Heat (Luna)

Aug 31st, 2016
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  1. >I could smell it
  2. >That hot, musky nauseating smell that always infested the air when the spring began to turn into summer and my sister's sun grew in size and strength
  3. >Below me, a noble was talking about something or another
  4. >At that moment my attention wasn't on them
  5. >I saw staring through the glass window and out onto my canopy
  6. >My stars gleamed brightly like the finest of jewels, my moon hung fat and heavy in the sky
  7. >Upon closer inspection, I could see the shadows accenting my celestial body in the most lovely of ways
  8. >I let my gaze linger upon it for a few moments, letting an artist's vanity fill me, before looking at the background to both my moon and stars
  9. >Blues and brown and greys meshed together so that the color was seamless and perfect
  10. >And then there were the less noticeable colors, the yellows and the reds and the blacks
  11. >These colors were used sparingly, but where they were used they made the other colors pop and made the painting so that it seemed like one could reach out and touch it...
  12. "Lady High Horse," I called in irritation, not pulling my gaze away from this night's artwork. "I swear to the old ones if you do not cease your bumbling then you will be removed from this court."
  13. >High Horse, whose family had somehow risen to power during my absence, jumped at my proclamation
  14. >She was a pretty mare, all things considered
  15. >Taller than most, filled out in the right places, a white coat that gleamed in the moonlight, and a mane and tail that could have been spun from gold and deep blues eyes
  16. >If she were not a noble she might have done very well for herself as a model of some kind
  17. >"W-Whatever do you mean, your majesty?" the mare asked with surprise, indignation, and a little embarrassment. "I have n-not--"
  18. "It shows a poor character when one lies to their elders, young filly," I growled from my throne as I rested my head on a hoof.
  19. >I carefully looked at the curvature of the moon, both irritated and bored
  21. >It looked like I had used just a little more brown on the bottom than I should have...
  22. "Twice you've drifted off to stare at my guards," I continued, finally turning my attention toward the young mare. "Others ponies need an audience with my just as much as you, my lady, and--"
  23. >My muzzle scrunched when I saw that the state that she was in
  24. >Her usually well looked after mane was frazzled and messy
  25. >There was a thin sheen of sweat coating her body
  26. >Her eyes were wide and wild, I could see her legs shaking as she stood there, and if I was not mistaken I could see a bit of drool making its way down her chin
  27. >The unicorn was doing her very best to look at me, but every few moments she would look at my guards, my Thestrals
  28. >The two of them were strapping young stallions, massive and strong and both of them in the prime of their life
  29. >Such creatures were the ruination of a weak-willed mare in heat
  30. >High Horse's gaze lingered on the Private standing at attention to my left
  31. >She whimpered, her tail slowly flagging for all to see
  32. >My nostrils flared
  33. >That smell, the smell that had overwhelmed Canterlot for nearly a week, seemed to be stronger for just a moment
  34. >It was a hot smell; a musky, potent smell
  35. >It was the smell of weakness
  36. >I growled, just loudly enough to catch the unicorn's attention, just loudly enough to make her jump
  37. "If you can do nothing but stare slack-jawed at a pair of stallions like some filly during her first heat then you had best come back to this court when you have found your better senses," I growled, perhaps a little more harshly than what was needed
  38. >High Horse's ears flatten at my dismissal
  39. >"M-My lady, pleas--"
  40. "That will be all."
  41. >"B-But--"
  42. >My gaze narrowed, and the young mare whimpered again, this time for an entirely different reason
  43. "That. Will. Be. All. My. Lady," I said, my voice quiet but my tone dangerous
  44. >I caught a glimpse of her eyes widening further before he bowed as low as she was able
  46. >Hearing the fearful tremble in her voice tempered my anger somewhat
  47. "In a few days you may come back with your concerns and I will listen to them. You have my word on that," I said eveningly, leaning back against my throne. "Now begone child. Go and find what relief you can."
  48. >High Horse somehow managed the seemingly impossible feat of bowing even lower, keeping her nose to the floor as she backed away, stood back up, and made her exit as quickly as she could without running
  49. >As she made her escape her tail was still very much raised, giving myself and everypony else that bothered to turn their heads a glance at her puffy, soaked marehood
  50. >I very nearly shook my head at the sight, turning my attention toward the line of ponies waiting patiently
  51. "May the next partitioner plea--"
  52. >I stopped once again, peering out onto the crowd
  53. >I could see many ponies were in a similar state to the young unicorn who I had just seen off
  54. >Sweaty, wide-eyed, their back legs shaking
  55. >Somewhere rubbing up against their neighbors, biting their lips to hide needy whimpers
  56. >I could see the need, smell it in the air
  57. >I could see that nearly every single pony in this room had succumb to weakness
  58. >A low growl escaped my throat, and I found myself rising from my throne
  59. "I hereby proclaim that tonight's court be dismissed," I proclaimed. "And it shall remain dismissed until this blasted heat is over. I will NOT spend my nights babysitting ponies that cannot control themselves."
