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  1. Gabidou: the Revolting , Enticed, Thickset, Autistic, Repulsive, and Dumb (RETARD in short) is a well known user on Off Topic. He is the fine example of why OT is going to shit, and we can’t stop him. Lets look at his physical properties.
  3. ________________________
  5. h2. Physical properties:
  7. ________________________
  9. • Chubby
  10. • Puffy Faced
  11. • Mr. Love Handles
  12. • Waist the size of his mother
  13. • More chins then Chinatown
  14. • Has a chode.
  15. • Potbelly so big i could use it as a yoga ball
  17. __________________________
  19. We can come to a consensus that Gabidou is a borderline Obese human being who doesn’t understand that he’s the ugliest pancake fucker in OT. His belly literally reminds me of blubber from a whale. When his “belly rolls into himself” it reveals a few ugly layers of flab. Gabidou also states that he isnt fat, but pictures dont lie. The infamous picture that we all know resembles a troll like face with chubby arms, a birthmark, and the things i state above. Next, we shall dwell in the mind of Gabidou in a mental analysis.
  21. ___________________________
  23. h2. Mental Properties:
  25. ___________________________
  27. • Insecure
  28. • Hypocritical
  29. • Delayed
  30. • Doesn’t know when he is wrong
  31. • Stupid
  33. __________________________
  35. He is insecure about his weight and intelligence by backing up facts with opinions. For example, when he said his belly rolled into himself, it sure as hell didnt. He is also a hypocrite because he has no right to call other people shitposters, idiots, and diss them in general because he is basically a shitposter, an idiot, a loser, and derails threads the moment he posts in them. He doesn’t understand things, therefore he is delayed. Just like when he will respond back to this thread, he doesn’t know when hes wrong. Even when he knows he’s wrong, he still tries to put up a fight, even though he ultimately makes himself look retarded in the process. And this doesn’t need to be explained; hes fucking stupid.
  37. _____________________________________
  39. Thank you for reading, itt discuss gabidou.
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