GBATemp simply click on your matching operating system and get it set up.
  7. In short it is compatible with
  8. - Mac OSX
  9. - Windows XP / 7 / 8
  10. - Android (YES! Mobile devices with Android have compatibility)
  11. Article link:
  13. But since this is quite complicated I will describe the steps in a more easy "language". I will only do so for Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 however so if you have something else, sorry, please refer to the article.
  15. Prerequisites:
  16. - A WiFi USB dongle or wireless network card in your PC or laptop since they are build in with wireless.
  17. Note: the wireless network card, be that in your PC or Laptop does have to support sending out a network!! Most are but some old units may not be able to.
  18. - A working network connection (duh...)
  19. - MACycle, link below.
  20. - Administrative rights on your computer / laptop (Important!!)
  22. Once you got all that ready lets continue to the actual steps
  23. Note before I start: the ssid NZ@McD1 does not always work all that well. If it doesn't work try using "ssid=attwifi" instead in step 3
  26. 1- Open your start menu and search "cmd" (on windows 8 press windows key + Q)
  27. 2- Right click it (it should be named Command Prompt) and click "Run as administrator"
  28. 3- In this window right click to paste the following without quotation marks: "netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=NZ@McD1 key=password" (optionally change the password, DO NOT change the ssid)
  29. 4- Run the command by pressing enter
  30. 5- Then run the following command: "netsh wlan start hostednetwork"
  31. To stop the network when you want to run: "netsh wlan stop hostednetwork"
  32. 6 - Open "Network and sharing center" (right click network icon bottom left of taskbar)
  33. Or Control Panel -> Large Icons -> Network and Sharing Center
  34. 7- Open "Change Adapter Settings"
  35. 8- Right click the network we just created. Named NZ@McD1 and select properties
  36. 9- Scroll down the list of protocols until you see "Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)". Select that and click properties
  37. 10- Now enter the following information
  38. Click "Use the following IP address" then enter
  39. IP Address:
  40. Subnet mask:
  41. Default Gateway: empty
  42. Leave the DNS settings empty as well
  43. It should look like this:
  45. 11- Once that is done close this window and back in the adapter settings right click your working network connection you use normally and open its properties. This network can either be your default WiFi network connection, or for users of the WiFi USB Dongle it will most likely be your wired connection
  46. 12- In the properties open the "sharing" tab and make sure all boxes are ticked as seen here:
  48. 13- To check if the setup for your computer worked out, once again open properties of your NZ@McD1 and check if it says "internet" next to "IPv4 connectivity". If it does you're all done on your computer for now, if not, repeat step 11 and 12.
  51. 14- Now we are switching over to the 3DS
  52. 15- Go into the settings and then into network settings. Remove any network configurations currently there and search for a new hotspot. (optionally, if you don't want to remove the settings and still have an available slot you can slightly change the SSID of any networks in range so it cannot connect to those. I always remove the last letter)
  53. 16- Once you search for a connection the hotspot "NZ@McD1" should show up. Connect to it with your set password (by default that is "password")
  54. 17- Once connected go into the settings of the connection
  55. 18- Find IP Settings
  56. 19- Disable "Auto-Obtain IP adress" and click "Detailed Setup"
  57. 20- Enter the details seen here:
  58. 21- Upon clicking OK it will prompt you to also set the DNS. We will do so with the details seen here:
  61. 22- Once that's all configured save the settings and go back to your home screen on your 3DS. If everything worked out you should get an internet connection and the Nintendo Zone icon should be somewhere on your homescreen. It will not work! But it will be.
  63. Now that it is all setup all you need to follow is MACycle:
  65. Once you got that all setup you're ready to go. The only catch is, Nintendo made it so that ** by default ** your 3DS can only sync once every 8 hours? 8 hours?!? naaah we don't accept once every 8 hours! Awesome. So here's a method to work around that very limitation. It relies on an automated "MAC Cycle" called MACycle. Instructions are found within the program ;)
  67. Find the program here:
  69. A few extremely simple steps for this tool:
  70. 1- Open it .. well duh..
  71. 2- On the Settings tab set your "MAC Timer Interval". This is the interval at which the MAC address refreshes.
  72. IMPORTANT NOTE: If using a laptop, on every MAC address change you will very shortly drop your connection all together. Keep this in mind when setting your interval.
  73. 3- Go to the Basic MAC's tab and hit start. You should now start streetpassing people all over the world who are also using this method
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