  60. >My subjects looked at each other as I climbed from my throne to stand amongst them
  61. >I knew that many wanted to protest
  62. >Many had come from far away, and almost all of them had been waiting for half of the night to speak with me, but I could take no more
  63. >For the last three nights I have had to listen to scatterbrained mares and stallions with their cocks slapping against their bellies bumbling and braying and whimpering like buffoons, and I had had enough of it
  65. >If what they had to say to me was truly important then they should have controlled themselves better
  66. >They shouldn't stand before me like they were completely willing to be mounted in the middle of the throne room
  67. >Every single one of these ponies should know better
  68. >My guards are quick to part the sea of ponies, who willingly let themselves to parted without fuss, to allow me to pass
  69. >I keep my head held high as I pass them, unphased by the smell of sweat and sex and heat
  70. >Just like the rest of them I can feel the ache underneath of my tail, but I can resist it, ignore it
  71. >I am not a prisoner of my body
  72. >My will is iron, unyielding and strong
  73. >My nostrils flare for the third time that night, and I could not help but scowl
  74. >I hate it
  75. >The smell in the air, the heat
  76. >What it does to ponies, what it turns us into
  77. >Some of the most pleasant, rational creatures I know are turned into nothing more than sex-starved savages
  78. >All because of a biological quirk that we ponies cannot seem to overcome
  79. >All because of a weakness that we cannot defeat
  80. >Though I want to stomp toward my chambers with my shoulders hunched and my teeth bared I remember myself
  81. >My steps are measured and calm, as befits my rank of ruler
  82. >I do not lead the way to my chambers, but allow my guards to escort me there
  83. >I am graceful, composed, elegant even though none are there to see it
  84. >I take a few deep breaths to calm myself, with some success
  85. >Looking out through the windows once more I let my gaze linger upon my night sky
  86. >I had labored for hours fixing the asterisms just right
  87. >The colors of the night sky had taken days beforehand to create
  88. >It was a daunting task, creating the sky; a task that most were unfit for, but a task that I loved, and hoped that my subjects enjoyed
  89. >More than anything I wanted them to look up at my canvas in wonderment and awe at what I had created
  91. >I wanted them to walk underneath it, I wanted them to play as the stars shone, I wanted the darkness to bring them comfort, I wanted a young mare to look up at the night sky and smile as her lover pushed himself into her folds, making her gasp--
  92. >My body twitched in startlement, my wings twitching and my tail flicking
  93. >My head quickly snapped forward, my mind racing
  94. >Looking ahead I could see one of my many protectors walking a few steps ahead of me
  95. >Like most of the guard, the lad's tail was cut short and neat, allowing me to see his balls bouncing with each step
  96. >They were of a darker coloration than his coat, and larger than average, with big, pulsing veins covering the thick, mostly hairless skin
  97. >Underneath that I could see his sheath swinging as well
  98. >A Thestral had a different cock than a pony's, I knew
  99. >Theirs was slightly thicker in the shaft, the head narrowed and slightly pointed, and their medial rings were located a little higher up the--
  100. >I twitched again as the thick, rich smell of a healthy, virile male filled my nostrils
  101. >The ache in between my legs flared up, making me grit my teeth
  102. >I could feel my mouth watering as some less-than-innocent thoughts came to my mind
  104. >Did a Thestral's cock twitch like a stallions?
  105. >Did it have the same texture?
  106. >Did it throb the same way?
  107. >Was the taste the same?
  108. >Could it bring--
  109. "No. I will NOT to beaten by this," I growled to myself
  110. >The guards stiffened as my voice carried through the silent halls
  111. >Spinning around, both of them saluted, their sheaths audibly slapping against their legs
  112. >"Did you say something my lady?" one of them asked
  113. >Scowling, I shook my head
  114. "Nay, I am fine," I assured, shaking my head of my thoughts. "I was simply talking to myself. Please, continue onward."
  115. >Hooves slapped against hooves as the guards chests puffed out
  116. >"As you wish, my lady," they said in unison
  117. >I shivered as they once again turned away, feeling my wings stiffening
  118. >Though I had never experienced it I had heard that Thestral's bit the necks of their lovers as they mated, to keep them firmly held in place until the breeding was done
  119. >How would such a thing feel I wondered, despite myself, despite drawing up my willpower, to be treated in such a way
  120. >Not as a mare but as an object, to be held close and secure until one was used
  121. >Would their fangs bring pain or pleasure as they bit down and forced themselves into your aching, soaked depths?
  122. >Would--
  123. >"My lady, we are here."
  124. >I very nearly jumped in surprise, looking up from the floor
  125. >It was as my guard said; I was right before my chambers, where I could escape the heat and these blasted, weak-willed thoughts
  126. >I turned back toward the guard to thank him, a small smile on his face
  127. >He was a rather handsome stallion I noticed upon closer inspection
  128. >Broad-shouldered and barrel-chested he was, with a fine ashy coat and the piercing, glowing eyes that his kind were known for
  129. >A few moments went by as I drank in his long, sharp, white fangs, his strong jaw, his thick neck, the muscles bulging from underneath his armor
  130. >The guard frowned in worry, squirming in place under my scrutiny
  132. >"Is... Is there something wrong, your highness?" he asked, sounding both worried and puzzled as I wetted my lips with my tongue
  133. "...Nothing. Nothing is wrong," I murmured, walking past him. "I will retreat into my chambers for the night. You two may return to the barracks. Good night gentle stallions."
  134. >As I walked by the magnificent specimen before me my tail flicked, tickling his nose and giving him clear view of my arousal
  135. >The guard shivered at my touch, his eyes widening in surprise as his fellow opened my bedroom door and I made my way through it
  136. >I did not realize what I had done until I was in the room and had closed the door behind me
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