Jan 11th, 2021
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  2. Wild Child’s Return +100 born on a mountain ,raised in a cave
  3. Scar-Writ Saga Skin +100 I actually like this....
  4. Vessel of Spite +200 this is bad it reminds me too much of before I started jumping. But manageable with my willpower
  5. Boulevard of Broken Memories +200 well this is annoying
  6. Blood-Soaked Fist of Fury+200 frustrating but manageable with my willpower
  7. Shinmaic Retaliation+300 annoying, but then again I am over here reverse engineering their secrets.
  8. Strangers From The Scarlet Path+400 worthy opponents
  9. Mugen-200 perfection is worth it
  10. body of a true warrior free
  11. back to basics: Silat,Krav Maga,Muay Thai,Systema,MCMAP,Brazilian Jiu Jitsu,Bokator, Vale Tudo,Kyokushin,-350first purchase free.
  12. Dragon’s Legacy Meditation:Wind- 100 strike fast
  13. Martial Beast Mien -100 fight to live don't live to fight
  14. Untamed Savagery Kata -200 oh I like what this unlocks
  15. Devil Judgement Style-100 finally the weird stuff !
  16. Death Defying Blasphemy Stance-100 some excellent defensive stuff
  17. Life Reaping Stance -100 some great assassination techniques
  18. Sun Crowned Challenger’s Stance Free
  19. The Simplicity of Perfection -100 discount for Mugen loving this
  20. Inevitable Cacophonous Counter -200 discount for Mugen
  21. Empty Set Assumes the Form of Infinity -300 discount for Mugen
  22. a legend of your own: many dfferent world championship belts in various martial arts, in Guinness book of records for"most black belts"and "largest variety of world championship martial arts victories"-150 chosen discount
  23. scrolls of Legend plus upgrade -400 yeah I'm going to need these if I'm going to reverse engineer everything here
  24. Brothers and Sisters in Arms Monique and mother box -100
  25. Monique
  26. Okami
  27. Body of a True Warrior Free
  28. The Will to Fight:-100
  29. Martial Beast Mien free fight to live don't live to fight
  30. Untamed Savagery Kata -100
  31. Moonlit Laceration Onslaught -300
  32. Sun Crowned Challenger’s Stance-100
  33. The Simplicity of Perfection -200
  35. Mother box
  36. Tennin:
  37. Body of a True Warrior Free
  38. The Will to Fight:Free
  39. Devil Judgement Style free
  40. Bridge of Endless Redirection and Binding -200
  41. Mudra of Enlightened Preparation-300
  42. Scroll of the Perfected Lotus-300 going to need this for my army
  44. The plan: basically humanity fuck yeah supernatural martial arts and fight for justice and to defend the world as well as my title as master of Masters
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