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  1. Thomas Sawyer and his brother Sidney live by aunt Polly and cousin Mary. Tom likes to eat sweat things and that is why he always gets punished when he tries to take something.
  2. His brother likes to tease Tom when he could eat something sweats.
  3. Tom often avoids school to go fishing, swimming or to play with his friends. He always finds someone to do jobs for him when they punished him. Tom never likes Mondays because it reminds him on another week at school.
  4. At school he met Huckleberry Finn, the homeles guy. All the mothers hate him because their sons look up to him. Tom saw a young woman in the yard some days ago, Becky Thatcher, and they fell in love. Later that night Tom and Huck went to a gravejard and they saw that there were three men: Old Potter, Redskin Joe and Doctor Robinson.
  5. Joe and Potter started to fight against the doctor. They did this because the doctor's father sent Joe to jail. Joe killed the doctor with Potter's knife and, because the doctor knocked out Potter, Potter did not know what happened and Joe lied to him that he killed the doctor. Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer swear that they keep their mouths shut about this.
  6. The next day the hole town knew about the murder. Potter was arrested, but denied that he killed the doctor.
  7. Tom could not sleep for days and his aunt gave him some medicines. Later Tom gave the cat some of it and the cat got wild. His aunt didn`t know what happened to the cat and Tom said that he was pretending to be his aunt by burning the stomach out of him.
  8. Tom wend whith his friend Joe Harper to play in the woods. They both are always getting blamed for everything. So Tom, Joe and Huck went to play pirates. They stayed on a small island. Each of them brought something to eat and stayed there for about six days.
  9. Often Huck and Tom gave Potter some sigars and matches. Potter one day said that he now knows who his real friends are. The next day Potter's trial came. Potter's lawer did not call any whitneses, eccept Tom. Tom told him everything and so Potter was innocent. Joe was guilty but he was nowhere to be found. Tom and Huck went to search for a treasure and went to a haunted house. Just when they wanted to dig, two men came in. Tom and Huck went upstairs and they later found out that the two men where Joe and a stranger. The two man began to dig and found a big box. Tom heard them saying that they are going to hide the box in number 2.
  10. The boys went to look for the treasure by the second inn. Huck stood guard while Tom tried all the keys that he got, suddendly the door handel turned. Tom and Huck both run and they stopped searching for a while. After the picnic Becky and Tom stayed by widow Douglas. Joe and the other man were on their way to Douglas's house, because her husband treated Joe like a slave. They saw that the lights were on. They had no rush and waited. Huck, who was all the time behind Joe and the other man, overheard them talking and he ran to the Welshmen. He told him everything and promised that they would not tell anything. The Welshmen scarred the two men and the old lady thanked Huck. Becky and Tom were still in the caves. Later Tom and Becky were saved and the judge locked the caves. Tom then said that Joe was in there. When they unlocked the caves Joe was already death .Later that day Tom and Huck took the box and saw that there was money in the box and they putted it on the bank. Everybody was safe and Huck got adopted by the widow Douglas.
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