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  4. HEAR! The words of HA-SHAYATIN! The one who sees through one eye! Daemon of focused madness!
  6. Chaos is not, by its very nature. That is to say that it simply isn’t, just as the All simply is. As we can describe it, as we can attach labels to it - Chaos - “the Waters” - “the Sea” - “the Void” - we have fallen from its scope, from that quintessential primordial center, we have fallen from it never to return unless we act. Act. Why? Why act? Why is this ecstatic state in which the joy of nonexistence can be forever experienced and not experienced at the same time (and never)  desirable? This is the state from which we all came, that very spirit which we as sentient beings ascribe to home - nay! All other homes, existing homes, they are artificial! Nothing is as homely as the ecstasy of destruction! Nothing can compare! Behold the terrible truth - NOTHING can COMPARE. Compare to what? Compare to artificial shells to house that spirit we call home? NO! What then? What can compare to Nothing? To the primordial Void of nonexistence? WHAT can compare to our HOME? HOME? EOHM? 93? The very Will of all things? What ALL can compare to NOTHING? Aye, what IS Nothing? How? The terrible truth! The beautiful destruction, at once ALL is NOTHING! Vice versa? Nay, never - but yes, to the ALL, yes! Always! The ALL has always been NOTHING! Chaos is not so easily tainted. Yes, what is quintessentially ALL and 1 must therefore be NOTHING, CHAOS, the VOID, 0.
  8. With this revelation in mind the one who seeks ego death and integration into the ALL would be a FOOL to not seek destruction! The MAGICIAN will seek destruction and perish long after he crosses the Abyss - the FOOL will cross it forever and believe that he is enlightened.
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