Half-Moon in Equestria 25

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  1. You feel Twilights lips wrap themselves around the head of your member, Trixie still dominating your mouth with her own. Twilights tongue licks around the base of your head, sending shivers down your spine, before she starts bobbing her head up and down, taking your Manhood almost to the base.
  2. You feel yourself get close, before she stops, and taps Trixie on the flank. Trixie releases your mouth, before moving down to rest above your Fully erect manhood, and Twilight moves up, resting her marehood over your face.
  3. Twilight and Trixie both lower themselves in sync, your tongue rising up to meet her lips, as Trixie slowly works your member into...*
  6. Forcing yourself awake, you glare out the window at Celestia and Luna, who are giving you Trolling grins. Getting up, you walk into the kitchen, transmute an apple into a flame fruit, put it in your mouth, and grab a knife.
  7. Stepping back into the main room, you can see The two Princesses are still out there, laughing their plots off. Turning so your side is facing them, you hold out the knife, before reversing the blade, and fake shoving it into your chest. Biting down on the Flame fruit, you let the juices go everywhere, crimson running down your chest, before falling over onto your stomach.
  8. You can hear the Pricesses shocked gasps, before they come rushing inside, turning on the lights and kneeling beside you. Flipping you over, they see the "blood" all over your chest, and knife. The Celestia begins freaking out, while Luna begins hyperventilating. They both rush upstairs to get Twilight, and while their backs are turned, you sit up, draw a circle in the juice, and fuse it into the floor as wood. Lying back in your bed, the knife hidden under you, you fake sleep.
  9. You hear Twilight gasp, before the three come rushing down the stairs. Out of the corner of your eye, you can see The Princesses with confused looks on their faces, and Twilight is looking rather dissapointedly at them.
  10. Twilight marches back upstairs, and the Princesses come down, and nudge you, just to make sure your not some kind of illusion.
  11. Turning over, you groan "Five more minutes". You hear the princesses leave, and the lights turn off.
  12. Victory.
  14. Morning comes quickly, and you wake before Twilight or Spike. Taking hte knife, you return it to its spot, and prep a breakfast of eggs and toast. The sound and smell of eggs cooking brings Twilight and Spike downstairs, rubbing their eyes.
  15. "Morning you two, sleep well? Not bothered by anypony I hope. Hopefully not the Princesses?" You wink at this last bit, and Twilight's eyes shoot open.
  16. "How did you... Did they... What?"
  17. "They werent lying to you last night, although they didn't know the truth either. I faked it, to get back at them for their annoying of me."
  18. "You did WHAT!" Twilight yells.
  19. "Its nothing you have to worry about, I will deal with it myself. Now, breakfast is ready." Setting the food on the table, the three of you start loading food onto your plates.
  20. Between bites Twilight asks "So... How did you trick the Princesses anyway?"
  21. "Oh that was easy. When I stepped into the kitchen, I transmuted an apple into a flame fruit, you know the red one, which I hid in my mouth. Grabbing a knife, I walked back out, and turned so that my left side was towards them, and I faked stabbing myself. I bbit down on the flame fruit, and used its juices to simulate blood, and a bit of acting and a quick cleanup did the rest."
  22. Spike seemed enraptured by your tale, and Twilight seems mildly amused, even though you just pranked her teacher. You all finish breakfast, and Twi and you head out to the island for the final day of the test.
  23. Before long, you and Twilight find yourself with Trixie on the island, getting ready to start.
  24. "Alright girls, this is the last day of your test. If you cant pass today, you will have to wait for one more week before trying again. During the week you will be doing more basic training." Both nod, before taking a beginers alchemy stance. Lowering their center of gravity, it makes you harder to move, and allows easier access to the ground for circles. You on the other hand, are kneeling on the ground, allowing for rapid making and usage of circles, while sacrificing mobility.
  25. Both girls open with a launched projectile, which you easily block with a sturdy shield. Chalk in hand, you draw a circle on the back of your shield, you use it to launch a barrage of pellets. Another pair of projectiles plow through your pellets and collide with the shield, causing its weakened form to crumble.
