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  1. [Advert] Kexy Sids: Now Selling: AMD, M3 M9K, Deagle, and Galils at the Gun Stand by the Fountain Square
  2. oculus Gaming killed Kexy Sids using gaben
  3. David be ZeshTheDoge brought ESP
  4. Antonia Filotti suicided!
  5. KryptoniK killed oculus Gaming using tfcss_auga3
  6. Cuntbucket killed mister doggo using tfcss_wz35
  7. Please be more specific before sending a message to admins
  8. [Moderator] [Advert] Bot: CX Is now recruiting with a new rule, no super toxic people. PM Me for access to the discord.
  9. Black Dude With A 10 Inch suicided!
  10. Cuntbucket killed Flarpl Darpson using tfcss_wz35
  11. Oculus killed Weebiest Weeb using tfcss_winchester
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