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  1. [18:45] {NARRATION} Deep within Gehenna is where the shrine that Godfrey had selected is located. Thankfully the trip is quick and short, and the only true obstacles the group have to contend with is the underbrush of the dense jungle. But there finally it appears through the treeline. It’s a stone building, like most in Gehenna are with multiple stories along with moss and vines hanging alongside the outside of it. The shrine itself is very very old and time has not been precisely kind to it. There are places that are damaged upon the outside and even graffiti, yet the shrine itself still stands. A true testament to Quetzalcoatl.
  3. Two large wooden doors bar the group’s entrance, and it seems that it will take a great deal of power to open them.
  5. Everyone please flash your strength.
  6. [18:49] Siegfried is always more than glad to help his tiny bro on any expeditions that he heads out on - and really, more than glad just to get out of Levengard to begin with. At some undisclosed time before arrival, he'd made smores, and is currently happily munching on them on a stick, skipping through the dense foliage of the jungle.
  8. "We gotta almost be there, ya' think, right Godfrey? Not too far now, eh?"
  10. Despite what he says, he seems to be in no real hurry to move, just whimsical, jovial prancing. He spins about this way and that like he has all the time in the world - and like he wasn't one of the oldest here.
  12. This is, of course, until he damn-near bumps into the building.
  14. Coughing, the boy - well, man at this point - moseys his happy little ass on over to the wooden door, his smore hanging limp at his side. After a few experimental nudges, a kick, and a quick 'Abracadabra!' He comes to the realization this thing wasn't going to come open easily.
  16. Siegfried hands his smore on a stick off to Vetani, rolls up his sleeves, and then begins to push with all his might, alongside any who would help them!
  17. (Siegfried)
  18. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  20. [18:51] Godfrey could care less for the brush and all the little details in his way. With a razor sharp tornado in his palm, Godfrey quite literally uses blades of wind to tear them a path through whatever inconvenience might lie in wait. Once they'd cut their way through the jungle, he stands before a stone building with several stories that rise into the sky. With all of the brush on the sides of the buildings, he reaches into his pockets for a small foldable map and pulls it out.
  22. "The place seems right in line with the map.. I guess we won't know until we-" He's stopped at first with the shrine's damage and the moss. A frown follows, and he shakes his head side to side. ".. It looks like it's already been looted, too." The youth crosses his arms over his chest and shakes his head side to side.
  24. He tilts his head to the side now, and points a palm towards Siegfried and the door itself. With a snap of his fingers, he pushes Siegfried's wind-enhanced strength to the next level with nothing short of magical prowess.
  26. "You look like you need help, Siegfried."
  27. (Godfrey Vishkar)
  28. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  30. [18:52] Through shaded jungles did Godfrey and his compainions trek to meet the temple of Quetzelcoatl. Bubbles walked alongside Skye Sugar; wings and draconic features in full display. A mix of excitement and anciousness permiated the Draken's face.
  32. They finally found themselves in front of a large set of wooden doors; contests of strength were not Bubble's strong suit. Instead, she opts to keep her soothing chill and ringing bells lowered so as their company to concentrate.
  34. "Well... here we are?"
  36. A look to Skye; did he have a plan for this?
  37. (Bubbles)
  38. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  40. [18:53] If Vetani was asked to raid the Levengard library, she would have been outraged and appalled. If Vetani was asked to raid an Illuminated shrine, that also would have appalled her.
  42. However, as she marches through brush that goes from autumnal to jungle, she appears to be gleeful. Double standards are applying for the young child, with not many thoughts to her aside from how her fingers tingle to pilfer remnants of Quetzalcoatl.
  44. There was more to Vetani underneath the surface. Godfrey was here, and it makes her think of the incident with the nethradin. It seemed-- like everyone was the same, but she wasn't sure how far the hell-demon's influence went.
  46. "Thank you, Siegfriend," she says, and eats his smore on a stick. Sorry Siegfried, but Vetani is eager for free food.
  48. With that, Vetani cartwheels and gives the door a nice push, helped by the momentum of the others' wind magic!
  49. (Vetani)
  50. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  52. [18:55] Sometimes, they're were times they didnt really why they did most things. Yet they joined on this expedition with one from levengard, how bad could it possibly be?
  54. Flying throughout the underbrush of the thick foliage was...tough. But it didnt phaze them in the slighest. Ever constantly shifting winds sliced through leaves and tree branches a like as the drakanite seemingly felt far more natural being in the sky.
  57. Yet upon gazing towards the once lifelike but now abandoned Quetezelcoatl temple they let out a stiffling sound that almost seemed like a small choking noise. A small piece of metal seemingly..rising from within their cloak before they carefully and safely tucked it away. Best not to have that float away..
  59. "Uhm...We're here indeed I think.."
  61. A returned look towards Bubbles with a slight shrug. They had no idea what to really do here.
  62. (Skye Sugar)
  63. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  65. [19:02] {NARRATION} The party would struggle - only briefly. The combined mind of Siegfried's raw strength, along with the others helping out the cause was plenty enough for the old, heavy wooden doors to creak open. Slowly but surely, they opened, having been sealed for so long.