  26. Rolling to the side, you avoid a dirt pillar that would have knocked you off. The girls attack are becoming synced, while one attacks, the other prepares.
  27. 'Good, they have learned one of the lessons of this test.'  You think, dodging another projectile. Quickly donning your spark rings, you knock up a small cloud of dust, and use the rings to enhance it into a veritable smokescreen.
  28. Dropping prone, you quickly draw a circle in the dirt, and use it to travel underground, under where the girls are. Drawing a circle on the roof, you flip the dirt above you, up and back, before hopping up and out.
  29. Both Trixie and Twilight had dodged to the sides, avoiding your dirt flip, but in doing so, they left a pair of circles ready to use.
  30. The first circle, you use to raise a barrier around you, blocking the girls attacks. The other, you use to create a crystal on a small pillar. As the barrier falls, you close your eyes, and snap, creating a brilliant ball of flame, which diffracts through the crystal, temporarely blinding the girls.
  31. Running forward, you set your arm under Trixie, who is trying to rub the light out of her eyes, and flip her up and back into the water. Turning to Twilight, you begin to run to her, before you are interupted by a voice.
  32. "Twilight! Anon! Trixie!" Rainbow Dash calls out, zooming onto the island. "We gotta hurry! Trouble in Canterlot! Discord Escaped!"
  33. Twilight snaps to attention, rushing over as you help Trixie out of the moat.
  34. "Are you sure?" Twilight asks.
  35. "Absolutely. She told us to gather the Elements and bring Trixie and Anon allong as well."
  36. "I need to get something before we leave, so can we all meet at the Library?" You say, running back to town.
  37. "I'll gather everypony there" Rainbow says, dashing off in a rainbow blur.
  38. As you make it back to the library, you practically slide in the door. The Mane6 and Trixie are already there. Emptying your pockets, you Take your pistol, your spare mags, your blood pen, and chalk, while leaving your sparker rings on. Turning to the group, you see everyone but Trixie has put on a necklace with a gem that matches their cutie marks, Twilight also has a tiara crown thing.
  39. "Everypony ready?" Twilight asks. Getting an affirmative chorus of replys, she, along with Trixie and Rarity teleport the entire group of you just outside of canterlot.
  40. Drawing your pistol, you lead the group into the city. Almost immediately you notice a problem. The road has been turned into soap. Kneeling, you carve a circle into the soap, and transmute it into cobblestone.
  41. Turning back to the group, you give a thumbs up, and start making your way down to the castle. Moving through town, nopony is out, though you can see glimpses of them through windows. Reaching the castle gate, you notice there are no guards around. With Applejacks help, you manage to open the gate, and behind it are a swarm of black bugpony things.
  42. "Changelings!" Rarity exclaims in disgust.
  43. "The Changelings and Discord must be working together" Rainbow Dash says, taking a fighting stance.
  44. "We gotta push through and get to tha Princesses" Applejack says, forming up with the rest.
  45. "Im going to punch a hole right down the middle, and I want you to follow me. Leveling your pistol, you fire a shot, scoring a direct hit on a changeling, causing it to fall over, the hole through its head leaking green blood. Firing off the other 5 shots in quick sussesion, killing or incapacitaing 5 others, you stow away your pistol and begin launching fireballs with your rings. Rushing down the path you cleared, the girls follow close behind, occasionally knocking a changeling back. Hitting the doors, you turn and quickly chalk out a circle and use it to raise a wall of stone over the doorway after the girls pass.
  46. Standing up, you pull out your pistol, removing its clip, and sliding in a new one. Pulling back the mechanism, you chamber the first bullet.
  47. Twilight looks at you, apparently to question the device, but you put it away, stooping any questions.
  48. The halls are empty, and your steps echoe through the halls. As you arrive at the doors to the trone room, you hold up a hand, indicating that you want to stop.
  49. "Since we know they are probably in there, we should use the element of surprise to our advantage."
  50. Drawing a circle on the door, you press your palm to it, blasting the door inward. In the smoke of the aftermath, the Eight of you step inside.
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