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  1. lil pucci: all the happiness you think you feel is predicated on a threshold of relative experience
  2. lil pucci: measured by your past
  3. lil pucci: you will never know true joy or love you will only know mediocre synthesized ideas of what they may be
  4. lil pucci: created by your mind to sustain your worthless existence in this world
  5. lil pucci: just so that youre content enough to continue eating shit
  6. lil pucci: and not complain about it
  7. lil pucci: meanwhile innocent peoplke suffer all around you
  8. lil pucci: on your behalf
  9. lil pucci: animals slaughtered
  10. lil pucci: children raped
  11. lil pucci: women murdered
  12. lil pucci: first responders and veterans blown to pieces
  13. lil pucci: suicide
  14. lil pucci: on your behalf
  15. lil pucci: so you can live this life where all you do is eat shit
  16. lil pucci: you think youre going to get away with it?
  17. lil pucci: you will know torture byeond your wildest comprehension rofl
  18. lil pucci: and idk why u say eternal glory in ehaven rofl
  19. lil pucci: it shows u dont even understand religion either, like any other topic
  20. lil pucci: all glory is to God lmao
  21. lil pucci: not to people?
  22. lil pucci: like thats so rudimentary
  23. lil pucci: its so fundamental to the christian faith
  24. lil pucci: even a retard knows that
  25. lil pucci: so you dont know literally anything about anything
  26. lil pucci: particularly the topics u, for some reason, choose to talk about?
  27. lil pucci: even tho u know nothing about them?
  28. lil pucci: youre pure evil
  29. lil pucci: and you will be tortured forever i promise it
  30. lil pucci: you know everything im saying is true in your heart
  31. lil pucci: and it makes you feel uncomfortable
  32. lil pucci: but you suppress that
  33. lil pucci: with your temporary low vibration stimuli lmao
  34. lil pucci: you just continue eating shit
  35. lil pucci: as a means to escape reality justice and truth
  36. lil pucci: but bad news for u hell is a manifestation of conscience unfiltered by the cognitiv ebias and boundaires of the human mind
  37. lil pucci: lmao
  38. lil pucci: you will suffer forever
  39. lil pucci: you know everything im saying is true there's no escape
  40. lil pucci: i dont need your affirmation
  41. lil pucci: you will know absolute fear isolation and pain
  42. lil pucci: as you repay the price for the blood of the billions of souls who suffer and have suffered on your behalf and on behalf of your cowardly pussy ancestors
  43. lil pucci: like your faggot parents
  44. lil pucci: theyre all going to be tortured in hell
  45. lil pucci: your souls are all drenched in teh blood of the innocent
  46. lil pucci: and you will repay the ultimate price
  47. lil pucci: you know it in your heart and there's no escape
  48. lil pucci: cling hasrd to your mortality see if it saves you :)
  49. lil pucci: suppress the truth cling hard to your shit eating :)
  50. lil pucci: see if it saves you
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