HEMAutism - LotFP edition

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  1. Unlike regular LotFP, weapons are split up by type instead of size. In addition, shields are +2 to AC and base AC is 8. Ordinarily, this would throw everything out of whack with magic item bonuses, but this is LotFP we're talking about here. Having a weapon in your hand gives you +2 AC to the people in front. LotFP had this already with the whole +2 to attack from behind, but now there's a greater significance to holding a weapon. Shields do not get +1 against ranged, that would be crazy, they're already at +2.
  3. Weapon Type List
  4. A:Daggers (d4), B:swords/spears/staves (d6), C:maces/axes (d6), D:hand-and-a-half weapons (d8), E:polearms (d10)
  5. Properties
  6. A: No penalties when grappling, that's it.
  7. B: "upgrades" combat options
  8. C: +2 against armored targets
  9. D: +2 against armored targets when two-handed, "upgrades" offensive combat options if used one-handed; all if two-handed
  10. E: "upgrades" combat options, +2 against armored targets
  12. Combat Options
  13. These are opened up a bit more and have three "degrees of power:" non-fighter, fighter, "upgraded" fighter.
  14. Press: -4 AC for +2 attack, -2 AC for +2 attack, +2 attack
  15. Fight Defensively: vice versa for attack and AC
  16. Parry: +4 AC but no attacks, +6 AC but no attacks, same but counterattack against people would've missed anyway
  17. And then cavegirl's new option
  18. Go for the Throat: -2 AC and -2 attack but +2 damage, -2 AC and -2 attack but +3 damage, -2 AC and -2 attack but +4 damage.
  20. Fiddly Bits so Everything's Balanced
  21. Two-handing a one-handed weapon means you roll twice and take the best for damage, as opposed to D weapons which just deal d8 damage all the time. If you have a small weapon in your off-hand, you get +1 to attack rolls and +1 AC. If this is a medium weapon, you just get +1 AC. This was all designed so that the strongest specialist could still hit a parrying, plate-wearing, sword wielding, shield using fighter with a 19 if they went for an all out attack.
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