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  1.  - Please include a windowed mode
  2.  - Main menu doesn't really need the options button in addition to the button in the lower right
  3.  - From inside the game, can't always click options button
  4.  - Cursor isn't really indicative of where I will place the click
  5.  - Desperately needs text somewhere showing above what the cursor is currently hovering
  6.  - Pathfinding is weird
  7.  - Trying to talk to the nurse results in fps drops. Nothing else
  9. Overall your UI is clunky. Try to adapt some good examples, like the simplified interaction widget in Monkey Island 3 or highlighting interactable stuff in Modern P&C adventures. People want to feel like they are playing retro, but not actually playing retro. There are too many things nobody ever wants to get in contact with ever again. Clunkiness will only harm your game and drive players away.
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