  67. Dust kicked up, briefly obscuring their view from the interior for a small time, but once it settles they're afforded access. Inky darkness greets them. There are torches along the entrance walls, inviting one to light them to grant sight and once they do, they'll notice a large open stone chamber with multiple branches of rooms and hallways. There are stairs leading up through the temple proper towards the back as well.
  69. On the left is a hallway with two rooms, one on each side. On the right is a hallway duplicating that. Further back is a third hallway with a single rom leading from it. Everything is quiet beyond the flickering of flames and the occasional noise from the building settling or creaking from small animals that found the shrine home now.
  70. [19:06] Godfrey brings his hands together as small Occult flames appear on the tips of his fingers. Reaching out towards the torches, smaller beams of Occult force strike out against the torches and light the room up in a darker shade of light than usual. With the dim light showing off the room, he steps forward and brings his arm up to cover his face.
  72. "God. Let's blow away all of this dust, please?" A tornado is crafted and subsequently placed to sit in the center of the room and suck in all of the messy, disgusting gunk from the temple's central chamber. "... Two rooms on the left, two on the right. A single room going forward. Lots of choices."
  74. He turns his head to the left.
  76. "I'm feeling left. Anyone else?"
  77. (Godfrey Vishkar)
  78. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  80. [19:08] A small twitch of irritation at the prickle in the air. Occult was..fickle yet, it wasnt thatbad of a least for now. But regardless with a glance towards bubbles before they gave another half hearted shrug.
  82. Directions..choices they were really, really bad with.
  84. "Left sounds good..I think?" Another shrug then a half nod. Still abit confused regardless.
  85. (Skye Sugar)
  86. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  88. [19:08] Bubbles says, "...Left, sure thing."
  89. [19:08] Vetani claps her hands together with delight. Likely, Siegfried's rippling muscles with the wind whirling around them did most of the work, but Vetani expected that. She expected a lot of people to do more of the heavy lifting, when she pestered Godfrey to come along at the beautiful age of eleven years old. (And when in doubt, she has her wits and her magic tricks.)
  91. Vetani puts her drumstick in her holster, and yanks out a torch from the wall. The occult flame this close started to give her this strange sensation of burning, but Vetani seems to accept that simple fact.
  93. She sticks close to the group, a torch held high in the air. "I dunno why you feel left, but let's go with that. ...Wish the inside of the temple had a map."
  94. (Vetani)
  95. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  97. [19:13] And...they'd lost him. Yeah, this was not his specialty. Siegfried, for his part, looking at the riddle of where to go or what to do just kind of gives a resounding shrug.
  99. He's also upset that Vetani ate his damn smore.
  100. (Siegfried)
  101. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  103. [19:13] Vetani is now walking around with the remains of the smore on her face.
  104. (Vetani)
  105. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  107. [19:14] Vetani says, "Time to go left wit' us then, Siegfried."
  108. [19:16] {NARRATION} On the left are two rooms. Whichever room will they check first...?
  110. Whoever opens the door to either of the rooms, please roll a D6. Not everyone needs to do this - JUST the person who opens the door!
  111. [19:17] Vetani scratches her chin with the hand not on the torch.
  112. (Vetani)
  113. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  115. [19:18] Vetani says, "Two doors, two doors. Mnnn. Looks delibrate. "
  116. [19:18] Without a second thought, Siegfried opens the first door on the left, smiling from ear-to-ear...
  118. Disaster was definitely incoming.
  119. (Siegfried)
  120. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  122. [19:18] Vetani jumps back, because before anything else... SIEGFRIEND OPENED THE DOOR!
  123. (Vetani)
  124. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  126. [19:19] {NARRATION} A spring was set off as soon as Siegfried opened the door. Before he knew it, spikes flew forward towards the open door, threatening to skewer Siegfried.
  128. Please roll a flee.
  129. [19:19] Siegfried attempts a series of highly acrobatic maneuvers in order to evade the spikes that were almost certainly going to impale him otherwise, screeching like a howler monkey.
  130. (Siegfried)
  131. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  133. [19:23] {NARRATION} Fortunately, Siegfried is just barely fast enough to avoid becoming a s'mores upon a stick like he had just been eating. Perhaps this was karma from him devouring the tasty marshmallow treats.
  135. However his clothing is ripped to shreds.
  137. Siegfried please roll another D6.
  138. [19:24] {NARRATION} Thankfully, there is a silver lining.
  140. Siegfried finds some Adamantite ore.
  141. [19:25] Siegfried looks down at the adamantite ore, twitching, and then leaves it for any of the gathered to go for.
  143. The man rips his jacket off, exposing what he wears underneath. He'd need to grab a new one when he got back to Levengard. Tatters also line his pants, but he isn't taking those off - Chris Hansen could be behind him at any given moment.
  145. "Nothin' to worry about," he says cheerfully, shredding all alongst his clothing in various points from where he'd nearly fucking died. "One o' you take that, and let's keep goin', yeah?"
  146. (Siegfried)
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