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  1. - International Recognition for the Belter Republic
  2. - International recognition of the Kavkas Initiative and Islamic Movement of the Belt as the legitimate owners of the Mamunid Jamahirya asteroids they claim as an independent free port under protection of the Dar and Hui Clique
  3. - Allowing the Belters to form an actual armed forces and build a fleet
  4. - Allowing the Belters to integrate the pirate outfits fighting for them as part of the fleet with neutral inspections and a negotiated schedule to make them a professional force.
  5. - Recognition of the claim over former Asteroid Mining territory with an agreement that the Belter states will not put forward claims of territory outside the main belt
  6. - the establishment of a tripartite (AU-Belter-Triarchy) peacekeeping force, with a joint command structure allowing for no single individual to independently launch an action while still allowing for quick decision making, the goal of which is to maintain order and prevent the loss of civilian lives
  7. - International neutrality, no intervention from any side with the exception of the jointly controlled peacekeeping force
  8. - free trade rights for all parties of the agreement, through Belter territory
  9. - freedom of passage for between the inner and outer system through the belt that doesn't threaten the Belter states
  10. - joint condemnation of the Indian genocide to be issued by the conference, and the deployment of the aforementioned peacekeepers should India not withdraw its forces following this declaration (and possible economic sanctions)
  11. - implementation of a system-wide charter of Belter rights, specifically one recognizing the articles of all the binding declarations of the International Labour Organization
  12. - Commitment to rooting out and destroying those pirate elements not absorbed within the Belter forces
  13. - African Mining forces will depart from territory seized by LuMiOp Ltd., following a salvage operation for which AM will be paid a sum equivalent to the international standard for similar salvage.
  14. - Recognition of the international Hildian Mining Authority's claim to the Hildian and Jupiter Trojan asteroids
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