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  1. DEAR ENTERTAINMENT: for specifications and question please see ‘DEBUT FORM’ on wattpad.
  2. Wattpad: @Lynxxius
  4. USERNAME: DreamyTeapot
  6. TRAINEE NAME: Kang Jinyoung
  8. STAGE NAME: Jinyoung
  10. PERSONALITY: Jinyoung has many personalities. he's a very evil personality, he loves pranking the others, especially the olders. he's also a very loud person that loves to annoy people. he's also a clean-freak, he hates messy rooms, he loves cleaning. he's also very protective, just like his parents, he wouldn't let them eat too much junk food, he wouldn't let them go to clubs and parties, etc.
  12. BACKGROUND: Jinyoung was born in a pretty wealthy family. his mother is a baker and his father is a musician. he also has an older sister who is 5 years older than him, they don't really look the same, but they do act the same, she's a professional photographer, and you would've guessed, both of them can't swim. their parents are very protective towards them, they wouldn't let them go outside for like 4 hours, they woudn't let them go too far away from their house. but, both him and his sister often sneak out of their house to play with their fans, well, they never got caught. Jinyoung started dancing since he was 7 years old. he wanted to be a singer when he saw some popular idols singing on the stage.
  15. - Cats
  16. - Blueberries
  17. - Basketball
  18. - Skateboard
  19. - Guitar
  22. - Dogs
  23. - Swimming
  24. - Tall structures
  25. - Beer
  26. - Cold places
  28. TRIVIA:
  29. - Loves doing boy & girl group dances
  30. - He has a weird obsession towards blueberries
  31. - He can play the guitar
  32. - He's scared of heights
  33. - He's good at making random expressions
  34. - He almost debuted with GOT7
  35. - He's very close to all GOT7 members
  36. - He's allergic to pork
  37. - He doesn't drink
  39. GROUP OR SOLO: Group | ALU
  41. POSITION: Main Dancer - Vocalist
  43. BACKUP POSITION: Lead Vocalist
  45. REQUEST RUMORS: [nope, I give up lmao I'll just fill one]
  47. - He was used to be a JYP trainee and almost debuted in GOT7 [True]
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